End State Neglect in Portlaoise – Free Aiden Hulme!





Michilín Mhíc Fheargail

Derry Sceal

Got this through Michilín Mhíc Fheargail: Aidan Hulme has been transferred to the hospital over the last few days, his foot and hand had swollen to great length we think he has caught septicemia as currently on medication through IV’s……His health is deteriorating daily and he should not be returned back to Portlaoise!!


Disgraceful conditions this man is being allowed to exist in .. Portlaoise neglect is nothing new and Aiden should be freed immediately.. —  with Michilín Mhíc Fheargail

End State Neglect in Portlaoise – Free Aiden Hulme!


A SCOTTISH judge has ruled it is within the law to sing pro-IRA songs at soccer matches. Dozens of fans were seen chanting The Roll of Honour,a pro-IRA song commemorating the 1981 hunger sstrikers, during a Celtic match.


Club supporter Calum Graham (21) was brought before the court for singing the song but was cleared of behaving in an offence manner likely to incite public disorder. The Inverness Sheriff Court Judge said it was not enough for a chant to be offensive, it also had to be “likely to incite public disorder”. Sheriff MargaretNelson said : “Parliament clearly has it in mind that you must pass this hurdle for it to be an offence.” Mr Graham was identified on video by police singing The Roll of Honour during the match, which was attended by up to 6,000 fans, against Inverness Caledonian Thistle in the city on August 25 last year. The football fan, from Glasgow, admitted he was one of a group singing it but denied behaving in an offensive manner likely to cause public disorder.

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Grand re-opening party

01 July at 19:30 – 02 July at 01:00

Blackpool Trades and Social

7 Chadwick street
Blackpool, United Kingdom

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Grand re-opening party night, It’s been a struggle folks but as you know the Trades is back open. So what the hell i have decided to throw a little party night.Featuring the amazing sounds of “Twisted Romance” a high energy rock band, drawing from different musical influences and a varied set list of songs. Twisted Romance absolutely deliver on all levels, producing feelgood kick-ass live music destined to shake your foundations!
see more at www.twistedromance.net

Also appearing alongside the band, is the Fabulous Nicky Flash. As seen on Britains got talent “the guy that got stuck in the duvet” featuring a full act of live magical/comical entertainement. see nick in action at www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHI5FjFZJ0o

The evening is free entry and is guaranteed a great night for all the family. Children are welcome accompanied by an adult!

Any more information contact the club direct on 01253622580 or through our facebook site, just search Blackpool Trades ans Social

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England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland fans against the formation
of a Great Britain Football Team for the 2012 Olympics
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Press Statement


1st October 2006






The Association of Tartan Army clubs (ATAC – Scotland)
Football Supporters Federation (FSF – England)
Football Supporters Federation Cymru (FSF – Wales) and
Amalgamation of Official NI Fans Clubs (AONISC – Northern Ireland)


Fans groups representing all of the home nations’ teams today released a joint statement, stating the opposition from ‘real football fans’ on the formation of a GB football team for the 2012 Olympics.

Spokesman Tam Ferry said:

“What is clear from discussions with our members, the real fans of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland do not wish to be footballs in this political stunt. As fans, we are proud of our individual teams and countries and enjoy the friendly rivalry with our close neighbours. The four British Football Associations have a privileged and unique independent status within world football as the founding fathers of the game and due to saving FIFA from bankruptcy in 1947. For many years now there has been pressure from the International Football community to merge under one team, with one FA and with single membership of FIFA and UEFA.”

He continued:

“The Olympic Football competition is a low profile Under 23 competition that no-one in this country has ever shown any interest in. Who can remember the winners? None of the fans groups want to be a part of anything which might jeopardise the future of our national teams.

We back the SFA and FAW stance against the forming of an Olympic Football team and would ask the FA and the IFA to ignore the unwelcome political pressure and remove their backing for an Olympic Football team for the 2012 Olympic games.”

FSF England Spokesman Malcolm Clarke added;

“The FSF is opposed to a single UK team in the Olympics. We believe that such a team would be an entirely artificial entity given the existence of separate teams from each of the 4 countries in the UK in all other forms of International football, which is a tradition of very long standing which fans from the 4 countries wish to retain. We share the fears of fans from the other UK countries that this precedent might be used to challenge the separate existence of those teams in the future, notwithstanding the assurances given by FIFA that this will not happen.”

AONISC Spokesman Philip Smyth continued:-

“The Amalgamation of Official NISCs is opposed to the concept of a United Kingdom representative team participating in the 2012 Olympic Football Tournament.

We feel that such a move would undoubtedly lead to increased lobbying for an end to the present individual representative status of the four British Associations, a scenario which International fans throughout the Home Nations would be opposed to.”

FSF Cymru Spokesman Paul Corkrey concluded;

“The Olympic side has our best wishes but it could mean the death of a country’s football team and the Welsh should not have to pay that price.”

The 4 home nations fans organisations met at a historic first meeting in May 2006 at Hibernian’s Easter Road Stadium, Edinburgh to discuss ‘common issues’. The meetings will continue on an Annual basis and the fans groups are in constant contact, dealing with issues that affect all International football fans.



  • Tam Ferry (Spokesman) – 07984 510033

  • Simon Johnston – 07967 102 588


Press Statement PDF


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