Vote for Sectarianism, Vote for Hate, Vote to reverse the Good Friday Agreement, Vote for ‘NO’ Sinn Féin First Minister, Vote for No Change, Vote to have no Catholics about the place, Vote to return to the way it was, A Vote for the TUV only shows you never want to move forward! #DontVoteForSectarianism #LetsAllMoveOn

Don’t Vote TUV

Jim Wells defends comments labeling GAA ‘sectarian and republican’ –

Noah Donohoe: Jamie Shaw charged over ‘offensive’ video during search – BBC News

Sectarianism on any side is wrong ! Catholic or Protestant, Black or White is wrong !!

Ireland’s National Conflict Is About Imperialism as Well as Sectarianism

Failure of the PSNI/RUC to remove a peace line bonfire sparked North Belfast trouble: councillor

HATE BANNER: The Twelve bonfire at Sandy Row

Police were attacked in short-lived disturbances in the North Queen Street area last night in what was the second consecutive night of trouble sparked by the erection of a Twelfth bonfire at the Duncairn Gardens peace line.

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Nationalist youths threw petrol bombs at police who were deployed in the area late last night and remained in the district into the early morning. 

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Local councillor JJ Magee, who was on the scene, said the streets were quiet again by 12:45am.  “It was minor stuff and ended pretty quickly,” said the Sinn Féin man. “Sadly, we predicted that building a bonfire at Adam Street, right on the Duncairn Gardens peace line, for the first time in nine years, would raise tensions and it did. For the past two months, we have been appealing to the police to ensure the removal of the bonfire and asking unionist politicians to intervene but our pleas fell on deaf ears.”

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“A handful” of youths from the nationalist New Lodge were involved in the rioting, said Cllr Magee who was pelted with eggs when he told the youth to disperse. 

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Cllr Magee called the fire brigade when he feared a nearby chemist would be damaged by the bonfire flames.  “They fire service came out and doused down the premises to prevent damage,” he said.  “It’s my hope that efforts can be made now to rebuild good relations between the New Lodge and Tigers Bay which have been disrupted by a small minority who want to stoke tensions.”

Department for Communities Minister Carál Ní Chuilín took a judicial review of the PSNI decision not to have the bonfire removed with the case being heard yesterday (Saturday) in the High Court.

SDLP North Belfast councillor Paul McCusker called on parents to ensure their children were not involved in disturbances at the North Queen Street interface. Speaking after Friday night’s trouble, he condemned “aggressors from both sides of the community”. 

“My plea to parents is to make sure that your son or daughter does not go near any interfaces as we need help to reassure residents and relieve tensions,” he said. “If it continues, young people face the risk of a criminal record and a future where they may not be able to travel or access jobs of their choice, for being involved in something that no one supports and will achieve absolutely nothing. Please stop this nonsense.”

Sectarian and racist banners and placards were placed on bonfires across the North with Sinn Féin elected representatives reporting many to the PSNI as hate crimes. There was particular anger over an East Belfast placard referring to republican leader Bobby Storey who died last month. 

West Belfast MP Paul Maskey called on unionist politicians to speak out against “a series of blatant and unacceptable displays of sectarian hatred on bonfires yet again”.

He said “it is absolutely disgraceful” that the grief of Mr Storey’s family is being “compounded by sectarian thugs”.

In Lisburn, Cllr Gary McCleave of Sinn Féin appealed — unsuccessfully — to unionist leaders to ensure Union flags erected in mixed estates were removed. “Hate-filled displays,” he Tweeted “creates division between our communities”.

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Persuading parties that Black Lives Matter


LISBURN town council has voted that it “stands with Black Lives Matter”, but only after a UUP (Ulster Unionist Party) amended removed mention of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Racism and Sectarianism one of the fundamental problems in the North of Ireland. Protestants/Unionists have always regarded the Catholic community as second class citizens

This is a triumph of the peace politics  – higher standards will require a fundamental rethink. Among DUP objections to the original motion, proposed by the Alliance Party, were that Black Lives Matter is “anti-family” and “far left”. Abortion was also mentioned. Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Council had a debate along similar lines. A half-forgotten but suddenly pertinent detail of recent history is that ‘identity politics’, for want of a better term, was imported into the North of Ireland from the early 1980s by unionist thinkers, for want of a better term. Their intention was to modernise our politics along American lines, with themselves as the religious right, or at least the conservative right. The notion continues tripping unionists up to this day, including those barely aware they subscribe to it.

With many thanks to: The Irish News and Newton Emerson for his opinion on ‘Black Lives Matter’ for the original posting.

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The Derry Brigade of the UDA ethnically cleansing their areas of Catholics

In the last week there was another UDA bomb attack in Derry. There has been a long campaign by the UDA to ethnically cleans areas of Derry. Yet the press and the DUP remain absolutely silent. The UDA in Derry have been as active as the NIRA but are virtually ignored.
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I never heard this before now ?

Unionist leaders have difficulty with a shared society never mind entering into a debate about a United Ireland !!

Sinn Féin leader in the North of Ireland and leader of the DUP Arlene Foster

Lord Ken Maginnis: Peer to be reported for hate crime by SNP MP for comments

Lord Maginnis has been accused of verbally abusing security staff at Westminster

An SNP MP has told the House of Commons she will report Lord Maginnis to police for alleged homophobic comments.

Hannah Bardell said she will make a police report after the peer was quoted as calling her “queer”.

She claimed he accused her of attempting to “settle a score” after she raised claims of abusive behaviour towards parliamentary staff.

Leader of the Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg, urged Lord Maginnis to apologise, calling the comments as “disgraceful”.

Hannah Bardell said it was “one of the worst cases of abuse of security staff” she had witnessed as an MP

Speaking about the incident at Parliament security, Lord Maginnis said he was stopped because he was not displaying his pass which was in his bag.

He said he was “slightly touchy” because there was no chair at security and cited the fact he suffers from arthritis and has nerve damage in his feet.

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DUP( arse licking friend of Jamie Bryson) councillor Dale Pankhurst reported ‘concern’ after Catholic woman given house!!!!

‘KAT’ (Kill all Taigs) scrawled on walls and windows smashed just before Catholic mother and children due to move in

A DUP Councillor is facing police questions about his contact with the housing association after sectarian intimidation prevented a young Catholic mother from moving into a new home in North Belfast has defended his actions.

Dale Pankhurst approached Choice Housing in North Belfast saying a “concern” had been raised about the mother-of-four moving into one of its new-build properties in North Belfast. The social housing body sought an assessment from the so-called police (who apparently represent both sides of our divided community) who confirmed they were unaware of any threats against the 24-four-year old single mother. God help our so-called police service depending on your religion one being a Catholic and the other being a Protestant. What is the difference of the Police Service in the North of Ireland? Well sorry but that’s another question put it this way 98% of the Police Service in the North of Ireland are Protestants!!!!

Taigs Out’ (Protestant slag meaning Catholic)

But last week, shortly before she was due to move in, windows were smashed and the anti-Catholic slur ‘KAT’ (Kill all taigs) was scrawled on a wall). A union flag was also draped from a drainpipe on the property at (A so-called mixed area) at Tyndale Gardens in the mainly Unionist area of the Ballysillan area of North Belfast. There is no suggestion Mr Pankhurst had advance knowledge of the intimidation directed against the young mother.

PUBLIC REPRESENTATIVE: Oldpark DUP Councillor Dale Pankhurst pictured at a Belfast City Council meeting in his band uniformIn a statement last night he said he wanted to raise “the matter in confidence” and, as a public representative, had a “duty of care to all residencets when I receive any form of information that may indicate danger to life or property”.  

The West Belfast woman, who is from a Catholic background and has four boys aged between five and three months, has now abandoned her plans to move into the area. She told The Irish News she ‘started crying’ when she learned of the attack on the property. “I thought fresh start, new house, me and the four babies could move in, have a garden to play in – and then all this stuff happens,” she said. I am not trying to be racist or sectarian here but our Police force is 98% of the Protestant religion. How can a Catholic minority support that? The pictures and words speak for themselves I don’t need to say a word

These pictures speak volumes for themselves you would never see a Catholic celebrating the Protestant culture at any of these events both pictures represent hatred of the Catholic faith and culture

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