Brexit: Theresa May claims trade deal success in Africa – but critics say it’s a ‘rollover’ of existing EU agreement

‘They’re reduced to celebrating an agreement to roll over a fraction of the existing trade deals that we already benefit from as EU members’

Theresa May meets South African president Cyril Ramaphosa at De Tuynhuys presidential palace in Cape Town

Theresa May has come under fire for claiming to have secured the UK’s first post-Brexit trade deal as it is merely a “rollover” of an existing EU agreement.

Critics said the announcement – to replicate a deal with six southern African nations – fell far short of boasts, before the referendum, of a new free trade area much larger than the EU.

They also pointed out that it came amid doubts about whether the UK will be able to retain deals the EU has struck recently with Canada and Japan – which are far bigger economies.

Last year, Britain exported £2.4bn worth of goods to the six African countries included in Ms May’s deal – just 0.7 per cent of the value of its exports to the EU and the rest of the world combined, which were worth £339bn.

The government has acknowledged the risk of a “loss of trade” after Brexit with such countries, admitting they could demand more favourable terms to agree a rollover with the UK.

Speaking in Cape Town, the prime minister announced an additional £4bn of UK investment in African economies, with the hope of further match investment from the private sector to come.

And she said: “That’s why I’m delighted that we will today confirm plans to carry over the European Union’s Economic Partnership Agreement with the Southern African Customs Union (Sacu) and Mozambique once the EU’s deal no longer applies to the UK.

“As a prime minister who believes both in free markets and in nations and businesses acting in line with well-established rules and principles of conduct, I want to demonstrate to young Africans that their brightest future lies in a free and thriving private sector.”

Countries in the Sacu agreement include Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland, with Mozambique also included in the pact with the EU that the UK will take on.

Of those countries, South Africa was Britain’s largest trade partner in 2017, buying £2.4bn worth of exports, followed by Namibia (£39m), Botswana (£24m) and Mozambique (£11m). Lesotho and Swaziland purchased less than a million pounds worth of exported goods from Britain each.

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End the Injustice and unjust incarceration of Martin Corey

Many people are rightly praising Nelson Mandela today, along with Bobby Sands probabily the most globally known political prisoner, and remembering the injustice of his incarceration for over two decades into his 60s.


Less than 10 miles from Belfast there is a man named Martn Corey, aged 63, in Maghaberry Gaol. Martin served 20 years of a life sentence, was released, and and over three years ago was returned to prison with no evidence, no reason given, no right to defend himself – all at the stroke of a pen by a British Secretary of State who has not one vote or any right in Ireland. He has no release date and could die in prison. Where are the Free Martin Corey concerts? 1451527_670237059682798_647295611_nWhere are the pop stars and celebrities queuing up to attach themselves to Martin’s cause? Where are the trendy lefties with their Free Martin Corey protests? Where is the voice of political parties, so keen to attach themselves to Mandela, Castro and Chavez, demanding and taking to the streets en masse for Martin Corey’s release? Nowhere, because somtimes it is easier to seek credibility through a struggle thousands of miles away, than oppose what is happening right in front of your eyes !!!

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Lacoste is a French fashion company that many recognize by their green crocodile logo. They also sponsor the Lacoste Elysée Prize – an art competition organized by the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Palestinian artist Larissa Sansour was one of eight nominees who were shortlisted for the prize. However, Lacoste changed its mind about including Sansor’s work in the competition and asked the Museum to remove her as a nominee citing her work as “too pro-Palestinian”.
Sansour’s entry into the competition was entitled Nation Estate which feature images based on Palestine’s admission to UNESCO. In her entry, Sansour imagines the state contained in a single skyscraper, with each floor representing cities including Jerusalem, Ramallah, as well as Sansour’s native Bethlehem.
Within 48 hours of Sansour going public, the Musée de l’Elysée came out in her support announcing that it had decided to suspend its relationship with Lacoste as a sponsor of this prestigious prize for its insistence to exclude Sansour from the competition.
Africa to Gaza Aid Convoy


African Night

African Night

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We are all Hamza Alkhateeb

This Friday will be Friday of Tunisisan rage to support the victory of the Syrian revolution..please share and support

Thank you Free Tunisia
God Bless you



We are all Hamza Alkhateeb


Judy Prebell
Dear God…not only does he kill…he insults….he hurts…he wounds….Dear God …Please show yourself today….it is your Birthday…show yourself to people everywhere…it is time…

Thank you Judy and all of you 
Bless you all

This Friday will be Friday of Tunisisan rage to support the victory of the Syrian revolution..please share and support

Thank you Free Tunisia 
God Bless you

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