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Hi Damian,

Apologies for not responding to this sooner but I only returned from annual leave yesterday and ploughing through the backlog of emails at the moment.

Thank you for sending on the link from Justice Watch. I have sent that on to our office at the International Secretariat. Regrettably, regarding Stephen’s case, we will be unable to look into this further though I would appreciate it if you send me on any material you come across so I can add it to what we have.

I should explain that Amnesty International has extremely limited capacity, with a very small team responsible for all human rights violations taking place across a large number of European countries.

We simply don’t have the resources to do all the work we would like to do and the fact that we are not in a position to examine Stephen’s case in any more detail should not be taken as a comment on the seriousness of the issues you raise.



Justin Moran

Communications Co-ordinator

Amnesty International Ireland



Mary Larkin K > Repatriate Michael Campbell Campaign

Please help Repatriate Michael Campbell every signature helps to pave his way home to Ireland…………Please sign, post on your site, forward to others……. YOU do make a difference

Mary Larkin.

The conditions Michael is being held under is a complete breach of his human rights under international law !!!


AMNESTY IInternational has raised concerns over failures to deal with the past in the North of Ireland in its annual report on Human Rights.


The organisation highlighted problems including ongoing violence and threats by republican and loyalist paramilitary groups. It also raised concerns over a “ccontinuing failure” of the British government to establish an “independent thorough and effective inquiry” into the 1989 killing of solicitor Pat Finucane. But the human rights body welcomed reforms being Carried out by the Police Ombudsman Michael Magurie, to improve hhistorical investigations into police misconduct. It also noted the executive’s establishment of an institutional child abuse inquiry. Patrick Corrigan, Amnesty International‘s Northern Ireland programme director, said it was clear the north “continues to struggle with the legacy of its recent past”. The British government, he said, had failed to put in place “adequate mechanisms to deal comprehensively with many killings over many killings over many years of violence”. “The year ahead provides new opportunities to not only reform and improve existing mechanisms – and we welcome some steps already being taken in that direction – but also to think anew about how an overall process to deal with the past can be agreed, so that Northern Ireland’s past does not also become its further,” he said. The report highlighted problems in the Republic over prison conditions for young offenders, violence against women and girls and a lack of clarity on abortion laws. Amnesty International said until abortion was allowed in cases of rape and incest, risk to a women’s health, or cases of fatal foetal abnormality, the Republic would be out of line with international humabn rights standards.

With many thanks to : Brendan HughesIrish News.

“But no mention on the Human Rights abuses by the PSNI, or the ongoing injustice’s still happening in 2013 in the North of Ireland and with the likes of the continued imprisonment of Martin Corey and Marian Price amoungst others – Seachranaidhe Irishandproud.




POW protests in Derry will now be held on Shipquay street every fortnight starting this Saturday at 2.00pm due to the escalation of torture and brutality inflicted on Republican POWs by sectarian screws representing the British Tory government. End the human rights abuses in Maghaberry! End the torture!


SUPPORT OUR P.O.W’s. UPDATE: on the beating of Harry Fitzsimons

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Mick Kite


Rosie Kelly


Gina Mcmullin


John Adair

I hear the silence from our so called politicians in Ireland. Shame on you, and you have the cheek to call yourselves republicans. People of Ireland and Scotland rally around and highlight these injustices that are occuring on a daily basis to our prisoners. Take to the streets, write to relevant authorities. We are praying on a daily basis for our prisoners xxxxxxxxxxx

Harry had a visit yesterday Sunday 29th may, Myself his partner Paula and his 4yr old daughter and 5yr old son, After being verbally abused by loyalist screws on the way in, we then had to wait 30 minutes in the visiting room for them to bring Harry in l…ast, as all the other p.o.w’s were brought in first. When they finally brought him in,We were shocked at the state of his face multiple cuts an bruises, when i gently hugged him he was in pain he said his ribs were so sore, his jaw an chin is swollen also his wrist, we cant say they’r broken because he hasnt had any medical attention, no xrays no painkillers, nothing. He said they entered his cell and forced him to the ground, kicking and punching him to the face and body smashing his glasses into his face causing the cuts and bruising, they held his arms behind his back while covering his mouth an nose so he couldn’t breath and pass out, still kicking him and punching him, they trailed him over to the radiator by the hair whilst naked, to bash his face off it, this went on for full 20 minutes non-stop, whilst trailing his clothes off his body and  all through the ordeal they were screaming into his face ‘your nothing’ ‘dirty bastard’ and  ‘no good scumbag’  Harry said this was an unprovoked attack, other pow’s confirmed this on the visit yesterday. I phoned maghaberry prison yesterday morning before the visit and was put through to Roe house, I enquired about the reports that were coming out of the prison about Harry getting a beating from the riot squad and laughily they told me ‘They dont beat their prisoners and no ones been beaten in here’ and ‘sure you can see him yourself when you come up to visit him today’  and hung up. As we all seen for ourselves not surprisingly, They were lying once again. I found out an hour after the phonecall it was actually the riots squad i was conversing with. The p.o.w’s visitors were outside after the visit and each of them, appaulled and disgusted they were not surprised at this brutal assault on our p.o.w’s and agreed to fill out a complaints form for Pauline Mc Cabe the ombudsman for maghaberry to say how they witnessed the injuries Harry sustained from this vicious attack. I as his sister plead with anyone who reads this to please get in touch with their local councillor, human rights and anyone else who they think may be of some help to get the 12th of August agreement implimented.    HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANISATIONS Irish Council for Civil Liberties, 9-13 Blackhall Place, Dublin-7   Ph: +353-1-799 4504 Fax: +353-1-799 4512 Email:   NEW ADDRESS: Association for the Prevention of Torture, Route des Morillons 5 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex     Association for th…e Prevention of Torture      PO. Box 2267  CH-1211 Geneva 2 SWITZERLAND   E-mail :   Website : Fax : +41 (22) 919 21 80 Phone : +41 (22) 919 21 70   AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL International Secretariat The International Secretariat is responsible for the majority of the organization’s research and leads our campaigning work, based in London, UK.Telephone: +44-20-74135500Fax  +44-20-79561157  Address: 1 Easton Street London WC1X 0DW, UK     Committee on the Administration of Justice – CAJ 2nd Floor, Sturgen Building 9-15 Queen Street Belfast BT1 6EA   Tel – 028 9031 6000 Fax – 028 9031 4583 Email –   British Irish Rights Watch 13b Hillgate Place London SW12 9ES email: fax: (+44) 020 8772 9162   Human Rights Watch in Northern Ireland Ulster Human Rights Watch, PO Box 163, Lisburn, Northern Ireland, BT28 3UN, tel. 07759212861   Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission Temple Court 39 North Street Belfast Northern Ireland BT1 1NA Tel: +44 (0) 28 9024 3987See more
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