R.N.U. (Irish Socialist-Republican Political Lobby Group)


R.N.U. (Irish Socialist-Republican Political Lobby Group)

It has came to the attention of Cogus that some people who purport to be republican and claim that they support Irish republican pows have been spreading smear, lies and innuendo against the protesting Cogus pows.

We have been asked by republicans are Cogus pows en…gaged in a dirty protest or are they working a rota system for the protest etc etc. Let us say this without fear of contridication from any person or group, ALL Cogus pows (with the exception of two for medical reasons) are on a FULL “dirty-protest”. In clear terms that means that they ALL are in cells with the walls covered in their own human waste, in the corners of the cells maggots grow, the cells have blow-flies in them. Cogus pows are on 23 hour lock-up, they now get a four min phone call per day to family and friends. The two lads not on protest and two guests on occasions use their one hour out of the cell to make crafts used to help Cogus outside raise much needed funds. ALL pows in Roe can if they wish make crafts. One wonders at times if people see the pows as pawns or trophies. Cogus want to see an end to the suffering of ALL pows, some sadly it seems what to be seen as better than others inside and outside the jail, POWs abu.

POSTED ON BEHALF OF : R.N.U. (Irish Socialist-Republican Political Lobby Group)

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