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Well thats me home tommorrow after waiting for five weeks for open heart surgery

A BIG THANKYOU to all the staff and nurses working at both Craigavon Area Hospital and RVH in Belfast.
I am always hearing or complaining by pataints complaing about food and mistreatment. I would just like to thank everyone in Craigavon Area Hospitial not forgetting Mark from Poland and Bronagh for serving up my food eveyday and cleaning up after me. All the staff were great 100% well they stuck me for five weeks and all staff and nurses for preparing me for my operation. Also I would like to thank all of the surgens in the operating room thankyou everyone for getting me through this and the nurses and staff in the ICU and ISU for taking care of me. And last but not least all the staff in 5A the Cardio Thoracic unit of the RVH Belfast hospitial.
Yours most greatfully, Kevin


THE NORTH of Ireland’s biggest information event for people with multuple sclerosis (MS) is taking place on Saturday, September 12th from 10am to 3pm at Ramada Plaza, Belfast.

People affected by MS from accross the North of Ireland are invited to come along to hear about the latest MS research breakthroughs as well as inspirational talks from local MS campaigners Conor Devine and Catherine Doran. There will also be free complementary therapy sessions, information stalls and advice on local support services. The event is free and anyone with an interest in MS is welcome to attend. To register visit or call the MS Society on 02890 802802.
Campaigns manger, MS Society, North of Ireland.


MI5, the British army and the PSNI have colluded to perpetuate the injustice we ‘The Craigavon Two’ continue to face.

That much is clear from the facts that emerged during our ‘show trial’ and subsequent appeal. The deletion of information to cover up wrong doing, the intimidation of key defence witnesses and the withholding of evidence able to undermine the state allegations serve to prove that. Sinn Féin’s John O’Dowd spoke recently of ‘war junkies in suits’ working to perpetuate conflict. What he has failed to comment on is the ways in which this has manifested itself. These very same people (Shame Fein) and organisations have directly contributed to the wrongful imprisonment of two of his constituents. If his concern is genuine, will he now commit himself and his party to calling for an investigation into the role of state actors, including the PSNI, MI5 and the British army’s special reconnaissance regiment, in the injustice for which we may now spend the rest of our lives in prison.
With many thanks to: Brendan McConville, John Paul Wootton, Maghaberry Gaol, Co Antrim.

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Campaigner to speak at ‘Craigavon Two event

THE mother of an English man jailed under joint enterprise laws spoke on Thursday night August 6th 2015 at an event organised by supporters of two men wrongly convicted of killing RUC/PSNI constable Stephen Carroll.

Jan Cunliffe traveled from England to Belfast to speak at the annual event organised by Justice for the Craigavon Two. Her son Jordan was given a life sentence after he was convicted under joint enterprise laws of murdering a man in Wigan in 2007. Ms Cunliffe is a member of the campaign group Jengba – Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association – and her story inspired award-wining filmmaker Jimmy McGovern to make the acclaimed film Common, Which explores the issue of joint enterprise. Constable Carroll was shot dead by a Continuity IRA (C.I.R.A) sniper in March 2009. Two Craigavon men John Paul Wootton (JP), and Brendan McConville (Yandy), were later convicted of his murder and lost their appeal. Both men deny any part in the attack that claimed the 48-year-old’s life. Jan Cunliffe said she wants to raise awareness around the issue of joint enterprise. “We want to wake people up and make them realise there have got to others,” she said. “We are aware of the evidence and there was no jury and I am not convinced by the convictions at all. “It’s typical of joint enterprise cases and there are hundreds that I know about.” Ms Cunliffe spoke at St Mary’s University at 7pm.

Parades Commission refuses to reveiw decision on parade protest

THE Parades Commission has refused to reveiw a decision to allow 400 loyalists to protest in Belfast City Centre during an anti-internment parade this weekend.


The march, which will involve up to 4,000 people and 12 bands, has been given permission to walk through the main shopping area on Sunday morning as it makes its way from North Belfast to the west of the city for a rally. Two loyalist groups, Loyal People’s Protest and the Shankill Residents’ Group, have both also been granted permission to hold counter-protests involving up to 200 people at each close to the junction of Garfield Street and Royal Avenue. Similar protests during an anti-internment parade last year resulted in serious violence when loyalists clashed with police. The Anti-Internment League, which is organising the march, had called on the Parades Commission to reconsider its decision to allow such a large number of loyalists into the city centre this year. The request came after the RUC/PSNI admitted it may not be able to enforce the commission’s determination or “guarantee the security of any person”. However, the Parades Commission last night turned down the review request. “The commission considered the grounds for review as stated in the request and was of the opinion that all substantive and material points had been fully considered by the commission prior to its original decisions and therefore concluded there was insufficent new information to trigger a review,” a spokeswoman said.

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News, for the origional story.

RUC/PSNI cannot guarantee marchesrs safety at Anti-Internment march on Sunday

Loyalists allowed to hold two seperate protests each with 200 postesters at anti-internment march

POLICE have admitted they may not be able to enforce a Parades Commission determination at an anti-internment parade this weekend – which last year resulted in serious loyalist rioting in Belfast City Centre last year.


Up to 4,000 people and 12 bands are set to take part in the march this Sunday which has been organised by the Anti-Internment League. Police are expected to mount a major security operation in an effort to avoid a repeat of serious violence after loyalists blocked the route and clashed with officers, injuring more than 50 police officers last year. No major restrictions have been placed on the parade while two loyalist groups, Loyal People’s Protest and Shankill Residents’ Group have been given permission to hold protests involving 200 people at each. Both demonstrations are set to take place on a footpath close to Lower Garfield Street. Organisers have asked the Parades Commission to review the permission for the protests after the RUC/PSNI said it could not give an “unconditional undertaking” to uphold its determinition or “guarantee the safety” of those taking part. Referring to last year’s injuries to RUC/PSNI officers Chief Superintendent Nigel Grimshaw told organisers “it was not possible to proceed the entirety of the notified route”. “It is therefore not possible to give an unconditional undertaking that the Parades Commission determination will be upheld but please rest assured that we will do our utmost to ensure that this is the case,” he wrote in a letter to the organiser’s solicitor Michael Brentnall. 10441926_295982950578831_3116301160801281417_nIn previous correspondence the senior officer said that police will “put in place a significant policing opertion in order to seek to protect all of those involved in the parade”, but admits “it is not possible to guarantee the security of any person.” The parade will travel from Ardoyne in North Belfast along Royal Avenue before making its way to West Belfast where a rally will be held. Parade organiser Dee Fennell, said that organisers believe the loyalist protest should be scaled back. “We feel it’s disproportionate,” he said. “People have the right to protest but we think the numbers are too big.” The spokesman contrasted the number of nationalist protesters allowed to stand outside nearby St Patrick’s Church during controversial loyal order parades. “Protests at St Patrick’s and Carrick Hill are being limited to 20, 30 and 50 protesters,” he said. Mr Fennell warned the Parades Commission they could be setting a “dangerous precedent” by allowing loyalists to gather in the city centre and said it was not “beyond the realms of possibilty” that republicans would hold counter protests during next year’s July 12 parades at the bottom of Castle Street. Solicitor Michael Brentnall, from Robert Murtagh and Co, said the reveiw request was lodged “in light of fresh information”. He said the reveiew centres on the commission’s “obligations in regard to human rights legislation, the duty of care owed to participants in the march, and the possible circumvenion of the determination by proxy through the use of violence, as occurred last year”. A spokesman for the Parades Commission confirmed they have received a reveiw requests and will consider it.

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News, for the orgional story.

Can you help my son Ashton he suffers from a very rare condition called Paroxysmal Extreme Pain disorder?

HELLO my Facebook world my son Ashton and I need your help please!!!!


Ashton suffers from a very rare condition called Paroxysmal Extreme Pain disorder. I am desperately searching or anybody who knows anybody with the same condition. It is my personal mission to help find this little guy a cure but I can’t do it alone! Please share on your pages so hopefully I can find other’s to help me learn more and open a foundation to help fund the research. Thanks so much Amanda and Ashton xxxx


I can be contacted through my Facebook page please follow the link below:


Below is a link to the medical condition:

With many thanks to: Amanda Kenny.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For all concerned citizens- Two causes need immediate assistence tommorrow, both relate to the banks….

Meath Anti-eviction Ireland

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For all concerned citizens – Two causes need immediate assistance tomorrow, both relate to the banks….

1. Margaret Hanrahan requires assistance on her farm. In particular she needs people with the materials and wherewithal to barricade her farm against the receivers. Her contact details are available on earlier posts.

2. At 3pm in the Clubhouse in Kilkenny there is an auction of repossessed farms. Gerry Beads and many others will be there to prevent it, similar to the Alsops auction actions. Assistance and as many bodies as possible is needed for this.

If you can’t make it to either, do the next best thing, spend 10 minutes sharing this post around the FaceBook network, let’s make things happen….

Follow the link below for more information:



Your Independent

Republican Candidate


End State Neglect in Portlaoise – Free Aiden Hulme!





Michilín Mhíc Fheargail

Derry Sceal

Got this through Michilín Mhíc Fheargail: Aidan Hulme has been transferred to the hospital over the last few days, his foot and hand had swollen to great length we think he has caught septicemia as currently on medication through IV’s……His health is deteriorating daily and he should not be returned back to Portlaoise!!


Disgraceful conditions this man is being allowed to exist in .. Portlaoise neglect is nothing new and Aiden should be freed immediately.. —  with Michilín Mhíc Fheargail

End State Neglect in Portlaoise – Free Aiden Hulme!


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