On Friday March 14 2014 at 10.30pm an ASU (Active Service Unit) of the IRA (Irish Republican Army) embarked on an operation against British state forces, namely a PSNI/RUC patrol. This attack involved the IRA striking a PSNI/RUC Land Rover as it passed the City Cemetery on Belfast’s Falls Road.


The IRA had a second ASU on standby with automatic weapons close by with the intention of engaging with the PSNI/RUC personnel who exited the vehicles.  The device used in the offensive was an EFP (Explosively Formed Penetrator), detonated via command wire. 

These devices form a major part of the I.R.A’s already substantial weapons inventory. Our development of this type of device is further evidence of the increasing expertise and ingenuity of our Engineering Department. The precision of the divice is evidenced by the fact that it struck its intended target.

The PSNI/RUC are the vanguard of the British occupation in Ireland. They are heavily armed protectors of the state enforcing British law in Ireland. They engage in the harassment of Irish Citizens on a daily basis, arrest republicans, and facilitate the work of MI5 with the full knowledge and backing of the British Government. For these reasons the PSNI/RUC are legitimate targets of the I.R.A.

The I.R.A has demonstrated its ability to execute PSNI/RUC personnel in the past and will continue to do so in the future.


With many thanks to: Pàirti Poblachtach Dearg.

RNU: MI5 forcing employers to sack employees to be sacked from their jobs if they refuse to become informers

Apparent attempt to recruit informer posted on the internet.

A Local election candidate has claimed the British security services are getting republicans sacked from their jobs in order to make it easier to recruit them as informers.

Employer’s should not be allowed to discriminate against their employees because of their beleifs “DISCRIMINATION IS DISCRIMINATION” no matter what!!!!

Republican Network for Unity candidate Tommy Doherty made the remarks after attempts to recruit a former republican prisoner as an informer were recorded and posted on the internet. It came as a man, who is a member of the Republican Network for Unity, was sacked from his job in a call centre on “security” grounds. The North Bel. st man claims he was offered £200 by two men who identified themselves as MI5 officers. Mr Doherty last night said he is aware of “at least” four examples of people with connections to his party who have been dismissed from their jobs in recent weeks after security concerns were raised. The man, who does not want to be named, said he was approached as he walked close to the city centre by an MI5 team who offered him cash in return for information. The man says after being threatened with being returned to prison and offered money in return for information he rejected the approach. Hours later one of the MI5 men rang the former prisoner on his mobile phone and began a conversation which was recorded and later posted on You Tube.

During the exchange the caller, who spoke with an English accent said his name was “Adam”, assured the man that if he agreed to meet they will be “very discreet, absolutely disgreet” and that his safety “. “will be the most important thing”. During the two-minute converation the MI5 man said: ” At the end of the day [name], if you not happy with what we have to say and you are not comfortable that’s it, you go away. I just want to give you the opportunity to sit down and ask us any questions.” During the conversation the MI5 officer confirmed he was “interested in people associated with the paramilitary group Oglaigh na hEireann and the RNU. “OK mate, it’s just as simple as that,” he said. “As I said, under no pressure here at all you know just chat with us and that’s it. “You’re not happy you walk away and not bother with me again, it’s just as simple as that mate, OK.” Mr Doherty, who is standing for the RNU in West Belfast during May’s local government elections, said he was concerned by the devolpment. “We are concerned that British intelligence are stalking work places of republicans in interest in order to compromise their employment and place them in a vulnerable fanancial predicament.”

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News.

Man pleads guilty to threat and gun charge

A NORTH Belfast man has pleaded guilty to having an imitation gun and a statement from a group which threatened to “execute and exile” drug dealers in republican communitie.


Finbarr Kelly (36), from the Antrim Road, was due to go on trial at Belfast Crown Court on two charges but was rearraigned yesterday. He pleaded guilty to possession of an imatation firearm with intent and possession of articles likely to be of use to terrorists, namely a statement on behalf of the leadership of ‘Direct Action Against Drugs’ (DAAD). Belfast Recorder Judge David McFarland released Kelly on continuing bail for the preparation of a pre-sentence report and also a medical report. He is expected to be sentenced next month. No details of the case were given in court, but at an earlier bail hearing a senior judge was told that police stopped a car in Belfast in which Kelly was a passenger in September 2012. A search of the car revealed an imitation gun and hammer and police suspected an attack was imminent. A pellet-type weapon was discovered under a passenger seat of the Renault Scenic car. Two balaclavas, two pairs of gloves, a baseball bat and a claw hammer were also seized from the vehicle. The court was told that follow-up searches were carried out at Kelly’s home. Inside his Antrim Road home police discovered a document focusing on drug dealers within republican communities. It was claimed that Kelly’s fingerprint was found on the statement.

With many thanks to: The Irish News.









Revealed: Britain sold nerve gas chemicals to Syria 10 months after war began.


BRITAIN allowed firms to sell chemicals to Syria capable of being used to make nerve gas, we can reveal today.

Export licences for potassium fluoride and sodium fluoride were granted months after the bloody civil war in the Middle East began.

The chemical is capable of being used to make weapons such as sarin, thought to be the nerve gas used in the attack on a rebel-held Damascus suburb which killed nearly 1500 people, including 426 children, 10 days ago.

President Bashar Assad’s forces have been blamed for the attack, leading to calls for an armed response from the West.

British MPs voted against joining America in a strike. But last night, President Barack Obama said he will seek the approval of Congress to take military action.

The chemical export licences were granted by Business Secretary Vince Cable’s Department for

Business, Innovation and Skills last January – 10 months after the Syrian uprising began.

They were only revoked six months later, when the European Union imposed tough sanctions on Assad’s regime.

Yesterday, politicians and anti-arms trade campaigners urged Prime Minister David Cameron to explain why the licences were granted.

Dunfermline and West Fife Labour MP Thomas Docherty, who sits on the House of Commons’ Committees on Arms Export Controls, plans to lodge Parliamentary questions tomorrow and write to Cable.

He said: “At best it has been negligent and at worst reckless to export material that could have been used to create chemical weapons.

“MPs will be horrified and furious that the UK Government has been allowing the sale of these

ingredients to Syria.

“What the hell were they doing granting a licence in the first place?

“I would like to know what investigations have been carried out to establish if any of this

material exported to Syria was subsequently used in the attacks on its own people.”

The SNP’s leader at Westminster, Angus Robertson MP, said: “I will be raising this in Parliament as soon as possible to find out what examination the UK Government made of where these chemicals were going and what they were to be used for.

“Approving the sale of chemicals which can be converted into lethal weapons during a civil war is a very serious issue.

“We need to know who these chemicals were sold to, why they were sold, and whether the UK Government were aware that the chemicals could potentially be used for chemical weapons.

“The ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria makes a full explanation around these shady deals even more important.”

Mark Bitel of the Campaign Against Arms Trade (Scotland) said: “The UK Government claims to have an ethical policy on arms exports, but when it comes down to practice the reality is very different.

“The Government is hypocritical to talk about chemical weapons if it’s granting licences to companies to export to regimes such as Syria.

“We saw David Cameron, in the wake of the Arab Spring, rushing off to the Middle East with arms companies to promote business.”

Some details emerged in July of the UK’s sale of the chemicals to Syria but the crucial dates of the exports were withheld.

The Government have refused to identify the licence holders or say whether the licences were issued to one or two companies.

The chemicals are in powder form and highly toxic. The licences specified that they should be used for making aluminium structures such as window frames.

Professor Alastair Hay, an expert in environmental toxicology at Leeds University, said: “They have a variety of industrial uses.

“But when you’re making a nerve agent, you attach a fluoride element and that’s what gives it

its toxic properties.

“Fluoride is key to making these munitions.

“Whether these elements were used by Syria to make nerve agents is something only subsequent investigation will reveal.”

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said: “The UK Government operates one of the most rigorous arms export control regimes in the world.

“An export licence would not be granted where we assess there is a clear risk the goods might be used for internal repression, provoke or prolong conflict within a country, be used aggressively against another country or risk our national security.

“When circumstances change or new information comes to light, we can – and do – revoke licences where the proposed export is no longer consistent with the criteria.”

Assad’s regime have denied blame for the nerve gas attack, saying the accusations are “full of lies”. They have pointed the finger at rebels.

UN weapons inspectors investigating the atrocity left Damascus just before dawn yesterday and crossed into Lebanon after gathering evidence for four days.

They are now travelling to the Dutch HQ of the Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons.

It could take up to two weeks for the results of tests on samples taken from victims of the attack, as well as from water, soil and shrapnel, to be revealed.

On Thursday night, Cameron referred to a Joint Intelligence Committee report on Assad’s use of chemical weapons as he tried in vain to persuade MPs to back military action. The report said the regime had used chemical weapons at least 14 times since last year.

Russian president Vladimir Putin yesterday attacked America’s stance and urged Obama to show evidence to the UN that Assad’s regime was guilty.

Russia and Iran are Syria’s staunchest allies. The Russians have given arms and military backing to Assad during the civil war which has claimed more than 100,000 lives.

Putin said it would be “utter nonsense” for Syria to provoke opponents and spark military

retaliation from the West by using chemical weapons.

But the White House, backed by the French government, remain convinced of Assad’s guilt, and Obama proposes “limited, narrow” military action to punish the regime.

He has the power to order a strike, but last night said he would seek approval from Congress.

Obama called the chemical attack “an assault on human dignity” and said: “We are prepared to strike whenever we choose.”

He added: “Our capacity to execute this mission is not time-sensitive. It will be effective tomorrow, or next week, or one month from now.

“And I’m prepared to give that order.”

Some fear an attack on Syria will spark retaliation against US allies in the region, such

as Jordan, Turkey and Israel.

General Lord Dannatt, the former head of the British Army, described the Commons vote as a “victory for common sense and democracy”.

He added that the “drumbeat for war” had dwindled among the British public in recent days.

With many thanks to : Russell Findlay, Daily Record.


GARDA commissioner Martin Calli an has warned paramilitary trappings will not be tolerated at any funerals in the Republic. He was speaking ahead of the funeral of Seamus McKenna (58) who died after falling from scaffolding while working on the roof of a property near Dundalk last week.



Seamus McKenna (58)

A member of Oglaigh na hEireann (ONH), Mr McKenna, was one of five men sued by relatives of some of the 29 people killed by the 1998 Omagh bomb which was carried out by the now defunct Real IRA. OOriginally from Silver bridge in Co Armagh, he was sentenced to six years for constructing a bomb in Co Louth in 2003.

Although not speaking specifically about McKenna’s funeral, commissioner Callinan said no paramilitary displays will be tolerated. Garda came in for criticism last year when masked men fired a volley of shots over the coffin of murdered republican Alan Ryan in Dublin. Uniformed men also flanked a hearse carrying the 32-year-old’s remains through the city. McKenna’s funeral is to be held in Ravensdale, Co Louth tommorow.

With many thanks to : The Irish News.



Tim Howard > Stand And Unite

Mark Anthony Bannon

Last week a whole movement began behind the albeit lighthearted “Justice for BOD”. 1000s of Irish people came together in a matter of days.

There is man named Tony Rochford in Dublin at this very minute that is in his 20th day of hunger strike against austerity and social injustice forced upon the Irish people.

He is prepared to die for this, to die for Ireland like other martyrs such a Wolfe tone, Robert Emmet and all the other heroes from 1916 to Bobby Sands in the 80s. Yet there is very little media coverage, no one is protesting with him, where is the solidarity with our fellow countryman? He is an ordinary man, not a Marxist, not a hippie. He is a self employed tiler that is now penniless like most of us and cannot afford to live in the austerity and hardship we have been attacked with. Our friends and family are forced to emigrate, our children go to school with no lunch, our sick and elderly are denied their basic rights. Is this what The martyrs of 1916 died for? Did they give their life so that we may turn into a nation that is obedient and afraid of foreign countries, afraid of the lies the government feed us.

Everybody talks and gives out about the hardship the government puts on us but no one does anything. They treat us like fools, they laugh at how we accept the debt they have forced upon us, our children and our grandchildren yet we sit at home expecting someone else to take a stand. We must wake up. You must do, you must get out and protest, we can’t live like this anymore.

In the name of all the martyrs of Ireland it is time to remember that we are Irish, we are revolutionaries and we are not going to betray our nation anymore


‘ While other councils across the north are moving forward…. Lisburn is still firmly stuck in the Dark Ages as a fiefdom for the DUP and bigotry.

LISBURN council has been accused of being stuck “in the Dark Ages” with the DUP maintaining its grip on power, taking both mayor and deputy mayor posts. The party now holds 10 out of the 12 available leadership positions.


Alliance group leader Brian Dornan said that in the past three years the mayor and deputy mayor roles have gone to another party only once. Alliance had put forward Stephen Martin to be deputy mayor but he was defeated despite getting the support of Alliance, SDLP, Sinn Fein, one UUP councillor and an independent. “I am disappointed that yet again the DUP have refused to accept power sharing in Lisburn Council,” Mr Dornan said. “They have no problems with it at the assembly, so why can’t they agree to it in Lisburn? “The DUP may talk of a shared future but their actions don’t match their words.”

He called for mandatory power-sharing to be introudecd by environment minister Alex Attwood. Sinn Fein group leader Ader Carson said unioni. ‘s “discriminatory policies…. on Lisburn City Council are as alive in 2013 as they ever have been”. “Sinn Fein is the second largest party grouping on the council yet, despite this, we have been denied any formal positions following Lisburn council’s annual general meeting,” he said. “Given the mandate that Sinn Fein received in 2011, had d’Hondt been enacted the party would be enacted the party would be entitled to the position of chair and vice-chair of a committee each year, along with one year as major of Lisburn. “Since first being represented on Lisburn council in 1985, unionist politicians have constantly sought to deny Sinn Fein its share of positions. “As a result, by the end of this term in 2015, Sinn Fein will have held only two official positions in 30 years. “While other councils across the north are moving forward, such as Banbridge and Coleraine, Lisburn is still firmly stuck in the Dark Ages as a fiefdom of the DUP and bigotry. “Certainly there is no shared future in the minds of the DUP councillors in Lisburn City Council. Discrimation and jobs for the boys remains the prioity.”

With many thanks to : Bimpe Archer, Irish News.

EX-general’s Bloody Sunday Video comments suspended !

A DECISION to suspend a contribution by former British army head General Sir Michael Jackson to a Bloody Sunday video installation has been welcomed. A number of Bloody Sunday families complained when General Jackson’s comments were included in the ‘interpretative area’ at Derry‘s Guildhall.


The installation was put in place at the newly refurbished Guildhall to mark the fact that the building hosted the Seville Inquiry into Bloody Sunday. A spokeswoman for a number of the families, Kate Nash, said they were angered and insulted by his inclusion. Ms Nash’s brother, William was shot dead and her father, Alex was shot and wounded on Bloody Sunday. As adjutant to the Parachute Regiment on Bloody Sunday, then Captain Jackson drew up a ‘shoot list’ in the minutes after the killings which was used by the British government to brand the dead as gunmen and bombers. All Bloody Sunday victims were eventually exonerated by the Seville Inquiry. A spokeswoman said the installation has now been temporarily switched off as it was being reviewed. She said : “It is not presented as a chronology or insight into Bloody Sunday and there is no intention to offend any families involved.” Welcoming the move, Ms Nash said : “The other families I’m in contact with are delighted that has happened. I do have to say though I think its only a reprieve.” Ms Nash called on Derry City Council to consult with all Bloody Sunday families about what should go into the Guildhall interpretative area.

With many thanks to : Seamus McKinney, Irish News.


GARDAI have seized pistols and ammunition in Co Meath in searches directed against dissident republicans.


Members of the Special Detective Unit searched a bussiness premises and arrested a man in his thirties in the Navan area. Gardai seized three pistols, assorted ammunition and “other paraphernalia,” according to a spokesman. The latest arrest comes just a week after three men were taken into custody in counties Meath and Louth with gardai recovering a 9mm handgun and seizing several vehicles. Two men, aged 49 and 30, later appeared before the Special Criminal Court charged in connection with suspected dissident republican activities.

With many thanks to : Irish News.


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