Figures confirm scale of PSNI harassment – Irish Republican News – Sat, Aug 29, 2015

Well thats me home tommorrow after waiting for five weeks for open heart surgery

A BIG THANKYOU to all the staff and nurses working at both Craigavon Area Hospital and RVH in Belfast.
I am always hearing or complaining by pataints complaing about food and mistreatment. I would just like to thank everyone in Craigavon Area Hospitial not forgetting Mark from Poland and Bronagh for serving up my food eveyday and cleaning up after me. All the staff were great 100% well they stuck me for five weeks and all staff and nurses for preparing me for my operation. Also I would like to thank all of the surgens in the operating room thankyou everyone for getting me through this and the nurses and staff in the ICU and ISU for taking care of me. And last but not least all the staff in 5A the Cardio Thoracic unit of the RVH Belfast hospitial.
Yours most greatfully, Kevin


THE NORTH of Ireland’s biggest information event for people with multuple sclerosis (MS) is taking place on Saturday, September 12th from 10am to 3pm at Ramada Plaza, Belfast.

People affected by MS from accross the North of Ireland are invited to come along to hear about the latest MS research breakthroughs as well as inspirational talks from local MS campaigners Conor Devine and Catherine Doran. There will also be free complementary therapy sessions, information stalls and advice on local support services. The event is free and anyone with an interest in MS is welcome to attend. To register visit or call the MS Society on 02890 802802.
Campaigns manger, MS Society, North of Ireland.


ON MONDAY the Department for Social Development publushed a report on the reasons people use food banks.

They concluded low income was the main reason. Astonishing. Who’da thought? There’s you thinking people toddled round to a food bank because they couldn’t get a bus to Tesco. You wonder how much that report cost. The banality of the report’s conclusion was matched perfectly by the response of the DSD minister. Go on, try to think of his name. Draw a blank? How appropriate. Here’s what he said almost in English. “Society – not just government – but collectively we need to take a strong look at why this is happening in the North of Ireland.” Surely his report had just told him? People aren’t paid enough. Another reason given was that people had to wait too long for benifit payment’s to kick in after losing their job or becoming to ill to work. Third, but not mentioned are benefit sanctions when people are refused cash because, for example, it’s deemed they aren’t trying to find a job. The minister was asking the wrong question. It’s not a matter of finding reasons for using food banks. It’s why has the number of food banks in the north increased from two, when our proconsul’s nasty government took over in 2010, to more than a dozen now? The reason is obvious. She’s a member of an increasingly unfair, unjust and inequitable government which on her occasional visits to the north she attempts to justify by mouthing irrelevancies designed for her own voters in one of the wealther, healthier parts of London. To give you an idea how much in common she has with people here you might like to know the average gross weekly earnings in her constituency are £675 compared to £518 for the UK as a whole and about £460 here. The average property price in Chipping Barnet is £370,000. Here it’s £120,000. In her constituency two per cent are on Job Seekers Allowance (JSA). The north has the highest claim count of the twelve UK regions. Oh, and there’s one food bank in Barnet.

On the basis of her (Villiers) obvious deep experience of poverty in her constituency our proconsul regularly repeats her demand that the parties here sign up to the welfare cuts she wants to impose and pushed through in the Stormont House agreement as the single most important priority. Let’s repeat here again that the financial annexe in the Stormont House agreement is a bye-ball. The Stormont House agreement dealt with the cuts announced in 2012-13, not 2015. The deal embodied in the agreement won’t approach the cuts announced in July never mind the coming autumn statement and the comprehensive spending review. To give them their due, last December only Sinn Féin (Shame Fein) was talking about arrangements to mitigate the impact of cuts for the next five years. Now there’s a glimmer of hope. Sinn Féin (Shame Fein) and the DUP have been edging closer in meetings over the summer towards the point where senior Sinn Féin people think there’s a chance the DUP might come on board to ask the British for an upgraded package to take account of the draconian proposals our proconsul plans to impose next year. The DUP response to George Osborne’s July cuts showed the first sign of alarm. Sammy Wilson, now happily no longer spouting contempt in the assembly, reacted by worrying that the different benefit caps for London and elsewhere were the first indication of regional variations in benefit. Some DUP people fear that presages regional variations in public sector pay which would hit the party’s middle-class voters. Furthermore Sinn Féin (Shame Fein) hope the DUP’s antennae have twitched at the prospect that our proconsul’s instructions from Whitehall will hit the working poor and not just people on benefit stupidly disdained by the DUP as free loaders. Besides, no secretary of state would want to preside over the collapse of the assembly. It wouldn’t look well on her CV after the fiasco of the West Coast franchise which she awarded in 2012 before being reshuffled. While the report on that flawed, erroneous bidding process cleared our proconsul, her Labour shadow minister said, ‘ministers failed completely in their responsibilities’. A second fiasco would look careless.
With many thanks to: Brian Feeney, The Irish news, for the origionial story.

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Meehan is booted out of ‘rebels’

REPUBLICAN Martin Og Meehan has been expelled from a number of dissident-linked groups in Ardoyne amid allegations he “colluded” with loyalists.

The extraordinary allegations – which threaten his republican ‘career’ – emerged on Facebook after one of the groups released a statement about how the leading North Belfast republican was caught. The Sunday World understands convicted Provo Meehan was caught slagging off fellow republian rabble rousing Ardoyne community worker Dee Fennell to a North Belfast loyalist. Meehan was a founding member of (GARC) the Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective, a community group which primarly opposes Orange Order parades going past Ardoyne shop fronts. Dee Fennell is now the leader of that group and semmingly not on the best of terms with Meehan. The situaton exploded last week when it emerged Meehan had been sending private messages via social media to a well-known loyalist about Fennell. And last Saturaday when Fennell found out he went stright round to Meehan’s house and demanded answers.



The result has seen Meehan expelled from (RNU) Republican Network for Unity, for whom he has been a spokesperson for eight years. A statment from GARC released on Friday night accuses Meehan of being found “guilty of collaborting and colluding with loyalists”. We have a copy of the statement although shortly after it was posted the GARC Facebook page appeared to have been taken down completely. The Sunday World tried to contact Martin Og Meehan last night but were unable to, however it’s understood that he is furious at what has happened and has strongly denied the allegations against him. 1391459_10204408690833156_6780887297070771622_nGARC claim Meehan Og came to their attention last Saturday when a republican in Tyrone got into an online ‘debate’ with an Orangeman and loyalist from Ballysillan. During the heated discussion on Twitter the loyalist claimed that GARC was in disarray and was split. When this was challenged by the republican the loyalist produced privite messages sent to him by Martin Og Meehan claiming that GARC was in disarray and was split. When this was challenged by the republican the loyalist produced private messages sent to him by Martin Og Meehan claiming that GARC was split and that Dee Fennell was “hated in Ardoyne and needs to be taken down a peg or two”. Martin Og Meehan has been a leading republican voice in the North Belfast area for decades and was previosly in the the PIRA along with his father Martin Meehan who was the first man to be convicted of being a member of the PIRA.

With many thanks to: Steven Moore, The sunday World, for the origional story.




A WEST Belfast man has joined a South Armagh farmer in denying charges of addressing meetings on behalf of, and belonging to, or professing to belong to the PIRA.


The case against Padraic Conner Wilson (55), pictured above, at the top, of Hamill park, Andersontown, will be reviewed in the new year, as will that of Sean Geard Hughes (52), of Aghadavoyle Road, Jonesborough. Wilson denied four charges at his formal arraignment before Belfast Crown Court. They alleged that the two sets of offences were committed between January 1 and March 31 2005. Two of the charges accused him of having “addressed a meeting and the purpose of his address was to encourage support for a proscribed organisation, namely, the Provisional Irish Republican Army, or to futher its activities”. 1723939_737412023005241_6112010047355477069_nThe other two alleged that at the time he was either a member of the PIRA or professed to be a member. Last Tuesday his co-accused, Hughes, denied four similar charges in that he also allegedly addressed two meetings (concerning the rape of Mairia Cahill), to promote the PIRA and that he “professed to belong to a proscribed organisation, namely, the Provisional Irish Republican Army”, or actually was a member.

With many thanks to: The Irish News, for the origional story.

William Nash the victim’s sister: Rug pulled from under us

•’DISGUSTED’: Kate Nash, pictured below, sister of William Nash who was shot dead by the British Army’s Parachute Regiment on Bloody Sunday. Ms Nash has said she is disgusted after being told that many of the officers investigating the murders are to be laid off.


THE family of a young man shot dead and murdered on Bloody Sunday in 1972 is to take legal action against the RUC/PSNI amid concerns about a new unit replacing the HET (the Historical Enquires Team). 

The move comes after the RUC/PSNI Chief Constable George Hamilton revealed that a Legacy Investigations Branch will take over the work of the cold-case unit at the end of this month. The HET was set up in 2005 to review Troubles-related disputed murders by Crown forces. News of the new unit has been greeted with concern by relatives of people murdered in circumstances where collusion between the RUC/PSNI and loyalists is suspected or where members of the security forces are directly involved. On Friday night a sister of William Nash (19), who was one of the 14 innocent men shot dead when the British army’s Parachute Regiment (the Para’s) opened fire on an innocent civil rights parade through Derry in January 1972, said her family has lost confidence after police revealed that the majority of officers investigating the murders are to laid off. 1959634_1435836603327232_393438256_nKate Nash, whose father Alex was also shot and wounded on Bloody Sunday, said: “We were two years into a live investigation and suddenly they pull the rug from under our feet. “I have absolutely no faith in the justice system.” Ms Nash said she feels she has no option but to take legal action. “What other recourse do I have?” she said. “We are just treated with contempt. I am disguested by the whole mess.” The RUC/PSNI on Friday night refused to answer questions about whether the proposed Legacy Investigation Branch will include former members of the corroupt RUC and Special Branch. In recent weeks concerns have been also raised about police delays in handling documents to legal teams and families at inquests, as well as the purpose of PSNI information seminars for ex-RUC officers who may be involved in legacy cases. Solicitor Peter Corrigan, of KRW Law, said he has “grave concerns that the legacy unit has been put in place”.  “It defeats the purpose and will not be able to deal with the police’s legal obligations,” he said. “The state has failed the Nash family for 45 years. “Basic investigation requirements have not been carried out in this case. There seems to be a hierarchy of investigations in relation to the past.”

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News, for the origional story.


LAST NIGHT, for the second time in recent weeks, the children of Alan Lundy endured being trailed from their beds by armed and masked men from the RUC/PSNI. The RUC/PSNI were led by local so-called “community cop” Craig Mc Dowell.



These raids have now happened multiple times, causing severe distress to his two youngest children. Two years ago Alan was jailed for months on the lie of another so-called “community cop” before charges were dropped, depriving these children of their father for months. 

While local youth and community workers choose to work with the RUC/PSNI, they often remain silent on the ongoing trauma that the RUC/PSNI cause on a regular basis.

Is there any chance of a collective, visible response from local youth community providers, asking for these vindictive actions to stop – in the form of protests involving young people, statements to the press or open letters? Or will the condemnation only come from GARC and/or Republicans themselves, as this issue continues to be ignored by the wider community!!!

With many thanks to: Dee Fennell, for the origional story.



The hungry, adaptable Shame Fein heading for serious leverage in the Dail have to fight their way out again from under an Adams controversy!!

THE ruthlessness of republicains was there for all to see this week, as well as confusion, even concern. Those polls showing Shame Fein voters in the Republic holding up well have to outweigh a rare drop in support for the party president, Gerry (who was never in the PIRA) Adams.


Internal analysts know the damage may take a while to soak through, but the picture has a stubborn sort of smudge. Despite his storm-tossed recent past and his fantasy farther-past, the father/grandfather figure at the helm has consistently rated as well as, often better than the other Dail leaders. Now the Gerry Adams factor has become more complicated. Shame Fein is resilient, for good reason. Handling the fallout from atrocities over decades taught the fore-runners of today’s machine-minders. Rule number one is still to stay whatever needs saying. Much as other parties but with the additional element that you expected to be disbeleved, indeed scorned. Rule number two used to be to then say no more. Today’s leaders abandoned that some time back, and as a result have talked themselves into various binds. The Adams public persona stood up well to early peace processing. Bearing, gravitas, withheld personality all contributed desirable seriousness, a touch of statesman to combat the scary PIRA reputation, reassurance that whatever about bombs under roads and taped-up bodies in ditches this person had leadership quality. These past few years leave that quality a touch shorn. The flippery of social media in senior hands, the triviality of blogging, rubber ducks, teddy bears, have arguably played into the shearing as much as the tragedy and ugliness of sexual abuse, the loss of credibility involved in denying PIRA membership. But when it came to everyday dealing with people beyond ‘the base’, the Adams touch always looked stodgy at best, bogus at worst, compared to that of his fellow leader: boyish Martin (J118) McGuinness grin, etcetera. No point in the enemies of republicanism miming nausea and recalling McGuinness, ruthless PIRA-boss. Playing a regular guy worked a treat.

The North of Ireland's so-called shared furture the DUP's Finance Minister and 'Orange biggot' Simon Hamilton.

The North of Ireland’s so-called shared furture the DUP’s Finance Minister and ‘Orange biggot’ Simon Hamilton.

The ruthlessnees remains, of course. As it does in the DNA of the organisation both leaders have steered through past dual life into today’s supposed exclusive devotion to the practice of democratic politics. What a bad Adams idea that has been, the jokey repetition about an entirely unfunny outfit of ‘it hasn’t gone away you know.’ Although widened to supposedly fit just about any manifestation of republicanism, the phrase stayed freightened with old menace, yet here was someone revelling in it. Now he and they, the enterprise of his middle years, the hungry, adaptable Shame Fein heading for serious leverage in the Dail have to fight their way out again from under an Adams controversy, crude mis-speaks: self-harming? Legacy issues, he blogs, another phrase someone should take away from him, like the ducks. This time, the ‘legacy’ only dates back to 1997. The enemies help keep the Adams defence apparently united: unthinkable to give him the shove at the behest of Enda Kenny, the Sunday Independent, Micheal Martin. But this may be erosion under way, in full veiw of the unfriendly as well as the faithful. For ruthlessness this week (the second in command of the PIRA) the McGuinness contribution was hard to beat, old dog for the hard road that he is, as he suggested the time had come for the media to ‘target’ the ‘alleged perpetrator’: the unspoken part of the sentence being ‘instead of my president’. So in a second, the blameless, acquitted person, Shame Fein had originally complained on behalf of, against the wrecking ball of Mairia Cahill accusation, became a non-person, a target. The other acquittees must surely have felt a draught. Outside the fold in a trice, dumped. 1501026_514096412022597_1257752671_oHow about that. In the welter of allegation, denial, half-apology and partial admission, some may have missed this devlopment. They may also have missed the dirty fight, down at trolling level, out in Twitter and blogospheres, where some stuck with the original line by having at the ‘complainant’, by ‘liking’ and ‘re-tweeting’. Appealed to by Mairia Cahill, Mary-Lou McDonald duly denounced. But it didn’t stop. An extra problem Shame Fein has now is the speed and slippperiness of social media. No doubt they want to close this episode down, but the internet seethes away. And Mairia Cahill is her own woman. Sense of duty is a quality in ruthless people that even those who loathe their ’cause’ can admire. Behind those unreadable Adams eyes, there might even be the germ of a thought: maybe, for the cause, it’s time to go. Before push comes to shove.

With many thanks to: Fionnuala O’ Connor, The Irish News, for the origional story.

‘IRA’ threatens civilians who ‘help-work’ for police

‘The IRA remains willing to target state agents, paid or not, and will continue to do so while the denial of self-determination continues – The  ‘IRA’.


THE paramilitary group known as the ‘IRA’ has threatened to target civilians who help or work for the security forces at suspected bomb scenes.

The threat came as the organisation claimed responsibility for two devices found in the north west earlier this month. It said it was responsible for leaving an “anti-personnel device” containing a “pressure plate” in Ballyarnett in Derry on October 12. An attempt was made to lure the RUC/PSNI into the area after a hoax report of a burglary at a vacant house. The group said the attack was aborted after police failed to attend the scene and it then gave bomb warnings to media organisations. It also admitted planting a device in the Ballycolman estate in Strabane last week, saying it “was to be triggered by trip wire”. It later emerged that a separate hoax device was thrown at police to lure other officers into the area. It was subseqently picked up and moved by a member of the public. Both bomb attacks were widely condemned for endangering members of the community. In a statement, the republican group’s ‘Derry brigade’ claimed that “in both instances the RUC/PSNI used members of the local community to survey the scene before attending themselves”. “This tactic by the RUC/PSNI is very deliberate and we take this opportunity to advise all members of our community, including community workers, to refuse in any and all circumstances any requests from the RUC/PSNI or local politicians to do the bidding of the RUC/PSNI in this or any other way. “We state categorically that any injury or death caused by the RUC/PSNI tactics will be solely their responsibility.” The group, which announced its formation in July 2012 after a merger between the Real IRA, Republican Action Against Drugs and Independent republican units in Mid-Ulster, added that it will target anyone who assists the RUC/PSNI. “The IRA remains willing and able to target and execute state agents, paid or not, and will continue to do so while the denial of self-determination continues.”1508074_1388697708061029_762168544_n Responding to the claim on Tuesday night, Superintendent John Magill insisted that those who “left the devices in residential areas should shoulder all responsibility for the danger they put all of the community in”. “Those who carried out these attacks showed callous disregard for the local community and the police officers who serve it. We are very fortunate that no-one was killed or seriously injured as both occurred in residential areas, living there at serious risk,” he said. “We are committed to providing a service across the North of Ireland despite the attempts of a small minority who attempt to kill officers serving their community who should be allowed to carry out their duties without the added pressure of misguided individuals intent on causing them harm.” Police also again appealed for information about the attacks. SDLP Foyle assembly member Colum Eastwood also said that while he would be critcal of police responses where appropriate, the “bottom line is that responsibility rests with the people who plant the bombs”. “In the Ballyarnett bomb, the device was left outside a house in an area filled with lots of children and we are lucky no-one was killed,” he said. “The idea that bombs are left near children is just madness and all responsibility lies with those who plant the bombs.”

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News, for the origional story.


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