The System Is The Problem

This letter appeared in The Irish News today Thursday June 25th 2020

THE killing of George Floyd is tearing apart the farcical myth of ‘land of the free”, of the land ‘of tolerance’ built supposedly by free, loving and equal migrants.


Despite the restrictions people locally and around the world taking to the streets have every right to be angry. This is not about George Floyd. It is about more than 200 years of oppression and savagery. Those who demand that protest remains “civic” and harmless, deploring “vandalism” in far more strident terms than they deplore racism, are nothing but hypocritical defenders of the status quo. The real vandals are those who think that carrying a blue uniform gives them a right to maim and torture at will. The system is the problem, not this or that police officer, not this or that president, not this or that party.

It requires deep transformation of the political institutions which are the product of legacy and brutality, segregation, exclusion, war, militarism, invasion and imperialism. The people on the streets today have the answers, while our ruling elites don’t even know the questions.

With many thanks to: The Irish News and Sean Matthews, Crumlin, Co Antrim for the original story 

Hoods and theives are not welcome in our community’s and must be punished

If the so-called Police can’t police the streets the dissidents will. J115 is gone and he no longer runs Co Derry


Marquee de la verité 


This is what’s needed in Belfast and Derry for vermin but unfortunately it wouldn’t go down well because to many unaffected by anti social parasites in community mafia groups would pull the old “the whole community is against it” line.
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Guess he won’t be robbing in Crossmaglen again




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‘Largest ever’ tremor measuring 2.1 on the Richter scale rocks Britain’s only active ‘FRACKING SITE’ and shakes neighbouring homes in Blackpool as if a ‘truck had hit’

Cuadrilla, the energy firm behind fracking near Blackpool, detected the tremor
A tremor measuring 2.1 on the Richter scale was recorded at 11.01pm yesterday
It came just days after another earthquake measured 1.55M at the same facility

An earthquake made the floors of houses ‘jump’ as if a ‘truck had hit’ after a tremor measuring 2.1 on the Richter scale was recorded last night – the largest ever at the UK’s only fracking site.

Concerned homeowners took to Twitter after Cuadrilla, the energy firm behind fracking at the Blackpool facility, detected a ‘micro seismic event’ at 11.01pm.

The earthquake felt like ‘a car crashed in to the side of the house’, according to Rachel Clitheroe, who said her furniture moved after a ‘loud slam’ caused the floors of nearby homes to ‘jump,’ and ‘shook’ the walls.

It came just days after the previous record was set at the Preston New Road facility on Wednesday, when a 1.55-magnitude earthquake was recorded.

The latest tremor was just 0.2M weaker than the 2.3M shift felt at Cuadrilla’s Preese Hall in 2011, which caused fracking in the UK to be suspended for seven years.

The tremor was recorded at the Cuadrilla hydraulic fracturing site at Preston New Road near Blackpool (file image) +10
The tremor was recorded at the Cuadrilla hydraulic fracturing site at Preston New Road near Blackpool (file image)
Last night’s tremor lasted for one second and occurred when there was no hydraulic fracking taking place, a spokesman for the facility said.

Fracking was temporarily stopped at Preston New Road after Wednesday’s tremor, which Cuadrilla said would have felt similar to someone dropping a large bag of shopping on the floor.

Just minutes after the tremor was recorded people living less than a mile from the site took to Twitter to share their disbelief of the earthquake’s strength.

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Westminster forced to admit the Scottish people are Sovereign – The Independence Live Blog

The Assange Arrest is a Warning From History

Newry Lifesaving swimming School

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This is a call out to our supporters in the London area

We have a client who is about to get his first house since his release from jail. He needs help to turn the new house into a home. We are asking anyone who can help with furniture, bedding, carpets and white goods etc please get in touch. He has nothing at this point so please if you can help it would make a big difference.

With many thanks to: MOJO (The Miscarriages of Justice Organisation)

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Paramilitary-style attacks are being inflicted on both republican and loyalist areas

The level of paramilitary intimidation in Republican and loyalist areas revealed in a new report is “absolutely ridiculous” a forder Policing Board deputy chief has said.

The Department of Justice, Perceptions of Paramilitarism report stated that 32% of people in loyalist areas and 24% in republican areas felt paramilitaries had a controlling influence, with the NI average being 14%.

Denis Bradley, a former deputy chair of the Policing Board

It also stated that 29% of people in loyalist and 24% in republican areas think paramilitaries create fear and intimidation, compared with the NI average of 15%.

Based on the 2017 Life and Times Survey, the report also said that 10% of those in loyalist areas and 11% in republican areas believe paramilitaries keep their area safe, the NI average being just 5%. Denis Bradley, former Policing Board deputy chair, said: “This is absolutely ridiculous and it is one of our great failures politically to have done nothing about this.”

He said NI must create proper strategies to tackle drug and alcohol abuse, to undermine paramilitary roles in supplying, policing or taxing the supply of illicit drugs. “The last 10 shootings by dissident republicans have all been drug related,” he said, while there are “suspicions” that loyalists are involved in supplying drugs.

In addition, he said, the dissident threat still means young Catholic police officers frequently have to move out of their home areas.

PUP councillor Dr John Kyle said that the recent murder of Ian Ogle by loyalists in east Belfast had prompted other families to come forward to report intimidation.

“That just over 56% of respondents feel confident in reporting crime to the PSNI should be a cause for concern for the police,” he added.

UTP justice spokesman Doug Beattie said it was critical to decide if paramilitaries are just criminals. “Why when the police finally get the evidence to put them behind bars are they assigned the rank and status of paramilitary by allowing them to go into a separate prison regime?” he asked.

West Belfast People Before Profit MLA Gerry Carroll said people are still “horrified” by routine paramilitary shootings and murders and the organisations’ roles as “gatekeepers and controllers”. Younger people do not want to be dictated to by “self-appointed armed organisations” which give expression to people’s anger, instead of offering “hope that brings people together” he said.

DUP MLA Joanne Bunting added: “What is common across all communities is that the vast majority want to see society rid of these groups.”

According to PSNI figures from March 2018 to February 2019, there were: •Two security related deaths; • 16 paramilitary-style shootings, all but two in Belfast or ‘Derry City’ and Strabane; • 56 paramilitary-style assaults, most in Belfast, Antrim and Newtownabbey and Ards and North Down; • 15 bombing and 37 shooting incidents; • 159 persons arrested for terrorism-related activity, mainly in Belfast and ‘Derry City’ and Strabane, the districts with the greatest number of bombings and shootings, with 15 people subsequently charged.

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If this goes ahead, the actual construction of the caverns involves pumping 100s of 1000s of litres of man made brine into the sea 450 metres off Islandmagee.
This could have a devastating effect on every aspect of marine life in the immediate area and beyond.
Federation members Keith Keithamo and Andy Logan have been flat out putting up posters in S.E Antrim area protesting against this, only for most of them to be removed today.
This is basically big business allied with numpties receiving “coin” at a local level with absolutely no concern for the environmental impact it is going to have!!

We could write a book about how our concerns along with those of local residents are being ignored and basically written off as the rantings of “yocal clampets”
Long story short, the NIFSA members of this area would be very very grateful if as many of you as possible could turn up to Browns Bay on Sunday, wearing federation fleeces, hats whatever to show your support.
Barry Platt

With many thanks to the: Northern Ireland Federation of Sea… Anglers

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First it was the “Dissidents” now it’s a rival security firm!! Grow up Leo, it was the people !!!!

Opinion: First it was the “Dissidents” now it’s a rival security firm – Grow up Leo, it was the people of Roscommon who fought back

In the latest twist in the “investigation” into KBC thugs being driven out of a repossessed home in Roscommon, a rival security firm is now being blamed for the beating they received.

Attempts to pin the midnight raid on the “Dissident IRA” have proven to be foolhardy as local people literally laughed at the suggestion. Now, unbelievably, there’s a suggestion that a rival security firm attacked the KBC thugs because they didn’t get the contract to terrorise the elderly siblings on behalf of the foreign lender in front of the Gardai last week.

If anything, this crackpot idea only makes things worse for the Government. Are we now to believe that a licensed security firm carries out midnight raids on other firms because they want to drive them out of business in the same way that Dublin drug dealers operate?

Not to mention the bails of hay which they must be carting around with them to block roads with…

Maybe Leo Varadkar and Drew Harris might instead concentrate on investigating two serious assaults which occurred last week as three elderly siblings were terrified in their own rural home, it shouldn’t be that hard even for them, after all we have extensive day time video evidence and there was even a number of Gardai standing ideally by watching it all happen.

In case you haven’t seen it Leo, here is again.

With many thanks to: The Liberal for the original story


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