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A NATIONALIST residents’ group has warned that an ongoing parade dispute in North Belfast could result in a “long, hot, and volatile summer.”


Greater Ardindependent nts’ Collective (GARC), confirmed on Friday night it will not hold a protest as members of the Apprentice Boys march through the district on Easter Monday. The band has been restricted to playing hymns on a section of the route at Ardoyne.  Spokesman Dee Fennell said the decision was taken in order not to draw attention away from a similar parade past St Patrick’s Catholic Church on the same morning. There was controversy this week after it emerged that nationalist residents opposed to the parade were banned from standing in front of the Donegall Street church by the Parades Commission. After initially refusing to reveiw the decision, it was subsequently overturned by the commission. St Patrick’s has been a scene of strife since Shankill Road based Young Conway Volunteers Flute Band was filmed walking in circles outside it while playing the sectarian Famine Song on 12 July 2012. Tensions in Ardoyne have been high since the Orange Order was banned from marching past nationalist homes last July. Mr Fennell, who is an independant local election candidate, said loyalist parades through his district are “totally unacceptable to the vast majority of the people of this area.” “This determination by the Parades Commission, an incoming commission, does not bode well for a peaceful summer,” he said. “The consistent theme of commission determinations since its inception has been to acquiesce to the three pronged attacks on this community by loyal orders, political unionism and loyalist paramilitaries.” The GARC spokesman also condemned determinations issued by the Parades Commission in relation to St Patrick’s branding them “nothing short of disgraceful.” He revealed that his group have decided not to hold a protest on Monday in “order that the media focus remains solely” on St Patrick’s parishioners and nearby Carrick Hill but added some members will be present to “monitor and note any breaches of the Parades Commission determination”. Mr Fennell claimed the “radical approach and strategy of GARC” in recent years has “effectively brought an end to evening parades” through Ardoyne. He also warned that a more “radical approach” will now be taken towards loyal order morning parades taking place through the district. “The actions of the Parades Commission, RUC/PSNI and the loyal orders in the months ahead could lead to a long, hot, and volatile summer for all of us,” he warned. Another nationalist group alligened to $hame £ein, Crumlin and Ardoyne Residents’ Association (CARA), has been given permission to hold a small protest as the parade passes through the nationalist district on Monday. They have raised concerns about the band taking part in the parade. Meanwhile, Carrick Hill residents have met with Bishop of Down and Connor, Dr Noel Treanor and administrator of St Patrick’s, Fr Micheal Sheehan. The meeting took place in a community centre in the Carrick Hill district and residents’ spokesman Frank Dempsey described it as “friendly.” “We had a frank and open conversation and the bishop’s veiw has not changed,” he said. “Respect is the key to this and it’s only through respect and dialogue that all this will be resolved.”

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News, (for the origional story).

Frazer completes ‘charity bed push’ without a bed !

LOYALIST (half wit) flags protester Willie Frazer completed his ‘charity bed push’ yesterday – without a bed. The victims’ campaigner was joined by about 20 people as they walked through North Belfast.

Willie Frazer is a dick

Mr Frazer plans to hold illegal parades without notifying the Parades Commission. He says he has been left with no choice. The 53-year-old, who faces charges in relation to flag protests, wanted to raise funds for victims to travel to Libya as part of a legal case over the former regime’s support for the IRA. However, the commission noted that no street collection permit had been applied for by the organiser and it would therefore be illegal for money to be collected along the route. The commission banned the walk from passing Ardoyne. Instead it stopped at Hesketh Road. Police attended to ensure that the event obeyed the ruling. Mr Frazer said the bed push had been turned into a political event by the commission. “It was an opportunity for them to deal with a charity event in the right way but they didn’t do that and that’s why we didn’t bring the bed – we’ll do that when we do our walk properly,” he said. “Their mindset is that if you’re a Protestant and you have a cause, they will defy you. “We’re not going to give any more pre-warnings. There’s no point. We’re just going to turn up in places where it will be controversial.


Republicans and loyalists apply to march same contentious route

THERE have been appeals for calm after a republican band and the Royal Black Institution applied for permission to march on the same Belfast street later this month. Members of the Royal Black Institution have applied to walk past St Patricks Church and nearby nationalist district of Carrick Hill on August 25 as they make their way to south Belfast for a church service.


Up to two bands and 300 people are expected to take part. However, it has also emerged that North Belfast-based Henry Joy McCracken Flute Band has also applied to march through Carrick Hill on its way to Clifton Street Cemetery shortly after the loyal order parade. Serious violence erupted during a Royal Black Institution ‘Last Saturday’ parade past St Patrick‘s last year. Tensions in the area have been high since Shankill Road-based band Young Conway Volunteers were filmed walking in circles outside the church while playing the sectarian ‘Famine Song‘ on July 12 last year. The republican parade has been organised to commemorate United Irishman Henry Joy McCracken who was executed by British forces in 1798 and who is buried in Clifton Street Cemetery. Up to seven bands and 500 people are expected to take part in the parade which will leave Ardoyne before traveling through north Belfast to New Lodge and on to Carrick Hill. Trouble flared during a similar parade last year when around 200 loyalist protested as the republican band and supporters passed Clifton Street Orange Hall. A number of senior loyalists were pictured on the balcony of Clifton Street Orange hall as the parade passed.

Although both parades have applied to start at 2pm, organisers of the republican event say they will not leave Ardoyne until 3pm and expect those taking part in the Royal Black Institution march to have passed Clifton Street before they arrive. On the return journey the Royal Black Institution parade is expected to have passed Clifton Street and reached its end point on the Crumlin Road by 5.30pm while the republican parade will leave the cemetery at 6pm before returning along Clifton Street. Henry Joy McCracken committee member Sammy Cusick appealed for calm ahead of the parade and urged those intent on trouble to “stay away”. “We are trying to bill this as inclusive for all,” he said. “Our band is named after Henry Joy McCracken and you know he was a Presbyterian, a Protestant, who fought to break the connection with England. “We don’t want to be stoking sectarian tensions at this time and the reason we have a return parade in the evening was to take the crowd away from the area.” Mr Cusick said the band had voluntarily marched along Clifton Street playing just a single drumbeat last year and a similar gesture this year had not been ruled out. A spokesman for the Royal Black Institution said: “We will be parading to our annual church parade service which we hope causes no offence to anyone. Only hymn music will be played on the way out and back from the church service.”

With many thanks to : Connla Young, The Irish news.



Cumann Sean MacEachaidh

We appreciate how frustrating it is to witness agent provocateurs undermine a whole people and a united, successful collective peoples effort confronting an injustice and eradicating that injustice and its consequence from the lives of our young people.

We understand this frustration turns to anger in the realisation that this undermining is done solely to deconstruct good community bonds, tear them asunder and render them obsolete to protect the masters interest, and bolster the slave masters hold over the people designated slaves.

These CARA scum come from the same pool of verminous wrong that were first bred denying hunger strikers their right to life, who claimed victory in the deaths of 10 men in having one man Owen Carron elected despite always being aware of the evil they had done to ensure this path opened.

They are of the same ethos that waved flags of victory past Andersonstown Barracks on the orders of men who had just, with no authority to do so, conceded defeat and surrendered to Britain the IRA and the Republican people.

They are those who blackened and murdered their opponents and then slithered from condemnation using flags of convenience and conspirarcy theories.

Protected agent and sex offenders by destroying the names, the lives and the victims of those affected by those crimes.

These people can claim all that they can claim and sneer, and grin and smirk and take glee in how well they can use smoke and mirrors, how well they have mastered the art of deceit.

“Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don’t have brains enough to be honest.” – Benjamin Franklin

We may not have the best posters, or media team, offices, cars, PR depts. but we are the Republican people and we are an inherently honest and humble people and these tricks and that treachery as promoted by CARA this week does not and will never define us.

Continue to support the people of Ardoyne / GARC and Commit to supporting them in having the morning parade banned as well, address the deprivation imposed on working class areas to sustain British rule in Ireland, Oppose internment and do not rest until the building of suitable Leisure facilities in Ardoyne is underway.

Sinn Féin and CARA have proved their absolute disdain and disregard for the people of Ardoyne and therefore all anyone has to do is to wait until they have been exposed for their evil and abandoned by those who sent them in to undermine and absorb a peoples rights.


‘Portadown Ddistrict is in this for the long haul. We will not be deflected from seeking to achieve our objective - Darryl Hewitt.

THE Orange Order has vowed to continue weekly attempts to march down the Garvaghy Road in Portadown. Speaking at the annual Drumcree parade yesterday, District Master Darryl Hewitt said members would “not be walking away”.


The order has been banned from returning from Drumcree parish church to Carleton Street through the nationalist area since 1998. As Orangemen gathered again yesterday to hand a letter of objection to police, Mr Hewitt said they would “remain on protest”. “We attempt to complete our paraElsewhereand every Sunday, a fact that most people in the North of Ireland are not aware of,” he said. “Our resolve has not diminished over the weeks and months and no-one should be in any doubt : Portadown District is in this for the long haul. “We will not be deflected from seeking to achieve our objective.” Mr Hewitt hit out at the Parades Commission, branding it “weak”. “It is over five years since Portadown District stated that it was willing to meet the GRRC [ Garvaghy Road Residents Coalition ] with no preconditions,” he said. “We hear the great and the good saying that the Orange should sit down with residents. “That is what we have been trying to do for the past number of years.”

He also raised the issue of ‘shared space’ in Portadown, which he claimed was “only on the terms of a nationalst agenda”. The order is opposed to the spending of £5 million on the People’s Park near the Garvaghy Road to make it a shared space in the divided town. A spokesman for the residents group last night described the Drumcree parade as a “non-event”. “The reality is that the Orange Order simply refuse to allow any discussion on alternative routes and I think the big point is that the Orange Order can bring this sham fight to an end,” he said. “Less than a quarter of the entire membership of Portadown District was there on parade.” Elseware, around 5,000 people gathered in Rossonwlagh in Co Donegal on Saturday for the only Twelfth demonstration held in the Republic. Around 50 lodges from counties Donegal, Cavan, Leitrim and Monaghan took part, as well as visting Orangemen from Dublin and Wicklow, the North of Ireland and further afield. Visitors from overseas had been encourged to attend the event, which included in the tourism initiative The Gathering, which encourages those with Irish ancestry across the world to visit for a series of events through 2013.

With many thanks to : Marie Louise McCrory, The Irish News.



Carlos Jackal

THE TRUTH IS THIS,,,No doubt you the Local/General & World Wide Public will hear a lot of talk on the media outlets, & read a lot of gossip in the state run tabloids about the” ARDOYNE SHOP FRONTS” during this years Loyalist trampling season. Well for anyone who is not already aware when the UVF/UFF ~ Orange Dis~Order triumphantly march through Our Community they pass the following Homes,Doctors & Dentist Practice,Library,Credit Union, a local Bar,They also distrupt Bus Services to & from Ligoniel and direct access to the City Center,An Ambulance Station that serves Both Communities has to close, as well as the Local Shops,While during the same attack on Our Human Rights We the Greater Ardoyne Community are besieged by their Facilitators i.e Hundreds if Not thousands of Heavily Armed RUC/PSNI T.S.G’s complete with Dogs, their Armoured Jeeps/Cars Water Cannons and Helicopters all at a cost of Millions to the taxpayer on an Anual basis this waste of much needed cash for Housing, Health,Leisure facilities, Developments etc etc, So People the next time you hear some Politican or Mainstream Media Outlet using the Derogratory phrase/comment Re, “THE ARDOYNE SHOPS FRONTS” LIE, Please remember its “THE GREATER ARDOYNE COMMUNITY” their really talking about!!!

Support G.A.R.C. & the Rights of the Greater Ardoyne Community on the 12/7/13

Signed G.A.R.C. Steering Comm, 28.6.2013,


A FORMER senior Ongeman has been removed as minister of two Presbyterian churches. The Reverend Stephen Dickinson, who was minister of Cairnalbana and Glenarm in Co Atrim, was formally removed last week.


In a highly unusaul move, all of Cairnalbana’s church elders were also removed.

Mr Dickinson is a former deputy grand master and grand chaplain of the Orange Order. He left the organization in 2011, claiming it had ” betrayed its roots “. Two years earlier, he had set up the hard line independent group ‘ Orange Reformation ‘, which campaigned to ” put Protestantiim back into Orangeism “. A spokesman for the PPresbyterian Church said Rev Dickinson, was still an ordained Presbyterian minister. Rev Dickinson can remain in the manse for a time and will receive his church salary for the next 18 months. In a statement, the Presbyterian Church said : ” Ongoing disputes and the breaking down of good relationships in Cairnalbana congregation over several years have caused much annoyance, sadness and upset for all involved. ” Since the Kirk Session first asked for assistance in the autumn 2009 the Presbyterian Church in Ireland has made every effort to restore those good relationships.” The Church’s most senior body, the judicial commission, found that relationships between Rev Dickinson, the elders and congregation had not improved since 2009. The commission decided that because of poor relations within the church, Mr Dickinson could not properly perform his duties as a minister.

With many thanks to : Claire Simpson,Irish News.


” So Mr Dodds and Nelson McCauseland : ” What the fuck do you call this ? ” Are you going to condemned the exploitation of children glorifying paramilitary activities and violence on the fucking Orange side too ???

Child exploration has been happening within the Orange Order for many many years.






A SECOND nationalist residents group has lodged an application to hold a protest during a parade at a North Belfast flashpoint on Monday. Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective (GARC) want to demonstrate as up to 100 Apprentice Boys and a march past the Nationalist area.


The Crumlin and Ardoyne Residents Association has already been given permission to hold a protest numbering 100 people. GARC spokesman Dee Fennell said the ddecision on a second protest was taken after consultation with residents. ” We carried out a number of consultations and had a meeting to consider going through proper channels or just go ahead because that’s what loyalists have been doing,” he said. ” For our part, GARC remain fully committed to having dialogue with any and all the loyal orders, either face to face or through agreed intermediaries, in order that they get a representive feeling of the vast majority of Greater Ardoyne Residents – that no sectarian marches are welcome.” A spokesman for the Parades Commission said GARC’s application will be considered today.

WITH MANY THANKS TO : Connia Young, Irish News.


” Why parishioners not allowed to stand outside their own church when the leadership of the UVF can stand outside it ” ? - Frank Dempsey.

NORTH Belfast nationalists will tonight decide wwhether to defy a ban on holding a protest outside a Catholic Church during a controversial Apprentice Boys parade. People living in Carrick Hill reacted angrily after the Parades Commission restricted the location of proposed protests as marchers pass the flashpoint St Patrick‘s Church and nearby nationalist homes on Easter Monday.


Protests at a car park opposite the city centre church and at Clifton Street are limited to 30 people. A request to sstand directly outside St Patrick’s – the parish church of many of the protesters – was turned down. The commission was criticised last week for permitting Apprentice Boys to take one band and 60 members along the disputed route. Although bandsmen will be allowed to play loyalist tunes while passing Carrick Hill they will be restricted to a single drum beat when passing St Patrick’s on Donegall Street, the scene of violence surrounding parades last summer. Residents spokesman Frank Dempsey last night said his community might decide to ignore the commission both on where protets are held and the numbers taking part. Referring to previous parades pasr St Patrick’s, he asked : ” Why are parishioners not allowed to stand outside their own church when the leadership of the UVF can stand outside it ?’”


Mr Dempsey said that before coming to a decision people in the area will consider comments Cheif ConstableM Matt Baggott made during the Union Flag protests. He said ” People are asking Do we really have to go near the Parades Commission given what Matt Baggott said in January that anyone is entitled to a peaceful protest ?” ” Resident groups are abiding by determinations and the Loyal Orders don’t even consult witb the Parades Commission and then break their determinations. ” Then they are rewarded in places like Carrick Hill, Ardoyne and Short Strand.” The commission has also been criticised for allowing the Apprentice Boys to march past Ardoyne interface despite having turned down an offer to meet residents.

SDLP councillor Nichola Mallon said an ” apparent lack of consistency ” in the commission’s decisions was a sourse of frusration. It needed to explain its reasoning better, she said. ” Residents in Carrick Hill are asking me why, when the commission deemed the route past St Patrick’s controversial and reflected this in its determination on the parade, are they not allowed to peacefully protest at this spot outside the church ?” She said. Sinn Fein MLA Gerry Kelly said : ” Wwithout  dialogue from the loyal orders, with either the residents or the Parades Commission , parades should not get the go-ahead.” The commission declined to comment. Police said : ” The PSNI does not discuss operational procedures ahead of any event. However, any event will be monitored and all appropriate advice given and action taken where necessary. ” All parades and protests are policed appropriately and in accordance with Parades Commission determination.”

With many thanks to : Connia Young, Irish News.


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