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New laws attack right to free speech and political expression

A letter which appeared in yesterdays Irish News Tuesday August 26 2014, from RSF president (Republican Sinn Fein) Des Dalton.

THE announcement by the 26-county justice minister, Frances Fitzgerald, of draconian new laws marks a direct attack on the right to hold or communicate political opions and ideas as set out in the UN (United Nations) Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

England get out of Ireland now

With the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising fast approaching it is obvious that the 26-county administration is attempting to silence Irish Republicanism and to drive it underground. Such coercive methods have failed in the past as this present effort will also fail. The proposed new laws are intended to silence those who refuse to accept the normalisation of British rule in Ireland and the continued partition of our nation.10173817_594258394015459_7546701083295798279_n However, these measures can also be extended to cover all forms of political dissent, be that political, social or economic. People need to be awake to this fact and speak out now. Civil and political rights bodies need to protest against this gratuitous attack on the human rights of Irish citizens. Article 19 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.” Almost 100 years ago Padraig Mac Piarais (Patrick Perse) warned the predecessors of today’s political class: “They think they have pacified Ireland. They think that have purchased half of us and intimidated the other half. They think they have foreseen everything, think that they have provided against everything; but the fools, the fools, the fools – they have left us our Fenian dead, and while Ireland holds these graves, Ireland unfree shall never be at peace.” It is evident that the political establishment have not absorbed the lessons of history. They think that they can imprison an idea, that by locking up republicans they can suppress the desire for a free and independent Ireland. Irish republicanism has withstood centuries of repression at the hands of both the 26-county and British states. It has enjured and will continue to do so because it lives in the hearts and minds of the Irish people. Ireland unfree shall never be at peace!!!

With many thanks to: Des Dalton, Uacharan, Republican Sinn Fein (RSF), Dublin 1



COLOUR party uniforms belonging to Republican Sinn Fein (RSF) were seized during police raids in Craigavon last week.!/image/3090683238.jpg_gen/derivatives/articleImgDeriv_628px/3090683238.jpg The uniforms were due to be used during annual Easter commemoration in Lurgan this Saturday. It is understood as many as 18 uniforms were taken from a house in the Drumbeg estate on Friday. Sources say the uniforms were bought to replace two sets previously taken by the RUC/PSNI and they are regularly used during events organised by the hardline party. The same set of uniforms is believed to have been used by a guard of honour at the funeral of Co Donegal republican Joe O’Neill (pictured above) who died last year. The items recovered included trousers, jumpers, boots, scarves and berets. While it is not clear why they were seized it is understood a number of people arrested in the North Armagh area recently have been questioned about images that appeared in a calendar produced by Republican Sinn Fein. RSF spokesman Martin Duffy condemned the RUC/PSNI operation, claiming it was “heavy handed.” “This happens the same time every year when Republican Sinn Fein is holding a commemoration,” he said. “It’s just harassment to try and stop it but they won’t stop it.” Meanwhile, a shotgun was also discovered during a search of another property nearby on Friday. A 49-year-old man and 52-year-old woman arrested at the time were later released. With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News.



Wolfe Tone / Bodenstown

Wolfe Tone / Bodenstown.

Membership Application

Membership Application.

The Prison authorities’ stance on compassionate leave for Republican Prisoners must be challenged.



Statement from the Charlie Agnew Cumann, Republican Sinn Féin, Armagh City

Republican Prisoners have a long history of honouring their word when on compassionate leave. The current British administration seems intent on punishing Republican prisoners during the most difficult and vulnerable time they can go through” according to a statement from the Charlie Agnew Cumann, Republican Sinn Féin, Armagh City, on June 1, 2012.

“Republican prisoners who are currently incarcerated in Maghaberry prison are enduring the most horrendous conditions and barbarity at the hands of the British administration, propped up by all the politicos in Stormont. The prisoners have to go through invasive strip searching; controlled movement is imposed on Republican landings and free association completely removed.

“Life as a Republican prisoner is one of hardship and daily challenges. Due to the inhumane conditions, the Republican prisoners have been on a no wash protest to try and end the unacceptable conditions. Now it would seem Republican prisoners are facing the refusal of compassionate parole as a means to punish them for their political beliefs and protest.

“In January 2012, protesting POW Damien McKenna was refused compassionate parole to attend his father’s funeral with no recourse to appeal the decision. The decision was engineered to be made after 4pm which meant the High court was finished for the day meaning the prison authorities decision was final. This Machiavellian behaviour in itself is unjust and must be challenged.

“In May 2012, Political Hostage Martin Corey applied for compassionate parole only to be passed from pillar to post for two full days before a decision was made. Finally a decision to allow release for one and a half hours was given 15 minutes before the funeral was due to start for his brother who had died.

“His conditions where deplorable. He was only allowed to the funeral Mass, he arrived at 1pm and had to be back in Jail for 3pm, the jail being more than a half and hours drive, in total he was only allowed with his family to grief for a short period.

“The issue of compassionate parole is an emotive one. Republican prisoners have always honoured their word and the British state, at various times, have always denied leave as a form of punishment.

“We the Republican people must now take this issue to our hearts, we must campaign for better compassionate parole conditions for prisoners and for the refusal of compassionate parole to cease.

“Along with this we must continue in our fight to secure Political status for prisoners and demand that Political hostages Martin Corey and Marian Price are released immediately”, the statement concluded.

Wolfe Tone Commemoration

Wolfe Tone Commemoration

POSTED ON BEHALF OF : Public event · By Republican Sinn Féin


(Tiocfaidh Àr Là) ITS HERE,
Antony Mulvihill
Conspiracy theories have never been strangers to Republican circles. The most notable since the 1998 Belfast Agreement, is that so-called ‘securocrats’ are involved in a conspiracy to discredit the leadership of the Provisional movement and undermine the peace process. (1) Securocrats can be defined as “disgruntled members of the security forces who want to force Sinn Fein out of government.” (2) The securocrats allegedly pull the secret strings of Northern Ireland. “These men, skulking in corners of the army, MI5, Special Branch and the Northern Ireland Office, form… a ‘shadow government’, bent on forcing its own, reactionary agenda on the province. In this view, their driving purpose is the defeat, discrediting and humiliation of Sinn Féin and the IRA – regardless of the policy pursued by Tony Blair and his ‘official’ government in Downing Street.” (3) For example, last December the late Denis Donaldson was exposed as a British agent. He had been one of three officials charged with spying on other political parties at Stormont; the alleged ‘Stormontgate‘ plot discovered in October 2002. The Provisional leadership insisted that this was proof that the spy ring had never existed and that the whole Stormontgate affair had been set up by the securocrats. “It was a British spy ring controlled by securocrats, by people within the establishment who are hostile to the peace process” declared Martin McGuinness. (4) This is questionable. Far from launching the Stormontgate affair to give the then Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble an excuse to walk away from power-sharing with the Provisional movement, the securocrats took the view that Mr Trimble should ignore the spying scandal and stay in government.
As Ed Moloney puts it, “The Sinn Féin conspiracy theory – that the spooks are out to destroy the peace process – suffers from a fundamental flaw. Not only is it rubbish, but the exact opposite is the truth. The peace process represents the wildest fantasies of the security establishment come true and the last thing the spooks want is to see it destroyed. The peace process has enabled MI5 and the Police Service of Northern Ireland special branch to achieve something that very few if any security forces have ever accomplished: to see their enemy defanged by its own leadership and led out of violent revolutionary ways into constitutional politics and a world where the principle of consent overrides the Armalite. MI5 and the PSNI know they could never have done this themselves, that they needed people like Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness to do it for them. So why on earth would the spooks want to undermine them, to frustrate them and place obstacles in their way, as the Provo leadership claim they have consistently done – most recently with Stormontgate? To have done so would have been to act fundamentally against their own interests. It just wouldn’t make sense.” (5) Professor Paul Bew noted that “those whom Sinn Féin named as securocrats gave every sign of being inconvenienced by the Stormontgate affair. It was their job, after all, to deliver the institutions of the Good Friday agreement and to keep Mr Adams locked into the peace process. In that sense, there has been, for many years now, a profound commonality of interest between the British security establishment and Mr Adams.” (6)
This is not to say that the securocrats are nothing but “a conspiracy theory that belonged in an airport thriller rather than the real world” as some think. (7) Such elements of the British security forces exist, “but they are not in the driving seat of British security policy. Those running the show know that there is more than one way to skin a cat. They are the type of people whom the Provisional leadership was meeting behind the backs of its membership and whose overriding objective was to ensure that Provisional objectives were never secured.” (8) For example, when Chief Constable Hugh Orde alleged in December 2004 that the Provisional movement carried out the Northern Bank robbery, Martin McGuinness told a press conference that there was a political agenda by the government and “securocrats” to try to “criminalise and marginalise” his party and stop the peace process. (9) But it is not the agenda he would have us believe. “It is an agenda of bringing Sinn Fein more closely into the structure of the state. Had there have been any chance of a deal being stuck, Orde would have been under tremendous pressure to go no further than his under reported statement that a republican group was responsible for the Northern Bank heist, without specifying which.” (10) Similarly, the Provisional movement accused senior NIO official permanent secretary Pilling of running a nest of securocrats. Pilling had in fact ensured during the 1998 Belfast Agreement negotiations that prisoners would not be released in exchange for decommissioning as a means to facilitate the peace process and the Provisional’s transition into British institutions. Far from the British establishment “considering the process to be a threat to its rule in the North” or the securocrats “attempting to engineer political isolation and demonisation” of the Provisional leadership (11), we find British diplomat David Goodall claiming that everything was going almost according to plan and former MI6 director Michael Oatley expressing public admiration for the Provisional leadership. (12)
The Provisional movement also frequently allege that there is a conspiracy between the media and the securocrats, with journalists becoming a willing participant in the so-called ‘dirty war’ by spreading “misinformation” to attack Sinn Fein and the Peace Process. When the so-called ‘Stake Knife’ affair broke out in May 2003, the Provisional leadership denied everything and blamed the collusion of securocrats and ‘journocrats’. “All of these stories are coming from nameless and faceless securocrats in British intelligence” said Martin McGuinness. (13) The peace process has indeed corrupted journalism, but not in the manner alleged by McGuinness. Quite the opposite in fact. The media has been accused by award-winning journalist Ed Moloney of covering up truth to protect the peace process and being reluctant to report events unhelpful to the peace process. (14) For example, when in October 2000 the Provisional shot dead Joe O Connor in Ballymurphy, their involvement in the murder was mostly brushed under the carpet by the media. Reporters and editors sympathetic to Sinn Fein’s strategy branded journalists who asked awkward questions (such as Ed Moloney or Suzanne Breen) “JAPPS – Journalists Against the Peace Process”. It would be more accurate to say that the peace process has in fact produced Journalists Against Journalism.
The securocrat conspiracy theory may be flawed, but it brings two political benefits for the Provisional movement. First it allows to present itself nationally and internationally as a perpetual victim; which is electorally advantageous. Secondly, it allows to shift the blame for deadlocks in the peace process away from itself to ‘securocrats’, ‘malevolent blanketeers’, ‘japps’ and other ‘enemies of the peace process’. But the cost has been that crying securocrat wolf too often has ultimately undermined the credibility of the Provisional movement. Every time the Provisional leadership cries out ‘securocrat’, only the faithful believe.

NOTES(1) Roy Greenslade, The securocrats’ revenge, The Guardian, 9 October 2002. One of the only mainstream articles taking the ‘securocrat’ conspiracy theory seriously. (2) Nicholas Watt and Rosie Cowan, Special branch blamed for leaks that damage Sinn Fein, The Guardian 23 April 2002(3) Jonathan Freedland, The strange collusion between Downing Street and Sinn Fein, The Guardian, 21 December 2005 (4) Henry McDonald, 20 Years of treachery, The Observer, 18 December 2006(5) Ed Moloney, Was there a Stormontgate? The Belfast Telegraph, 21 December 2005(6) Paul Bew, Shadowy alliance haunts Stormontgate, The Yorkshire Post, 22 December 2005(7) Jonathan Freedland, op.cit.(8) Anthony McIntyre, SF – Securocrat Fantasists,/(9) Mathew Tempest, IRA blamed for £22m Belfast bank raid, The Guardian 7 January 2005(10) Anthony McIntyre, op.cit.(11) Adam O’Toole, ‘Stakeknife’ turns out to have blunt British blade, An Phoblacht/Republican News, 22 May 2003(12) David Goodall, Actually it’s all working out almost exactly to plan, Parliamentary Brief, May/June 1998, and Michael Oatley, Forget the weapons and learn to trust Sinn Fein, Sunday Times, 31 October 1999(13) Tom Happold and agencies, Adams: Scappaticci innocent until proven guilty, The Guardian, 16 May 2003(14) Henry McDonald, Reporters ‘covered up truth’ about IRA to help peace, The Obs

Republican Martin Corey From Lurgan, Co. Armagh was sentenced to Life Imprisonme…See more

[R . S . F news] Provo MLAs act as jailers

Republican Sinn Féin

IN A statement on May 25 the POW Department of Republican Sinn Féin said that the use of compassionate leave as a punishment against POLITICAL HOSTAGE Martin Corey, who is currently languishing in Maghaberry Jail with no charges against him, ws a new low even for the British and their lackeys in Stormont.

Peter Corey, Martin’s brother, died on Monday, May 21, 2012 after a battle with cancer. The prison regime refused Martin compassionate leave. One of the reasons given was their fear that Martin would abscond. Republicans have always honoured their word in regards to compassionate leave and to suggest otherwise is insulting. What is equally insulting was the suggestion by the prison service was that ‘the lives of those attending the funeral would be endangered’ should he get out for the day.

“An appeal was scheduled for the morning of the funeral – Thursday, May 24 at 9am. The High Court in Belfast refused to make a judgement; referred it back to prison service and suggested they reconsider their refusal.

“At 11.45am, 15 minutes before the funeral Mass was scheduled to begin, Martin’s solicitor was informed that leave had been granted on the condition that two British Ministers belonging to the Provisionals escort him. One other independent person was also to accompany Martin. Martin was not allowed out of the Chapel grounds, even for the burial and had to be back in Maghaberry for 3pm.

“The escort by Provisional Crown Ministers is a classic case of poacher turned gamekeeper. The sight of O’Dowd and McCartney – ex-Republicans – performing the duties of the prison service shows them to be hollow shells of their former selves, something which was not lost on the community they claim to represent.

“The Provisionals are so totally embedded in the British establishment that they were entrusted with the ‘job’ of ensuring a Republican POW returned to jail after attending a Mass. Had Martin Corey been given dignified parole he would have returned to the jail at his appointed time, a man of his word does not need jailers.

“If the Provisionals have the power to act as jailers in the name of the British government and the prison service, how come they don’t use that power to get Martin released? Or even get the inhuman conditions in the jail improved?

“The practices of the past are no longer afforded to Republican POWs, most recently POW Damien McKenna was point blank refused leave to attend his father’s funeral.

“The cat-and-mouse games of the NIO and courts in relation to compassionate leave for Republican prisoners is mental torture against people who are already going through deep grief and anguish, this practice must stop immediately.”

POSTED ON BEHALF OF : by Republican Sinn Féin on Friday, 25 May 2012 at 15:10 


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