On this day in 1976 Máire Drumm was murdered as she lay in a hospital bed

#OnThisDay in 1976 Máire Drumm was murdered. She was the vice president of the old Sinn Féin party and a Cumann na mBan volunteer.

She was jailed after she gave a speech in 1969, someone from the crowd shouted ‘Up the IRA’. She replied “Don’t shout ‘Up the IRA’, join the IRA”.
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On This Day in 1944, 800 Gypsy Children Are Gassed At Auschwitz


Remembering Óghlaigh Thomas Begley who died on this day 26 years ago on Active Service

Thomas Begley died on Active Service aged 23-years-old

Remembering Vol. Thomas Begley, 23, who died 26 years ago today when an operation to eliminate the UDA leadership went tragically wrong. The bomb he was transporting exploded prematurely, killing him along with eight civilians and a UDA terrorist.
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Remembering Óghlaigh Michael Hughes, 16-years-old murdered by the British Army 1974

Óghlaigh Michael Hughes 16-years-old

#OnThisDay in 1974 the British Army shot dead Vol. Michael Hughes, 16, in Derrybeg. Michael had seen his father gunned down by British soldiers a few years before this. They did not die for a “New Ireland” or an “Agreed Ireland”, they died for the Republic proclaimed in 1916.
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Remembering Bernard McCarron, 45, murdered on this day 1976, by UVF terrorists

#OnThisDay in 1976 the UVF murdered Bernard McCarron, 45. Bernard was an innocent civilian, the unionist terrorists heard him speaking in a Fermanagh accent which they mistook for a southern accent, so they smashed his skull in with a piece of wood and shot him twice.

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Murdered on this day Carol Ann Kelly, aged 12-years-old, 22nd May 1981

Carol Ann Kelly, murdered 22nd May 1981 (12) murdered by the British army, died three days after being shot by plastic bullet while walking along Cherry Park, Twinbrook, Belfast

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Today we remember Manus Deery on his 47th Anniversary, was aged 15-years-old when he was murdered by the British Army on 19th May 1972

47th Anniversary today of our Manus,may he be with me Ma & Da and his brothers & sister in Heaven

Happy 60th Birthday moka At last ye can rest easy , love ye xxx

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Follow these links to find out more on Manus Deery: https://seachranaidhe1.blog/2013/07/08/british-army-admits-unjustified-murder-of-manus-derry/

(2)-: http://www.colmmccarthy.com/blog/art/killed-2/

On this day…On 14th May 1978, over 1,000 people joined the Drumm family family for the unveiling of this Celtic cross at Máire Drumm’s gravesite in Milltown Cemetery, Belfast.

(Máire was assassinated by loyalist thugs while she was in Mater Hospital on 28 October 1976)

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On the 30th March 2006, the Irish Republican Socialist Party received the following statement and photograph (sent to media) from Irish National Liberation Army:

“The Derry Brigade of the Irish National Liberation Army can confirm that our volunteers were this week involved in an operation to smash a North-West based crime gang concerned with the supply and distribution of Class-A drugs. During this operation volunteers recovered a substantial amount of cocaine estimated to be worth thousands of pounds. These drugs were then handed in to a priest in St. Joseph’s parish in Galliagh last night.

“The Irish National Liberation Army view the sale and distribution of these dangerous and highly addictive drugs with serious concern and we take this opportunity to warn all others involved in this trade to come forward and make themselves available to any member of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement.

“The Irish National Liberation Army will not allow the working class people of this city to be used as cannon fodder by these criminals whose only concern is profit by whatever means available to them.”

As well as the action in Derry the Irish National Liberation Army in Strabane also disrupted a crime gang involved in the drugs trade. Another statement was received by the Irish Republican Socialist Party:

“A criminal gang operating in the North West was last night dismantled by a unit from the North-West Brigade of the Irish National Liberation Army and have been ordered to desist from all criminal activity or face a military response. This particular gang which is headed up by a well known career criminal have in the past been involved in robberies, house break-ins, assaults and have more recently moved in to the drugs trade. It came to our attention that this gang was selling drugs to children after the mother of a 15 year old school girl informed the Irish National Liberation Army that her daughter and friends of similar age were taking ecstasy tablets. Last night a number of these gang members were arrested by one of our units and confiscated almost one thousand suspected ecstasy tablets and were instructed to pass them on to Teach Na Failte representatives for destruction. Teach Na Failte have since handed these drugs over to the Drugs and Alcohol Awareness Project group in Strabane, in the presence of local press, for destruction. We would like to take this opportunity to warn those in the drug trade that they face a military response if they continue to target children in particular for drug use.”

An IRSP spokesperson responding to the latest developments congratulated the Irish National Liberation Army for their actions but cautioned that they are not a police force but will take action where necessary to protect working class communities from drugs and other forms of criminality.

With many thanks to: The History of the Irish Republican Socialist Party

On March 30th 1979, The Irish National Liberation Army struck at the very heart of British Imperialism

When they executed the right wing Tory warlord Airey Neave in a car bomb. His car exploded as he drove out of the House of Commons underground car park, in Westminster.

Mr Neave, aged 63, was one of Mrs Thatcher’s closest advisers.

With many thanks to: The History of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement

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