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Article: Stakeknife police chief emerges as surprise contender to be Met Police commissioner

Stakeknife police chief emerges as surprise contender to be Met Police commissioner https://flip.it/OaGRVe

The head of MI5 (inset) was questioned over IRA double agent code-named Stakeknife, (circled in Red) head of the IRA’s nutting squad who is being investigated for 17 murders.

Woman accused of attending New IRA leadership meetings refused bail

Soarah political wing of the New IRA 

Sharon Jordan formerly known as Mandy Duffy

A woman who allegedly attended New IRA leadership meetings to plot acts of terrorism must remain in custody, a  judge ruled on Friday.

Sharon Jordan was refused bail at Belfast Magistrates’ Court amid claims she was present at secretly recorded gatherings where dissident republicans also discussed securing foreign backing for their campaign.

Prosecution counsel argued: “Those involved in continuing violence for political ends are impermeable to change, (and) this applicant is a paradigm example of that.”

Jordan, 45, of Cappagh Road in Dungannon, Co Tyrone, is among 10 people charged as part of a major police and MI5 investigation.

Code-named Operation Arbacia, the surveillance-led offensive against New IRA activities involved bugging two suspected meetings earlier this year.

The case centres on audio and video recordings from properties in Sixmilecross and Omagh, Co Tyrone in February and July.

A previous court was told those present allegedly discussed training, finance and acquisition, along with a potential joint venture with a Middle Eastern grouping.

Defence lawyers have raised issues about entrapment and the reported role of a state agent.

Jordan faces charges of directing terrorism, belonging to a proscribed organisation, and two counts of preparation of terrorist acts.

Opposing bail, the prosecutor claimed she poses a serious risk to the public.

“The prima facie case is this was a group at the highest echelons of the IRA, who were planning, preparing and directing acts of terrorism on a substantial scale,” he said.

“Not only to do with that they see as the political situation in Northern Ireland, (but) seeking support from outside Northern Ireland in respect of that as well.”

Defence barrister Michael Forde argued that Jordan has health issues which were compounded by the tragic death of her son in Australia two years ago.

He also predicted any trial will be seriously delayed due to the number of defendants and the impact of Covid-19.

“This lady, who enjoys the presumption of innocence, would remain in custody for a very significant period of time,” Mr Forde stressed.

Bail was denied, however, due to the risks of further offences and flight.

District Judge George Conner said: “Clearly these alleged offences are of the most serious character.”

He added: “I feel, if necessary, she might flee the jurisdiction and I can also see the benefit of someone in this organisation having international contacts.”

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Alleged New IRA leaders were secretly recorded planning acts of ‘mayhem’, court hears

Police officers carry out searches last month as part of Operation Arbacia
Police officers carry out searches last month as part of Operation Arbacia
The dissident republican organisation’s most senior members also discussed training, finance, acquisition and discipline within its ranks, it was claimed.

Details emerged as bail was refused to a grandmother facing terrorist charges following a major police and MI5 investigation.

She is among 10 people charged as part of Operation Arbacia, a surveillance-led offensive targeting the terrorist grouping’s activities.

Belfast Magistrates’ Court heard evidence in the case centres on audio and video recordings from alleged gatherings at properties in Sixmilecross and Omagh in February and July.

“These meetings were of the highest echelons on the IRA,” prosecution counsel submitted.

“They (involved) two senior members of the IRA Army Council addressing members of the IRA Executive.”

Opposing McCabe’s bid to be released from custody, he claimed the risk to the public posed by those in attendance was at the highest level.

“It was a group which is intent on mayhem and serious terrorist offences, meeting to prepare, direct and discuss those offences,” the prosecutor contended.

Defence lawyers have repeatedly raised concerns over potential entrapment and the role of a special agent in the operation.

But the prosecution insisted any assertions about the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) being used to obtain authorisation were incorrect.

Defence barrister Joseph O’Keefe argued that the reported role of a state agent would expose “flaws” in the case at an early stage.

He described McCabe as a mother and grandmother with a clear record who has lived in the Lurgan area all her life.

“She should be given the benefit of the doubt and would comply with any bail conditions,” Mr O’Keefe added.

However, District Judge Peter Magill held that the alleged offences were “as serious as one can envisage”.

He pointed out the prosecution claim McCabe took a “full and active part” in terrorist discussions.

“Those matters involved the discipline, the finances and the acquisition of material by which terrorist acts can be carried out in the context of an organisation which calls itself the IRA,” Mr Magill said.

“There are indications of connections with Middle Eastern organisations also, exploration of joint ventures and exploration of attracting finance and training.

“There are also discussions in respect of discipline within the organisation (and) there are discussions of terrorist acts in furtherance of the aims of at least one Middle Eastern organisation.”

Refusing bail, he remanded McCabe in custody to appear again later this month.
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The Family of British Agent Dennis McFadden Speak Out – SAORADH


Suspected agent linked to ‘IRA’ surveillance named as Dennis McFadden

Dennis McFadden double agent and MI5 informer 

Dennis McFadden has not been seen since last week
A suspected agent believed to be central to the major MI5-led operation targeting the ‘IRA’ has been named as Dennis McFadden.

A member of the Saoradh national executive, he held the post of resource officer.

It is believed that he was also involved in financial affairs.

Originally from Scotland, he has not been seen since last week.

It is understood the contents of his home on the outskirts of Belfast were packed into a removal van on Wednesday and friends and acquaintances have been unable to contact him.

Sources say he moved into the property last year with his wife and young son.

It is believed that Mr McFadden was responsible for renting two properties in Co Tyrone used for separate meetings this year which have led to 10 arrests in a major surveillance operation targeting the ‘IRA’, also known as the ‘New IRA’.

The Irish News understands that he was also responsible for transporting some of those who attended the meetings to both properties.

It has been suggested that he has a long association with the republican movement.

Fresh concerns are said to have been raised as recently as last year.

It is said that at one point he was openly challenged, while some republicans refused to be in his company.

If is not known if the suspected agent involved in the MI5 operation was recruited as an informer and will now become an ‘assisting offender’ or was an MI5 or PSNI agent directed to infiltrate republican groups.

It is suspected he has been taken into some form of protective custody, possibly to a security facility somewhere in the north.

Mr McFadden has faced threats online since details of his alleged role began to emerge.

He was a former manager of a well known west Belfast bar and it is suggested he often travelled abroad for work.

Mr McFadden was close to several senior republicans, including Tony Catney who died in 2014, and was described by those who knew him as “personable”.

He was known to attend a large number of republican functions across Ireland on a regular basis and was also involved in other projects and campaigns.

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The house at the centre of the MI5 bugging operation

The property at Gortin, Co Tyrone

AN online booking service is believed to have been used to rent a house later bugged by MI5 as part of Operation Arbacia.

The four-bedroom property is located close to Creggan in Co Tyrone, just off the main road between Cookstown and Omagh.

Tourists visiting the rural bolthole could have no idea that it has been at the centre of one of the most significant surveillance operations targeting republicans in recent times.

Kilngate Cottage is located near the banks of the Ballinderry river and commands spectacular views of the Sperrin Mountains in the distance.

It is believed to be owned by a local family who have no connection with any illegal activity and absolutely no knowledge of either the meetings alleged to be linked to the ‘IRA’ or the associated MI5 operation.

Suspected agent Dennis McFadden is believed to have transported some of those alleged to have attended a meeting in February to the house after picking them up from a car park in Cookstown.

In the days afterwards someone identifying themselves as Dennis posted a review of the property online.

The post described the house as “exceptional”.

Images of the interior of the house in Creggan, Co Tryone

“Would definitely recommend this house.”

It took place at an isolated cottage in the foothills of the Sperrin Mountains.

The house, which sits at the end of a short country lane, was empty when visited by The Irish News at the weekend.

It is understood this property was also rented by Mr McFadden and the suspected agent was also responsible for transporting some of those alleged to be in attendance to the meeting point.

The three-bedroom bungalow and around seven acres are currently listed for sale with a local auctioneer.

It is understood the property is not locally owned and that the owner also had absolutely no knowledge of either the meeting or MI5 operation and has no connection with any illegal activity.

Local people reported an increased PSNI presence in the area in recent weeks, particularly in the immediate vicinity of the property.

One also reported an unusual incident several weeks ago when “four or five vans” were seen at the house at around 2am.

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PIRA bomber behind Falls Road blast was an RUC informer

Double agent triggered device that killed two as survivor sues Libya for supplying Semtex to the Provos

West Belfast man Gerry McGivern died in July 2014

An IRA double agent was at the centre of a notorious ‘own goal’ explosion that left two civilians dead.

Police informant Gerry McGivern — who died in exile in England — can be named as a member of the Falls Road Baths bomb team that murdered Eamon Gilroy (24), Elizabeth Hamill (60) and soldier John Howard (29) in a no-warning attack.

His name emerged after a survivor of the devastating 1988 blast lodged a High Court claim against the Libyan government for supplying the IRA with Semtex used in the west Belfast slaughter, when Muammar Gaddafi was in control of Libya.

This is the first time that a compensation case of this nature has been pursued through the Northern Ireland courts.

Victims are now questioning whether the bombing could have been avoided because of McGivern’s role as a double agent.

One told Sunday Life: “I want to know if Special Branch had prior knowledge of this attack through its agent Gerry McGivern.


Ex-IRA gunman Gerry McGivern with his unsuspecting partner Anne Mackey

“It was a massive own goal for the IRA and no one has ever been able to explain why the bomb was detonated.”

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Dozens murdered by IRA as informers listed

Records state some victims were wrongly accused 

PICTURED: some of the victims who were accused of being informers by the IRA and tortured and murdered by Stakeknife and his IRA unit.

On Monday December 30th 2019 seen the release of hundreds of previously secret British government files in Belfast and Dublin from 1996. From confidential discussions about the Drumcree crisis’s devastating impact to the ‘propaganda’ war and the private views of politicians, they shed light on key events during the Troubles and the fragile years of the emerging Peace Process. Reports by political historian Dr Éamon Phonenix and the Press Association 

A LIST of dozens of people murdered by the IRA after it accused them of “informing” to the state during the Troubles has been published.

One aged 21 years from Derry and his eyes taped closed and his hands tied behind his back. Many were dumped near the border with gunshot wounds to the head. The government named the dead as part of a draft historical argument for keeping intelligence evidence secret in the face of court proceedings. The details form part of archives disclosed by the Public Records Office of NI (Proni). A draft official submission said: “The Provisional IRA themselves have made it clear on a number that where they believe people within the organisation to be agents or informers they can expect no mercy.

The head of MI5 (inset) was questioned over IRA double agent code-named Stakeknife, (circled in Red) head of the IRA’s nutting squad who is being investigated for 17 murders.

“This usually means torture, followed by a forced confession and murder. “The corpse will then be found in a ditch, often many miles from the point of their abduction.” A sample list of alleged informers murdered by the Provisional IRA from 1978 until before the 1994 ceasefire was published in official files. In June of 1978 Daniel McErlean, aged 25, from Rasharkin in Co Antrim was found dead. His body was discovered at the border near the Co Armagh village of Jonesborough. In July 1979 Michael Kearney (20) from Belfast was found dead on the Concession Road in Clones. In February 1981 Patrick Trainer (28) pictured below, from Belfast was shot dead at Upton Cottages in Belfast.

Mr Patrick Trainer (28) who was accused of being an IRA informer and murdered by the IRA in 1981

The following year John Torbitt (28) was shot dead at his Lenadoon home in the west of the city. Two months later Seamus Morgan (24) from Dungannon in Co Tyrone was found dead in the south Armagh village of Forkhill. Patrick Scott from Twinbrook was found shot dead in an entry in west Belfast in 1982. Damian McCroy (20) was shot in the head in the Brumrallagh Estate in Strabane in Co Tyrone. Patrick Murray (30) was shot dead and his body found in an entry in West Belfast in 1986, in the shadow of Clonard monastery. Eamon Maguire (33) was from Finglas in Dublin and he was accused by republicans of being a Gardaí informer. His body was found on the main Dundalk to Castleblaney Road a quarter of a mile north of the border.

Loose-talk costs lives – Whatever you say-say nothing

John McAnulty (48) from Warrenpoint in Co Down, was abducted in the summer of 1989 from a pub in Armagh. His body was recovered in Crossmaglen in south Armagh. Rory Finnis (21) from Derry was found dead in June 1991. His hands had been tied behind his back and his eyes taped closed at Central Drive in the city’s Creggan estate. He was shot in the head.

Informers will be Executed – Informers will be Shot IRA

Thomas Oliver (33) from Riverstown in Dundalk was discovered in July 1991, days after his birthday. His body was found in a field in Belleeks, a village in Co Armagh. In the same area, on the Mountain Road, John Dignam (32) was found dead with a gunshot wound to his head on the first day of July, 1992. He was from Portadown in Co Armagh. Two other alleged informers from Portadown were found dead on the same day. Gregory Burns was aged 33. His remains were recovered on the Cullaville Road, close to the border. He was shot in the head.

The IRA Green Book

Aiden Starrs was aged 29. His body was found on the Dundalk Road in Newtownhamilton, again shot in the head. Two more, Robin Hill (22) from Coalisland in Co Tyrone and John Holmes (35) from Derry were found dead in similar circumstances before the end of 1992. In June 1993 the remains of Joseph Mulhern, pictured below, were discovered at Ballymongan in Castlederg in Co Tyrone six days before his 24th birthday. He was from Belfast.

Mr Joseph Mulhern, was executed six days before his 24th birthday for allegedly being an informer he was originally from Belfast

The security forces do not normally confirm whether or not a person was an informer. The official record said: “In a number of cases, persons murdered by the IRA have not been informers. “Furthermore, in other cases alleged informers have had to leave the North of Ireland at a moment’s notice and start a new life elsewhere, knowing that they can never return to their homes without facing the prospect of torture and murder, possibly having to cut off their links with close family members in order to avoid the risk of their new location being revealed.”

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HARDtalk – Willie Carlin – Former Spy

Former Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness seen here loading a car bomb into a car in Co Derry

Willie Carlin – Former Spy
Stephen Sackur interviews Willie Carlin, who became an undercover spy within the political wing of the IRA and has written a book exposing his secrets. How does he justify what he did?

This episode
Willie Carlin – Former Spy

Follow this link to find out more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m0009xb9?fbclid=IwAR3YFkPZ8AS4eGFpbpq1srwvW8yUg1065qsCZyRx5E3rWaQylF8UZFn2HU8


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