Zionist mural attacked in Belfast

 Graffiti treated as ‘hate crime’

Mural daubed with graffitiThe mural has been attacked before

Police are treating as a hate crime the defacement of a Belfast memorial to an Irish Zionist who fought in World War One.

The words “scum” and “Nazis” were daubed on the mural at the junction of Beverley Street and Northumberland Street.

It honours the life of Lieutenant Colonel John Henry Patterson.

He served in the British Army and commanded a volunteer force known as the Jewish Legion.

Police said the incident happened some time between Thursday evening and Friday morning and have appealed for information about the incident.

DUP MLA William Humphrey said those responsible for the graffiti were not reflective of Belfast and offered his full support to the city’s Jewish community.

“I’m appalled that sick, evil people have sprayed grossly offensive anti-Semitic graffiti on a pro-Israel mural,” he said.

“The Jewish community has and continues to make an important contribution to the religious, cultural, commercial and business life of Belfast.”

BDS anti-Israel activist denied entry to Israel at Ben Gurion airport — Behind The News

An anti-Israel activist was denied entry into the country, in the first such case since a bill was introduced to the Knesset barring anti-Israel supporters of the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement from entering Israel. According to the strategic affairs ministry, the woman, Isabel Phiri, a Malawi national, has been active since 2002 in the […]

via BDS anti-Israel activist denied entry to Israel at Ben Gurion airport — Behind The News

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Gaza – What You’re Not Being Told.

Benjamin Netnayahu has publicly asserted that Adolf Hitler had no in tention of exterminating Europe’s Jews until a Palestinian persuaded him to do it.
The Israeli Prime Minister’s attempt to whitewash Hitler and lay blame for the Holocaust at the door of Palestinians signals a major escalation of hisincitement against and demonization of the people living under his country’s military and settler-colonial.


Benjamin Netanyahu!/groups/372212356261586?view=permalink&id=531448253671328

With many thanks to: Shio Has.

Look closely at this man, his name is Yussi Elon Shahk he is a Jewish Israeli Officer, his Rank is Brigadier, and his Military Number is: Ref: 34356578765Az231434.

He was captured by the Iraqi Popular Army commanding ISIS terrorists.
Now think…. Why Israel is behind ISIS??



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David Humphreys the Zonist who attacked George Galloway!!!


His profile picture on Facebook – on the whiteboard behind him reads “I stand by Isreal and I salute the IDF (Israleli Defence Force)” !!!

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