Was Everglades bombed because it hosted PSNI recruitment meeting ?

‘It caused extensive damage. It doesn’t bear thinking about where we could be today – Derry police chief Stephen Cargin.

POLICE are investigating the possibility that Derry’s Everglades hotel was fire-bombed because it hosted an RUC/PSNI recruitment meeting.

Extensive damage was caused to the reception area of the Waterside hotel when a man claiming to be from the IRA threw an incendiary device into the foyer. Widespread smoke and water damage also affected other parts of the building. A short time later, the red Volkswagen Golf used by the bombers was found burnt out in the Glendara area of the city’s Foyle Road. No-one was injured. One of Derry’s oldest hotels, the Everglades is owned y the Hastings Group. Due to reopen this morning, it will also be the venue for the start of Derry’s Walled City Marathon tomorrow, attracting hundreds of spectators and runners. Derry police chief Stephen Cargin said the device exploded at around 2am yesterday as army technical officer was about to examine it, sending a fireball through the reception area. “It caused extensive damage to the hotel. It doesn’t bear thinking where we could be today.” Branding the bombers “cowards”, the chief superintendent said police were keeping an open mind as to who was responsible, but noted that the RUC/PSNI had held a recruitment meeting at the Everglades last week. He also paid tribute to the hotel staff who managed to evacuate all guests within 10 minutes. The guests – who included a number of people in Derry to attend a family funeral – were accommodated at the City Hotel were able to return to the Everglades to collect their belongings at lunchtime.

Everglades owner Sir William Hastings also paid tribute to his staff and management, saying that under general manager Neil Devlin they acted quickly and professionally to avert an atrocity. “This has caused real damage to the prosperity of the city from both a commercial and tourism point of view,” he added. The attack was widely condemned. Deputy First Minister Martin (J118) McGuinness said Derry was looking to the future and would not be held back by those “living in the past”. Foyle MP Mark Durkan said the people of Derry viewed viewed the bombing as an attack on the entire city. “The nature of the device and the manner of the reckless attack show that they are a threat to anyone and everyone. That is why we must be united and strong in rejecting their ways,” he said. Justice Minister David (the spineless) Ford said the bombers showed a total disregard for life, while enterprise minister Arlene Foster said the bombing could damage the positive image of Derry created by the City of Culture year. Church of Ireland Bishop of Derry and Raphoe Ken Good said: “To put the lives of employees and patrons at risk and to damage business is an attack on all our well-being.”

Derry councillor: Police must bear some of the responsibility!


DERRY councillor Gary Donnelly, pictured above, has said the RUC/PSNI must bear some of the responsibility for Thursday’s bombing of Derry’s Everglades hotel. The leading dissident republican and first past the vote in the local elections on first preferance votes said he neither condoned nor condemned the attack. Mr Donnelly said: “Where there is a violation of Irish sovereignty, attacks like this are inevitable. “The PSNI must bear some of the responsibility if they are going to use public buildings for recruiting and propaganda. That does not take away from the responsibility of the people who planted the bomb. They have a duty to ensure that the civilian population does not get caught up in it.” He said people should focus on the causes of the conflict in Ireland. Elected as an independent to the new Derry City and Strabane council, Mr Donnelly is also a prominent member of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement (32CSM). He topped the poll in the city’s Moor ward in last week’s local government election. Earlier yesterday, Friday, east Derry DUP MP, Gregory Campbell called on Mr Donnelly to join the “universal condemnation” of the Everglades attack.

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Helen Deery

Helen Deery posted to Bloody Sunday March

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Letter sent to whoever will print it.

109, Chapel Road, Derry.

And so the DerrystrokelondonderryUKfcityofculture Fleadh has been and gone. The pop up bars and pop in traders have gone back to wherever they popped from, and, with the tunes still ringing in their heads, the people of Derry have descended back down to reality. Of course The Fleadh was brilliant. There hasn’t been a bad one ever!

Comhaltas Ceoltaíri Éireann, (the Musicians Collective of Ireland) was founded in 1951, to promote and develop Irish traditional music and to bring it from the doldrums into which it had fallen, following centuries of cultural imperialism, to the modern age. Job done, without a doubt. Over the years since the first Fleadh in 1951, the festival has grown from a gathering of a few hundred enthusiasts to an international music festival ranking with the best globally. Although Comhaltas was undoubtedly the catalyst and facilitator of that process, the people who made it happen were the thousands of musicians, the parents and the teachers who have passed the tunes from generation to generation, through the centuries. Most taught without praise or payment, and they played only for the love of the music, and for the love of the country whose story it told. Our culture is central to who we are, and to where we came from. It tells our story as a nation and as a people.

We’ve been told that Comhaltas is a non-political organisation. It’s in the constitution. Those of us who objected to the Fleadh being brought to Derry as the jewel in the crown of this year-long celebration of Derry’s place within the United Kingdom (ref Act of Union 1800, amended 1922) were castigated as trying to “bring politics into it.” This is truly turning reality on its head. To have the Fleadh coming to Derry any year but this one would have been politically neutral, and would have been welcomed by all right minded people. A long overdue visit to the northern state of our national music festival. But to bring it this year, as the jewel in the crown of the UK-fest is a different matter entirely. So contentious was it that it required the distortion and subversion of the democratic processes of the organisation of Comhaltas itself in order to bring it about. The decision was imposed, over the heads of lifelong members and activists, by a virtual coup d’etat. It was just about as politically influenced a decision as it is possible to have made. Many members resigned as a direct consequence, after years of service, not only locally but regionally and nationally. One Legacy of the City of Culture year that won’t make it to the glossy brochure I’ll bet!

Like the Maoris, whose tribal leaders danced in their grass skirts for the amusement of Queen Victoria, we, or those who act on our behalf have laid our culture and history on the altar of Empire.

A couple of intrepid souls painted “UK” over the “IE” in the e-mail address on Free Derry Wall, and wrote underneath “CULTURE FOR SALE”, every night for a month. Every morning the thought police had it restored it to its former glory. Even Free Derry Wall, it seems, must be a loyal subject of Her Royal Highness. Dissention has never been less tolerated. Anyone who doesn’t fall in line is “locked in the past”, not “moving forward” a “slave of history”. Using the “D” word to name our city is like a breach of some newly introduced code of etiquette, faintly shameful, not in good taste. We have so many cool alternatives now!

To have managed to have brought Derry, the historic cradle of resistance, to this point is a remarkable achievement. That we have come through half a century of hardship and heartbreak, of imprisonment and bloodshed and the seemingly never-ending funerals, so that Derry might become a UK icon, seems surreal. In place of our proud tradition, going back through centuries, of resistance to imperialism and all that it represents, we have a celebration of our conquest and colonisation, arranged and served up on our behalf by our leaders. No wonder that many of those who walked the sad and lonely walk since 1969 are left bewildered and disillusioned.

The Fleadh was brilliant, but I’m only sayin…..

Anne Mc Closkey MB

MANUS DERRY murdered by the British army JUSTICE DENIED

Manus Derry murdered by the British army JUSTICE DENIED

Derry Doire

Neil Doyle O’Donnell


An escape route offered from ‘Derry Dole’.

Fancy uniform; sport, some adventure and a life of your own.

Just leave the love for your country and values behind.

Never a normal return to your land and add a new word to your life book, such as pariah.

Controlled leaves, precious holiday times spent in ‘Ebrington Barracks’, sometimes a laundry van for a taxi.

Live in a world controlled by racist right wing idiots, disliked: the reason that your people protested wishing for their ‘Civil Rights’.

Murdered like dogs in the street by red-capped uniformed killers from a gene pool found swilling in the bottom of a bucket of brock.

I this joke trained to fight the ‘Russian Might’, whilst a school friend Jim Wray lies dying in the street.

A best friend’s brother ‘Paddy Doherty’ shot twice in the back.

Jim, Paddy and others lie dead and dying to satisfy a ‘Vicious Tory Spleen’.

Allowing the ‘Masters of Deceit’ to quench and sup at their evil feasts as they feed scraps to the ‘Horsemen’ to fuel never ending evil deeds.

Neil D.O’Donnell.

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SHAME FEIN has said any attempt to disrupt loyal order parades in Derry will be “opposed” by the people in the city. The comments by Foyle assembly member Raymonp)Cartney came after a new umbrella group rrepresenting nationalist residents across the north said it was considering holding Union-flag-type protests at loyal order parades.


Derry is set to host the Orange Order‘s flagship Twelfth demonstration this year with up to 10,000 supporters expected to flood into the majority nationalist city for the event. Communities Against Sectarian Parades (Casp), which is not aligned to Shame Fein, was launched last week to oppose disputed marches. The group warned it may “mobilise and disrupt” loyal order parades in the city. A deal hatched with the Apprentice Boys in Derry is held up as a model for other areas to follow. Casp chairman Sean Hanna said nationalists were angered at events in the Carrick Hill district of north Belfast after last Friday’s Tour of the North during which Parades Commission determinations were broken by loyalist bands. Mr McCartny said the new group was “unelected” and “has no long-term strategy” to resolve parading disputes. “A threat to bring flag-style protests to the city will be opposed by the people of Derry who have worked hard to promote the city in a good light and will not have an agenda dictated to by people who do not have the good intentions of the city at heart,” he said.

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Derry Sceal

So a city centre initiative manager calls and waits for the RUC/PSNI to arrest 2 street drinkers as he feels they are bring down the tone of HIS UK city of Culture… Any truth in the rumour that this same individual will be supplying alcohol to the street drinkers on condition that they stay out of the city during the fleadh in a specified area behind st columbs wells? Or what about the one where during the fleadh the majority of the city’s taxi drivers may be marginalised and not allowed to earn a living as the council has a couple of taxi firms boxed off through temporary licensing laws to enable them to feather their nests at the expense of others who would be barred from operating within the boundaries.

Derry Sceal

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Linda Nash

We are among those whose family members were murdered on Bloody Sunday or who were ourselves victims of attempted murder. We have been angered, distressed and insulted to find that the installation just unveiled at Derry Guildhall includes a contribution from General Michael Jackson.

Jackson is the man who organised and orchestrated the cover-up of the Bloody Sunday killings. It was his so-called “shot-list” which was sent out around the world within hours of the massacre to libel the dead and wounded and exonerate the killers of the Parachute Regiment.

The Jackson cover-up was maintained by the British Government and the British Army for decades. We fought a long campaign to force the British authorities to admit the innocence of the victims of Bloody Sunday, a repudiation of the Widgery Tribunal and the prosecution of those responsible of the murder and attempted murder of the victims of Bloody Sunday. As a result of our campaign the British Government established ‘The Bloody Sunday Inquiry‘. The results of that inquiry met some of the demands of the families.

The evidence to the Inquiry also exposed the Jackson cover-up as a tissue of lies. We find it incredible that Jackson is now presented in Derry Guildhall as an honourable man in what is supposed to be a tribute to the dead and wounded.

We do not know who is responsible for this travesty or who sanctioned it. But we want the reference to Jackson removed without delay.

We also wish to express our concern at the references to the Bloody Sunday Inquiry as “The Saville Inquiry”. This shifts the focus away from the massacre in Rossville Street to the Inquiry into the massacre. The effect is to present British role as benign – as far from the truth as it would be possible to get.

We would like to know who designed this memorial and decided what would be included. Certainly, we were not involved.

Members of the families are also angry that no mention is made of the shadow left by The Bloody Sunday Inquiry on the memory of Gerard Donaghy – found, in contradiction of the overwhelming evidence, to have probably been carrying a nail bomb when shot down. We cannot put the Bloody Sunday killings behind us until ‘all’ the Bloody Sunday dead are vindicated. The Guildhall must acknowledge the fact that the search for the ‘full’ truth of Bloody Sunday continues.

Kate Nash

Linda Nash

Liam Wray

Joe Friel

Damien Donaghy

Micheal Bridge

Jackie O’Reilly

Mona Bradley

Linda Nash

Press Release sent to newspapers



Cumann Sean MacEachaidh

After hearing about what happened to a mother and child today in Enniskillen at the hands of the unreformed R.U.C I have been thinking of that very brave wee man and what thoughts would have been racing through his head during the assault on his mummy he was forced to witness, and the assault on himself he was forced to endure, the fears and anxieties this 10 year child has had to deal with today and will have to deal with for some time to come.

The image took me back to mobile checkpoints on Border roads more than 20 years ago, a red light out of the pitch black meant the bad men were on the road and they were going to stop and shout and scare everyone, school bags healed out, painted faces staring in, guns pointing them roaring shouting threatening, fear, terror, fear, terror, fear, terror, you would see them in the day time in the town and it was the same fear and terror as meeting them on the roads, until one day its just hate, pure hatred. Imagine your occupation is to sustain an occupation by leading innocent children to hate.

Then a memory of being placed in to the back of a land rover, your on your own, they close the doors and its just you and them for a few days of itchy blankets and soggy food but you just don’t care, you remember being afraid of them and now you see them afeared of you, their cheek and their slurs and their threats trying to hide the terror consuming their very mortal carcasses – ghosts… and around and around we go…and Ireland yet unfree

“Implement Patton” do you remember that Gerry? You fucking ball bag.

Britain out of Ireland – “Damn your Concessions England we want our Country”



Derry Doire


Father-of-seven Henry Duffy from the Creggan area of Derry was killed after being hit in the head and chest at point-blank range by plastic bullets fired by soldiers on May 22 1981.

His death came during serious rioting throughout the Bogside following the death of Derry hunger striker Patsy O’Hara.

There is no existing photo of Harry. RIP



‘While Jeremiah was at his lowest, imprisoned in a simple pit, his vision of the days ahead for the nation of Israel were both amazing and beautiful – Ian Paisley


IAN Paisley has offered succour to those denounced by Peter Robinson as “Jeremiahs” for querying his approach to a shared ffurther strategy. The former DUP leader, who as founder of the Free Presbyterian Church has wide experience of studying Old Testament prophets, offered a reminder that Jeremiah’s story was in fact one of “courage in the face of great adversity”.

“When Jeremiah was at his lowest, imprisoned in a slime pit, his vision of the days ahead for the nation of Israel were both amazing and beautiful,” he said. In a stout defence of Jeremiah against the charge of being “a person who has a gloomy attitude or one who warns about a disastrous furture”, Mr Paisley said that if he heard the phrase “noone loves a Jeremiah”, the prophet might be “tempted to take a libel case”. With the DUP refusing to extend a law to strengthen free speech into the North of Ireland, Mr Paisley continued : “But then, sure he couldn’t.”The law in this part of the UK wouldn’t allow it. It’s enough to make you weep.” Mr Paisley’s understanding of Jeremiah would seem to be at odds with the vivid picture of a “tribe of Jeremiahs” painted by Mr Robinson in the assembly on Tuesday.

The first minister was describing those who questioned the substance of the DUP and Shame Fein shared furture strategy – announced at short notice last week – and been critical of the fact that it had been unshared with other executive parties. Mr Robinson described these “Jeremiahs” as, among other things, “whited sepulchres” who were bellyaching, foot-dragging, whinging and stalling.302551_207216286003301_100001447927151_562559 But the tactic of harnessing biblical language to suggest that critics of the shared furture strategy he devolped with Shame Fein deputy first minister Martin McGuinness were doom-mongers who can see nothing positive in the process seems to have backfired on Mr Robinson. In striking such a discord note, he further dissuaded those who were already scepitical about the direction of the shared furture strategy. More embarressing for the former East Belfast MP is that the bibical references appear to have annoyed, rather than appealed to, the religious section of the DUP constituency they were directed at. For example, Mr Paisley noted that Jeremiah remained “optimistic in the midst of the most depressing times”; Mr Robinson, meanwhile, said he was “depressed listening to the tribe of Jeremiahs….”. Mr Paisley’s comments, made in his News Letter column yesterday, came after another retired Free Presbyterian minister and former DUP stalwart criticised Mr Robinson for his “wicked misuse” of Jeremiah’s name. Ivan Foster, a founder of Ulster Resistance and a former Third Force colleague of Mr Robinson, also took a swipe at the “banks of grinning DUP faces” surronding the first minister as he made his comments.

With many thanks to : William Scholes, Irish News.

Rocket accused ‘is card carrying member of SF’ – Around the Courts – Derry Journal

Rocket accused ‘is card carrying member of SF’ – Around the Courts – Derry Journal.

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