The Orange Order’s “Graduated Response” and Julie Duggan. Julie Who?

Take a look at this post… ‘Review: Arlene Foster’s GB News coverage of the Twelfth unfocused and amateurish’.

Why calling out the klan is a long overdue task – Phil Mac Giolla Bháin

A Clear Message for the Orange Order, Unionism and Loyalism – It’s Time for Change!

Welcoming the Orange Order when they march down your street right past your front door

The Orange Order is 100% Anti-Catholicism and most definitely a bitter sectarian organisation

The Orange (Unsolidarity) Order – Celebrating Gay Rights

Decision by BBC NI to axe live Twelfth parade coverage a ‘snub’ to community: Grand Orange Lodge –

Please vote its live we don’t want the Orange Order to win.


Loyalism now honouring the Vatican and the Pope

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