Trial for alleged sexual offences against child.

A 68-year-old man has been committed for trial on multiple charges involving alleged long-term sexual abuse of a female child, including rape.

Appearing for a preliminary enquiry before Dungannon Magistrate’s Court was John Francis Devlin from Canal Place, Coalisland who is accused of a total of 21 offences.

These involve two counts of rape, twelve counts of indecent assault and seven counts of sexual assault. The offences are alleged to have occurred on various dates between May 2003 and March 2011.

A prosecution lawyer told the court there is a case to answer, which was supported by District Judge John Meehan. Devlin spoke only to confirm his name and that he understood the charges. He choose not to call witnessess or give evidence on his own behalf during the short hearing. Judge Meehan set bail at £200 and ordered Devlin to appear for arraignment at Dungannon Crown Court on 7th May 2017.

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Paul Parker – Skegness — The UK & Ireland Database

December 2016 Hotelier, 57, in disgrace after admitting that he raped a child A former Skegness hotelier will be sentenced in the New Year after he admitted a charge of child rape. Paul Parker, 57, admitted three child sex offences on a boy when he appeared at Lincoln Crown Court by video link today (Monday, December […]

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December 2016 Child rapist helped by wife to prey on underage girl A child rapist was helped by his wife to prey on an underage girl via Facebook. Scott Rose, 29, carried out a serious sexual assault on the 14-year-old at his home in Dundee in July 2014. Rose then teamed up with his 23-year-old […]

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Neil McBride – County Donegal — The UK & Ireland Database

June 2014 Child abuse images offender named A 44-year-old man who pleaded guilty to being in possession of child sexual abuse images can be named publicly despite efforts by his solicitor to prevent him being identified. Judge Paul Kelly ruled Neil McBride could be named when he admitted having 43 child pornography images on his […]

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September 2016 Pervert admits taking/making indecent photos or pseudo photos of a child A man who made indecent images of a girl was caught after the pictures were discovered on a memory card he sold, a court heard. Brian Griffin, 44, appeared at Aberdeen Sheriff Court where he admitted taking or permitting to be taken or […]

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A WEST Belfast man has joined a South Armagh farmer in denying charges of addressing meetings on behalf of, and belonging to, or professing to belong to the PIRA.


The case against Padraic Conner Wilson (55), pictured above, at the top, of Hamill park, Andersontown, will be reviewed in the new year, as will that of Sean Geard Hughes (52), of Aghadavoyle Road, Jonesborough. Wilson denied four charges at his formal arraignment before Belfast Crown Court. They alleged that the two sets of offences were committed between January 1 and March 31 2005. Two of the charges accused him of having “addressed a meeting and the purpose of his address was to encourage support for a proscribed organisation, namely, the Provisional Irish Republican Army, or to futher its activities”. 1723939_737412023005241_6112010047355477069_nThe other two alleged that at the time he was either a member of the PIRA or professed to be a member. Last Tuesday his co-accused, Hughes, denied four similar charges in that he also allegedly addressed two meetings (concerning the rape of Mairia Cahill), to promote the PIRA and that he “professed to belong to a proscribed organisation, namely, the Provisional Irish Republican Army”, or actually was a member.

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Junior minister insists that she did not act improperly!!


A Shame Fein junior minister has insisted she did not act improperly by not reporting abuse claims made by Mairia Cahill.


At a debate in Stormont on Tuesday night about Ms Cahill’s claims, DUP MLA Paula Bradley said Shame Fein junior minister Jennifer McCann (pictued above) should consider her position. But Ms McCann said there was “no improper conduct in my actions” and that Ms Cahill had never indicated that she wanted her to report the allegations. Ms Cahill waived her right to anonymity last month to say that she had been raped by alleged PIRA member Martin Morris in 1997, when she was 16. She also claimed she had been questioned about the alleged abuse by an PIRA ‘kangaroo court’ that had eventually led to her being forced to face Morris. A case was brought against Morris, who denied the allegations. But all charges were dropped earlier this year after Ms Cahill withdrew her evidence. A motion put forward by the DUP called for a “full inquiry” into Ms McCann’s actions to “establish any impropriety as well as any breach of the Ministerial Code of Conduct”. Ms McCann said Ms Cahill had told her in confidence about the abuse allegations in 2005 when the pair worked togeather. But she said “at no time” did Ms Cahill suggest that she wanted Ms McCann to report the alleged abuse. 10336694_291071424388350_5804977186312060086_n-1She said she advised Ms Cahill to seek counselling and also allowed the alleged abuse victim to stay at her home one night because she was “particulary distressed and on her own”. She added: “I would not cover up or protect anyone who has been accused of rape or sexual abuse.” Ms McCann said she felt that her “credibility not only as junior minister but also in a personal sense as a woman and particularly as a mother is under attack through this disgraceful motion and what members in this chamber have said both during this debate and over the past few weeks”. But Ms Bradly claimed that Ms McCann had “failed” Ms Cahill. “She failed to properly support her, to tell the relevant people of the allegations of the abuse, and she failed herself to report the allegations in order to ensure that they could be investigated,” she said. Ms Bradley said that Ms McCann’s position was “now untenable” because as a junior minister she has responsibilites relating to historical institutional abuse and young people. Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness said Ms McCann had “acted at all times with care and compassion”. “There is absolutley  basis or substance to any suggestion that she is in breach of the Ministerial Code,” he said. HBxVEU5dIQAAx-ROe said the motion was a “wholly unjustified and unfounded attack” on Ms McCann’s “integrity and sincerity”. He also accused the DUP and the SDLP of exploting the issue “in the most crass and self-serving way”. However, SDLP MLA Dolores Kelly said: “it is Shame Fein who are politicising the debate. Mairia Cahill is the victim in this, not Martin (J118) McGuinness or Jennifer McCann.

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The hungry, adaptable Shame Fein heading for serious leverage in the Dail have to fight their way out again from under an Adams controversy!!

THE ruthlessness of republicains was there for all to see this week, as well as confusion, even concern. Those polls showing Shame Fein voters in the Republic holding up well have to outweigh a rare drop in support for the party president, Gerry (who was never in the PIRA) Adams.


Internal analysts know the damage may take a while to soak through, but the picture has a stubborn sort of smudge. Despite his storm-tossed recent past and his fantasy farther-past, the father/grandfather figure at the helm has consistently rated as well as, often better than the other Dail leaders. Now the Gerry Adams factor has become more complicated. Shame Fein is resilient, for good reason. Handling the fallout from atrocities over decades taught the fore-runners of today’s machine-minders. Rule number one is still to stay whatever needs saying. Much as other parties but with the additional element that you expected to be disbeleved, indeed scorned. Rule number two used to be to then say no more. Today’s leaders abandoned that some time back, and as a result have talked themselves into various binds. The Adams public persona stood up well to early peace processing. Bearing, gravitas, withheld personality all contributed desirable seriousness, a touch of statesman to combat the scary PIRA reputation, reassurance that whatever about bombs under roads and taped-up bodies in ditches this person had leadership quality. These past few years leave that quality a touch shorn. The flippery of social media in senior hands, the triviality of blogging, rubber ducks, teddy bears, have arguably played into the shearing as much as the tragedy and ugliness of sexual abuse, the loss of credibility involved in denying PIRA membership. But when it came to everyday dealing with people beyond ‘the base’, the Adams touch always looked stodgy at best, bogus at worst, compared to that of his fellow leader: boyish Martin (J118) McGuinness grin, etcetera. No point in the enemies of republicanism miming nausea and recalling McGuinness, ruthless PIRA-boss. Playing a regular guy worked a treat.

The North of Ireland's so-called shared furture the DUP's Finance Minister and 'Orange biggot' Simon Hamilton.

The North of Ireland’s so-called shared furture the DUP’s Finance Minister and ‘Orange biggot’ Simon Hamilton.

The ruthlessnees remains, of course. As it does in the DNA of the organisation both leaders have steered through past dual life into today’s supposed exclusive devotion to the practice of democratic politics. What a bad Adams idea that has been, the jokey repetition about an entirely unfunny outfit of ‘it hasn’t gone away you know.’ Although widened to supposedly fit just about any manifestation of republicanism, the phrase stayed freightened with old menace, yet here was someone revelling in it. Now he and they, the enterprise of his middle years, the hungry, adaptable Shame Fein heading for serious leverage in the Dail have to fight their way out again from under an Adams controversy, crude mis-speaks: self-harming? Legacy issues, he blogs, another phrase someone should take away from him, like the ducks. This time, the ‘legacy’ only dates back to 1997. The enemies help keep the Adams defence apparently united: unthinkable to give him the shove at the behest of Enda Kenny, the Sunday Independent, Micheal Martin. But this may be erosion under way, in full veiw of the unfriendly as well as the faithful. For ruthlessness this week (the second in command of the PIRA) the McGuinness contribution was hard to beat, old dog for the hard road that he is, as he suggested the time had come for the media to ‘target’ the ‘alleged perpetrator’: the unspoken part of the sentence being ‘instead of my president’. So in a second, the blameless, acquitted person, Shame Fein had originally complained on behalf of, against the wrecking ball of Mairia Cahill accusation, became a non-person, a target. The other acquittees must surely have felt a draught. Outside the fold in a trice, dumped. 1501026_514096412022597_1257752671_oHow about that. In the welter of allegation, denial, half-apology and partial admission, some may have missed this devlopment. They may also have missed the dirty fight, down at trolling level, out in Twitter and blogospheres, where some stuck with the original line by having at the ‘complainant’, by ‘liking’ and ‘re-tweeting’. Appealed to by Mairia Cahill, Mary-Lou McDonald duly denounced. But it didn’t stop. An extra problem Shame Fein has now is the speed and slippperiness of social media. No doubt they want to close this episode down, but the internet seethes away. And Mairia Cahill is her own woman. Sense of duty is a quality in ruthless people that even those who loathe their ’cause’ can admire. Behind those unreadable Adams eyes, there might even be the germ of a thought: maybe, for the cause, it’s time to go. Before push comes to shove.

With many thanks to: Fionnuala O’ Connor, The Irish News, for the origional story.

Why Did The Provos Hide Liam Adams In America?

The Broken Elbow

I have been getting some queries about an intriguing piece I wrote back in early 2010 about what was then the emerging pedophile scandal embroiling Liam Adams and his much better known older brother Gerry. It concerned a mysterious trip to the United States by Liam in 1984, clearly under circumstances where he was effectively on the run and in hiding.

Liam was sheltered in New York by the Limerick-born, Melkite priest Fr. Pat Moloney whose hostel for wayward children in lower Manhattan was also used as a waypoint on what can only be described as the IRA’s version of the old slave ‘underground railroad’, which facilitated the flight of Black fugitives from the slave states south of the Mason-Dixon line, and occasionally north of it as well. Except in the IRA’s case Fr. Moloney sheltered those fleeing the security forces in both parts of Ireland and had given refuge…

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A BELFAST man is to stand trial accused of imprisoning and repeatedly raping a schoolboy.


Richard George McKimm is also alleged to have committed a catalogue of sexual assault offences against the same victim. The 44-year-old appeared before Belfast Magistrates Court yesterday for a hearing to establish if he has a case to answer. He is charged with 12 counts of rape, four counts of false imprisonment and four charges of causing a child under 16 to engage in sexual activity. Mr McKimm, of Edenvale Crescent in East Belfast, is further accused of seven sexual assault charges and two counts of having a knife with intent to commit rape. The alleged offences were committed on dates in 2010 and 2011. During preliminary enquiry proceedings he declined to give evidence or call witnesses at this stage. District Judge Fiona Bagnall backed prosecution submissions that he has a case to answer. She ordered Mr McKimm to be returned for trial at Belfast Crown Court on a date to be fixed. The accused was released on continuing bail until that case gets under way. As part of his release conditions Mr McKimm must not have any unsupervised access with children. He is also banned from contacting the alleged victim or any witnesses.

With many thanks to: The Irish News.

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