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DUPs Willie Hay expenses fraud allegations not reason for exit as speaker – Hay

‘I just could not do the job in the way I want to do it  and my health would not allow me to do it – Willie Hay.

ALLEGATIONS of expenses fraud had nothing to do with Willie Hay’s(pictred below) exit from his role as assembly speaker, he has insisted in his first interveiw since the controversy broke.


The former DUP Foyle assembly member, who was ennobled last month as Baron Hay of Ballyore, said health concerns were the only thing behind his departure in October. Claiming he is “very, very much” out of the woods, with his angina under control with “a couple of tablets a day”, Lord Hay nevertheless said the demands of long hours as Stormont speaker were too much for him to maintain. His resignation came after revelations a BBC Spotlight programme about his expenses and an oil bill. He has since suspended a member of staff pending the outcome of a police investigation into possible fraud at his constituency office. “I stepped because of health reasons and only health reasons. I just could not do the job in the way I want to do it and my health would not allow me to do it.” Lord Hay told Radio Foyle on Friday. “I was doing 10/12 hours a day, sometimes five/six days a week, the pressure travelling, all of that. “I mean the issues that you’re dealing with on a day to day basis. “All of it builds up and I suppose from my point of veiw I probably should have been to the doctor a year before the situation got worse. 10407654_874335755919510_7530535052657499850_nThat’s were I fell down. “It’s a warning for everybody, I think especially in public life. The pressure gets so great you get so much involved in the job, that you think you can’t be done without.” The Donegal-born politician, who famously suspended Iris Robinson, wife of his party leader, from the assembly, said he had beej suffering from “small pains” in his chest for some time, but it came to a head one day when they did not abate as he was about to leave for the long commute to Stormont. “The wife said to me “I am going to phone the out of hours doctor’ and that’s what happened and then I was taken in, stayed for three or four days. (I’m) still on medication. “I’m feeling reasonably well, but I just have to be careful.” Lord Hay insisted that his conscience is clear about the expenses controversy, saying it was he who contacted police to report the irregularity. “I went to the police long before the programme went out. I made the first move. I have no regrets, none whatso-ever,” he said. There’s an ongoing police investigation but I made the first move here.”

With many thanks to: Bimpe Archer, The Irish News, for the origional story.

£600k for the North of Ireland’s MLAs to be taught how to communicate

‘I can see the benefit of these classes, but it is lot of money and you have to ask if there might be more deserving causes – Jim Allister

SNIDE remarks about Irish ‘curried yogurt’ or scandalous references about unionists could soon be consigned to the political history books (are you having a fucking laugh) with MLAs getting special lessons in learning how to communicate properly.


The new ‘politics’ classes are being funded to the tune of £600,000 by US billionaire philanthropist Chuck Feeney through his Atlantic Philanthropies organisation which has been donating money to the North of Ireland since the 1990s. Classes on offer during January and February range from ‘Politicial Leadership’ to ‘Speech Delivery and Communication’ and are being made possible thanks to the latest substantial donation from Mr Feeney, whose ancestors hail from Co Fermanagh. Delivered on behalf of the assemby ‘Politics Plus’, other topics on the MLA programme incude a master class in social media featuring sub-sections on how to protect online reputations, understanding hashtags and “actively listening to what the audience wants”. It is the second time the assembly has received money from the charity trust set up by Mr Feeney to assist “the development of political leadership” at Stormont (the House on the Hill).

The philanthropist has previously donated £400,000, with initial efforts in the North of Ireland supporting peace-making and strengthening higher education and expanding to cover programmes for ‘Ageing’, ‘Children and Youth’ and ‘Reconcilaton and Human Rights’. 10704150_903508136349483_7970856634822856009_nBut, despite the generous offer, not all potential participants appeared overly-enthusiastic. On Friday, North Antrim MLA Jim Allister said he “wouldn’t kick a gift horse in the mouth” but wounderd if the “substantial amount” could not be better spent elsewhere. “I can see the benefit of these classes, but it is a lot of money and you have to ask if there might be more deserving causes,” he said. “I haven’t realised how many there are, so I am glad they won’t be at taxpayers’ expense.” However, Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson, one of the trustees of the Northern Ireland Assembly Legislative Strengthening Trust (NIALST) which administers the programne through ‘Politics Plus’, said it was an opportunity for skills improvement. “This is an opportunity for MLAs to cover a range of subjects which in other jurisdictictions simply don’t happen, or if they do happen, they happen at the expense of public funds,” he said. It is understood the assembly will allocate around £60,000 of public money towards funding the programme.

With many thanks to: Gail Bell, The Irish News, For the origional story.

Shame Fein accused of dirty tricks

Shame Fein Deputy Leader Mary Lou McDonald forced to apologise over fake online chat

SHAME FEIN has been accused of a “dirty tricks” campaign over a fake Facebook posting that smeared a rival election candidate.


Dublin South West by-election candidate Paul Murphy has claimed a post written in his name – which suggested the Anti Austerity Alliance candidate had been dishonest about water charges – had been shared by a Shame Fein member or supporter. The page was shared on the Facebook pages of several Shame Fein members, including party vice president Mary Lou McDonald. Ms McDonald, pictured above, apolgised to Mr Murphy and denied her party had anything to do with the posting. “It was a mistake pure and simple,” she told RTE’s Week in Politics programme. On her own Facebook page, Ms McDonald wrote: “There was a screen shot of a conversation purporting to be from Paul Murphy [the Socialist Party candidate in the Dublin South West by-election] circulating on Facebook earlier this morning. I shared this picture and I accept that the contents of this image were untrue. 1555477_514088152023423_970347518_aI am happy to apologise to Paul Murphy for any offence or distress this may have caused.” The article involved a conversation between Shame Fein supporter Paul Roe and someone calling themselves Paul Murphy, using the same name and photograph as the ex-MEP. In response to a question from Mr Roe, Paul Murphy responded: “Why am I scared of Shame Fein? It’s politics Jason. I know Shame Fein may block water charges if they get elected but I’m not a member of Shame Fein so politics kicks in and I say what I have to in order to gain support. “To be honest I know I probably won’t get elected but I have to give it a good shot – you understand that yes.” The fake profile and posting have both been deleted. Shame Fein Dublin South West candidate Cathal King, who is favourite for the seat this Friday, said there was “no evidence” that anyone in the party was behind it, and, if one of them was, they should be expelled.

With many thanks to: Seanin Graham, The Irish News, for the origional story.

Willie Frazer loses his balls

Frazer may withdraw Galloway remarks

THE BIGOT AND LOYALIST campaigner Willie Frazer has said he may withdraw some remarks about Respect MP George Galloway which have become the subject of legal action.


The development came as the two parties prepare to go back to court on Friday morning. Mr Frazer also revealed he will defend himself during any future proceedings after he was turned down for legal aid. Mr Galloway went to Belfast High Court this week to seek an injunction as part of a wider claim that comments broadcast on YouTube were defamatory and put his life in danger. The Scottish-born politician claims the remarks constitute a hate speech. They were posted on the video-sharing site by Mr Frazer after the Bradford West MP spoke at the Ulster Hall in Belfast last month during an event picketed by bigoted loyalists. The court heard Mr Galloway was referred to as “being scum/a scumbag, a ‘tramp’, anti-Protestant and in support of those who behead British and American citizens”. Mr Gallowoway denies all the allegations. Mr Frazer on Thuseday night said he may withdraw the word “scumbag”. “I am not getting legal aid because the wife works and I am just a few pound over. 1524669_294094044098378_1686670901545683652_n would prefer to have legal representation but I am not going to walk away and allow this man to say what he is saying,” he said. “When he is challenged he whinges about his life being in danger.” In an affidavit lodged with the court, the MP claimed Mr Frazer used the opportunity to slander his name with a series of “vitriolic, abusive, sectarian and wholly untrue speeches”. He insisted he is “Britain’s formost opponent of Islamic extreism” and Mr Frazer’s comnents made him feel threatened and harassed. Less than a week later he was attacked in London, Mr Galloway said.

With many thanks to: Connla Young, The Irish News, for the origional story.

Adams says FG ‘Redmondites’ want 1916 ‘at same level’ as WW1 – Political News | Irish & International Politics | The Irish Times – Wed, May 21, 2014

Adams says FG ‘Redmondites’ want 1916 ‘at same level’ as WW1 – Political News | Irish & International Politics | The Irish Times – Wed, May 21, 2014.

Anticipated Adams arrest played right into the hands of $hame £ein

This letter appeared in The Irish News today Monday May 12th 2014 – from Denise Johnston, Magherafelt, Co Derry

YOU have got to hand it to them, they are good. They are very, very good. The volunteering to go to the police station to help the RUC/PSNI, the subsequent and it must be said, anticipated arrest played right into the hands of Shame Féin.


The news coverage was a gift for their European candidate Martina (Over The Top) Anderson who was constantly by McGuinness’s side as he ranted and raved about the timing of the arrest, political policing – key words to get the voters attention – and making out this was a ploy to upset Shame Fein’s election campaign. The injustice of it all. It is sure to get the voters mobilised and out to vote in support of poor Gerry. Gerry, the leader, the peacemaker, and the visionary. Yes, visionary. He could certainly envisage the events that unfolded. Gerry the leader, the voice of reason followng days of chaos, as he assured the people the peace process was safe and secure because the IRA was finished. This was in contrast to the coarseness of Bobby Storey who reminded us they haven’t gone away (you know). Gerry the peacemaker, offering to help the McConvilles in their quest for justice. Gerry the benevolent, promising to continue to support the RUC/PSNI, dispite their vindictive campaign against him. Gerry the saint will be next but I do think we’ll probably have to wait for that one. Even Joseph Goebbels would be in awe of these master propagandists. Does Martin (J118) McGuinness think we’re stupid? Does he think we can’t see through their carefully managed responses to the events of last week. Perfect timing so that they could play the old sympathy card again. They knew there wouldn’t be enough evidence to prosecute, therefore they milked it dry. The news coverage as Adams has been held for four days and four nights – if they could have made it 40 instead of four it would have been perfect. The reality is Adams is untouchable. I know it, you know it. Even the dogs on the street know it and the British Government knows because as long as the Shame Fein hierachy escape accountability so do the state forces that committed equally horrendous crimes against the Irish people, Shame Fein – Ourselves Alone. I can’t think of a more appropriate name for them as they continue to look after themselves at the expense of the real victims of the Troubles, such as the impoverished mother of 10 Jean McConville.

With many thanks to: Denise Johnston, The Irish News, For the origional letter.


Jean McConville’s son calls for independent investigation

GERRY Adams spoke of his support for the RUC/PSNI after he was released without charge after four days in custody. 10246458_278398945667888_8245468927044700187_n The former West Belfast MP criticised the timing of his arrest oveFéin e IRA murder of mother-of-ten Jean McConville Féin 972. Speaking after his release last night, Mr Adams said there was a “sustained, malicious, untruthful campaign” alleging his involvment in the killing. The widow (37) was abducted from her home in West Belfast, shot in the back of the head and secretly buried by the IRA. Mr Adams earlier exited Antrim police station through a rear exit while angry loyalist protesters staged a sit-down protest on the main road at the entratrance to the front gate. A file has now been sent to the PPS by detectives who questioned him over the murder of Mrs McConville. The move means the ultimate decision whether to charge Mr Adams with any offence will be made by North of Ireland’s Public Prosecution Service (PPS). The North of Ireland’s director of public prosecutions, Barra McGrory, is a former solicitor for Mr Adams and so will delegate a decision on the file to his deputy. Speaking at a press conference in Belfast last night, Mr Adams said police did not need to use “pernicious, coercive legislation to deal with a legacy issue”. He said police conducted 33 interviews and he has also raised complaints about the food he had been served saying he did not eat for the first few days because the food could not be digested. Meanwhile, last night, Jean McConville’s son Michael called for an independant investigation by a team from outside of the North of Ireland into his mother’s murder so no political pressure could be applied.

 The man at Adams’s side

The man scrutinising all aspects of the detention of Gerry Adams in Antrim holding centre is solicitor Seamus Collins. 1005848_612782185436367_1038563170_n He works for PJ McGrory & Co Solicitors, the West Belfast legal practice which has a long association with the Shame Fein president. The late PJ McGrory represted Mr Adams, while his son Barra continued the family’s representation of the leading republican. Barra McGrory no longer represents the Shame Fein President and is now the Director of Public Prosecutions in the North of Ireland (in other words you scratch my back and I will scratch your’s). The name of the lawyer now representing Gerry (I was never in the IRA) Adams is not commonly known outside legal circles. Described as ‘Principal’ solicitor on the firm’s website, James (Seamus) Collins works out of the Andersontown office, close to the home of Mr Adams. Mr Collins, who qualified in 1979, will have been by his client’s side during the rigours of his days in detention – with claims that Mr Adams was questioned up to 17 hours a day. “James (Seamus) Collins qualified as a solictor in 1979. He has always represented clients in personal injury cases and has an extensive knowledge and expertise in all areas of civil litigation,” the firms website states. “He has been a partner in the firm since 1990 and is certifed an Advanced Advocate by the Law Society. He also advises clients in criminal defence matters,” it adds. Mr Collins would be represting Mr Adams’ through the police interveiws – often  three to four times a day. Before each session, Mr Adams would be offered a consultation with his legal adviser on upcoming questioning by officers investigating the murder of Jean McConville. With many thanks to: The Irish News.


claim to have been sent death threats another Shame Fein propagana que they are worse than the English any thing for extra votes and too make the Shame Fein (non people’s party) who claim to be the peoples party. Is nothing other than a Shame Fein publicity stunt to gain extra votes for Shame Fein

McGuinness ‘Dark Side’ Accusation Not Spontaneous

‘It’s (the arrest) proximity to an election has clearly fuelled $hame £ein paranoia

IT WOULD be incredible to think $hame £ein had not prepared itself for Gerry (I was never in the IRA) Adams’s arrest – or at the very least the day when he was brought in for questioning over Jean McConville’s abduction and murder.


The party is adept at micro-management and clearly accustomised to dealing with controversy, so to suggest it was somehow caught on the hop by developments in recent days is unconceivable. We can therefore safely conclude there is nothing spontaneous about the Deputy First Minister Martin (J118) McGuinness’s claim that the arrest is due to a “dark side” within policing conspiring with enemies of the peace process. In all probability this line was prepared some time ago, as the spectre of the mother-of-ten’s gruesome killing has shadowed the former West Belfast MP in recent years, particularly since the RUC/PSNI acquired transcripts of the Boston College tapes. These recordings of the testimony of former IRA man and Adams’ ally Brendan Hughes form the basis of the investigation into the McConville case. Hughes named his erstwhile friend and comrade as overall commander of the IRA’s Belfast Brigade. He also claimed Mr Adams had controlled his own death squad within the IRA, known by the organisation as “The Unknowns”. According to Hughes, who died in 2008, this group was responsible for those who became known as the ‘Disappeared’, people from republican areas who were kidnapped, murdered and secretly buried by the IRA.


The likelihood of Mr Adams being sought by the RUC/PSNI increased last month when veteran republican (Gerry’s No 2) Ivor Bell was charged in connection with the 1972 abduction and killing of Jean McConville. Why the police have waited until now to arrest the Louth TD is not known but its proximity to an election has clearly fuelled $hame £ein paranioa, hence the party’s assertion that the timing is far from coincidental. Yet despite the accusations being regularly repeated – and Mr Adams’s subsequent denial of any involveement – there has been no indication that the $hame £ein leader’s alleged association with the episode has harmed his party’s political prospects. On the contrary, in the months since the RTE-BBC documentary aired, Shame Fein has continued to gain ground in the Republic, where support for the party has doubled since the last general election three years ago. The fact that somebody with such a high profile politician could be potentially be charged in connection with a murder yet not suffer adverse consequences at the polls is an illustration that Irish politics is far from normal.

With many thanks to: John Manley, Political Reporter, The Irish News.


‘They say this is ‘our first encounter with the Provisional IRA’, O Conaill and Adams sspoke, acted and presented themselves as PIRA men – Frank Steele – June 1972.

THERE’S the past and then there’s Gerry Adams’s past about which Gerry Adams has been in denial for years.


He calls for a truth commission secure in the knowledge that it will never happen and suggests he would only be able to reveal the truth about his own past in the context of such an all-embracing commission – but that will never happen because the commission will never happen. So we’ll never happen because the commission will never happen. So we’ll never know. Still keeping up? On Wednesday Adams took a step away from that wobbly position when he said he had never dissociated himself from the IRA and ‘never will’. Perhaps his shift was in response to the universal ridicule his denial of IRA membership has produced and to the resentment expressed by his former comrades and also to the difficulty he has caused to candidates in the Republic who have to defend his ridiculous denials. Adams’s problem has always been to explain what he was up to in 1972, the worst year of the Troubles. Here’s some evidence. At 3pm on June 20 1972, at the home of Colonel McCorkell in Ballyarnett near the Derry/Donegal border, two British government officials held secret three-and-a-half-hour meeting with the IRA. Who were the IRA representatives? Daithi O Conaill and none other than Gerry Adams.


One of the British representatives, Philip Woodfield from the NIO, made a report of the meeting and it is available in the British Public Records Office and on the internet and has been public knowledge for more than a decade.In the report Woodfield and his colleague Frank Steele from MI6 are quite clear they are dealing with the IRA. They would have been extremely annoyed if they hadn’t been. Why bother otherwise? They say this is ‘our first encounter with the Provisional IRA’. O Conaill and Adams spoke, acted and presented themselves as IRA men. Adams and O Conaill ‘let drop several remarks about the life of the Provisional IRA man on the run’. The release of Adams from internment was an IRA pre-condition for ceasefire talks in June 1972. We could go on to the details of the subsequent IRA meeting with northern secretary William Whitelaw which Adams attended in London on July 7 1972, along with a certain Ivor Bell, but the points made. It’s this. Why would anyone have bothered talking to Adams then or in the 1980s and 1990s if he couldn’t deliver the IRA? The IRA was an organisation which until the late 1980s gave no credence to members of Sinn Fèin unless they had been prominent members of the IRA. Ask yourself, is the IRA likely to have allowed a non-member to make representations on their behalf to the British and Irish governments? C’mon. The next questions for Adams are as follows. Since he has never dissociated himself from the IRA that means he was associated with it. What exactly was the nature of his association in 1972? Did he approve of what his associates did in 1972? Or, as Bertie Ahern said after the Northern Bank heist, ‘Does he take us all for eejits?’

With many thanks to: Brian Feeney, The Irish News.

PUP (the UVF linked political party) criticises ‘harsh’ jail terms for UVF linked loyalist rioters

A PROGRESSoriginal ist Party spokesman has criticised “harsh sentences” given to people involved in loyalist riots.


On Tuesday Belfast Recorder Judge David McFarland warned that the courts will hand out “stiffer custodial sentences” if there are further riots during this summer’s marching season. The judge jailed James Harding (30), of Lawnbrook Avenue, off the Shankill Road in West Belfast, to eight months in jail and a further eight on licence after he pleaded guilty to a single charge of riotous assembly on July 12 2013. The conviction was linked to riots on Woodvale Road and Twaddell Avenue on the Twelfth on the Twelfth of July last year after an Orange Order feeder parade was banned from returning past a flashpoint at Ardoyne shops. PUP spoksman (and UVF commander) Winston (willy winkey) Irvine, said while the party did not condone rioting “the sentances being handed out by the courts are perplaxing, especially given the minor nature of some of the offences being prosecuted”. He said the sentence handed out last Tuesday was the “latest in a line of unduly harsh sentences”. “Filling our prisons with people who are not hardened criminals is not an answer to solving inherent political failures around issues such as parading,” he said.

With many thanks to: Clare Simpson, The Irish News (for the origional story).


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