Cost of Living/Ukraine crisis isn’t for everyone!

Having just bought a fleet of 15 top-spec black Audi A6 for ministers at around €80k a pop, along with committing to around €200k a year a pop for three Garda drivers, govt is now buying a new €50m jet.

Elon Musk’s clever plan to destroy twitter and save us all

A BELFAST man denies attempting to steal a ‘Hetty’ Hoover from Tesco at Springhill in Bangor. #CourtCorner

Bob Spour Bloater SAS

Bob Spour is a former soldier, martial arts expert and high-profile bullshitter. First exposed on ARRSE by one of our Admin team who used to be on arrse waltercommando search and walt finder team before cross decking to the WMHCHQ Over the years Spour had enjoyed a life of dashing dare and praise from all […]

Bob Spour Bloater SAS

‘Embarrassing climbdown by unionists after claim that GAA tournament in Co Tyrone named after an IRA hunger striker ‘.

Burning Cash Now Cheaper Than Using Oil & Gas – Waterford Whispers News

‘Strabane incident sees woman arrested after ‘attempting to drive off in ambulance’ ‘.

UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss to say UK will ‘do everything possible to ensure Ukraine wins war’ | Politics News | Sky News

Prince Andrew tests positive for COVID, Buckingham Palace says | UK News | Sky News

I thought the 1st of April was over (is it April Fools Day)? Yeah pull the other one!

‘LOOK OUT’ another new virus alert!

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