My da’s cousin, a Catholic guilty of no crime, was killed by UDA (legal until 1992) with state collusion in 1991.

while Catholics still experience higher poverty/arrest rates, but Mick from Cork tells us the sectarian state was dismantled by mid-1970s.🙃

“The reality is that from the mid-1970s the conflict was primarily about the IRA’s attempt to violently impose a 32 county socialist Republic on the island. The sectarian state had been dismantled by then.”

Spotlight, Loan Sharks and Paramilitaries: via @bbciplayer

Bill Campbell was also leader of a UVF cell in Scotland who committed the Glasgow pub bombings in 1979, and was behind the McGurk’s bombing as he smuggled the explosives used in the bomb from Scotland this banner is allowed In scotland 😡

1/ Rejectionist Unionism is still grappling with the cold reality of modernity and loss of veto on the affairs and control of the previously subordinated minority, exposing their insatiable need to kettle & police their neighbours as enemies. The anti-GFA Dup have always been

2/ against powersharing.
Brexit offered the opportunity to turn the clock back to pre-1972 supremacist regime hegemony. It backfired spectacularly now Brexit is ravaging unionism itself.
The DUP don’t want any deal. They wanted a border!
They got one, but not the one they wanted.

3/3 The mindset has landed us all with the inevitable confirmation that bigots themselves are incapable of understanding.
That this place is a failed political backwater stewing in the stale juices of empire & sectarianism, an experiment receiving its last rights in real time.

1/ An Ombudsman’s report details how DUP-founded and set up ‘Ulster Resistance’ which then partnered with the UDA & UVF to buy guns & grenades with stolen bank robbery cash, it would lead to mass murder & mayhem across the north.

2/ ‘Journalists arrived at Ulster Hall, after hearing that the rally was being convened to mobilise what the next day’s newspapers described as a “secret army”
They were refused entry, but a young DUP press officer called Nigel Dodds emerged to hand out leaflets’

3/..but this was just the start….

4/…later to be confirmed.

5/5 Conspiracy as ‘RUC Special Branch, BA Intelligence, & MI5 Secret Service, used their combined agents within loyalism to rearm loyalist paramilitaries with weapons imported from South Africa.
At the heart of the plot was the DUP’s Ulster Resistance’

An untold part of the collusion jigsaw in Loughinisland

L.A.D & The Loyalist Lie

The Stormont Circus, LADFLEG When I first wrote this article in September 2016, I submitted it to a popular political commentary platform believing it to be worthy of consideration for sharing. I didn’t receive a response to my email but was politely told later by one of the editors that my piece was “not academic […]

L.A.D & The Loyalist Lie

IF Carlsberg done the protocol protests they probably wouldn’t ask the PSNI if loyalist paramilitaries had been involved.

Day 7 and they’re still talking about it!Winkie Irvine caught with weapons and ammunition in the boot of his car disappeared quicker…

Councillor calls for NI offensive law change over UVF and Parachute Regiment flags on sale

‘OPEN YOUR EYES’: Are loyalist paramilitaries mainly the UVF to blame for flooding the streets of Belfast with their drugs?.

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