When her husband is locking up mother’s and evicting families from their homes, Donna McCann is assaulting mother’s peacefully protesting.

Fairly sure Donna is on Facebook.

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100 years ago on 14th December, The Irish People voted for their inalienable right to Irish sovereignty.

The First Dail was set up in January 1919 it was an All-Ireland Dail. 100 years later Irish People are still being denied their right to a sovereign nation and the Republic which was proclaimed in 1916 and ratified by the people in 1918. Constance Markievicz was a founder member of Fianna Éireann, Cumann na mban and the Irish Citizens Army. Constance took Part in the Easter Rising and was arrested after the Rising and was sentenced to Death. This was commuted because of Constance being a female. She was the First Woman in the World to hold a cabinet position. She served as minister for labour from 1919 -1922. These boards are erected in Charleville Co.Cork.

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North of Ireland: levels of racism ‘should shock us to the core’ says Amnesty

Would you accept a Muslim as a relative by marriage?

Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey 2017

New figures on public attitudes reveal extent of racial prejudice in the North of Ireland.

‘This scale of racial prejudice in 2018 should shock us to our core’ – Patrick Corrigan

The North of Ireland has a huge problem with racism, Amnesty International said today, following the publication of new figures showing high levels of intolerance towards people from minority ethnic communities.

Amnesty is calling for a more robust government response to tackling racial prejudice in North of Ireland, including an independent review of the region’s equality and hate crime laws.

Figures from the Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey, published today, show that more than half of people surveyed would not willingly accept a Muslim (52%) or an Irish Traveller (56%) as a relative by way of marrying a close member of their family. Other statistics reveal that:

47% of people would not willingly accept a Muslim as a close friend;
25% of people would not willingly accept someone from an ethnic minority as a colleague at work;
47% of people think there is more racial prejudice in North of Ireland now than there was 5 years ago; only 13% of people believe racial prejudice has decreased over the period.
Patrick Corrigan, North of Ireland Programme Director for Amnesty International, said:

“These shocking figures show that the North of Ireland has a huge problem with racism. The levels of racial prejudice in our midst should serve as a wake-up call to politicians and officials charged with making the North of Ireland a better place to live for everyone.

“The fact that still in 2018 over half of the population would not willingly accept a Muslim or an Irish Traveller as a relative through marriage, or that a quarter of people would not willingly accept someone from an ethnic minority as a work colleague, should shock us to our core.

“These figures demonstrate that government in the North Ireland is utterly failing to tackle the deep-rooted racial prejudice which affects too many people here.

“Politicians and officials need to wake up to this prejudice, which makes the North Ireland a toxic place to live for too many people from minority ethnic and religious communities. We need a much more ambitious and joined-up strategy to tackle racial prejudice. That must include bringing our race equality laws into line with the rest of the UK, where the North of Ireland has fallen behind, and an improvement on prosecution and conviction rates for those responsible for race hate crimes.”

Despite these worrying findings, the survey did show strong levels of support amongst the North of Ireland public for providing protection to refugees: 64% of people think it is our duty to provide protection to refugees who are escaping persecution in their home country, while 57% agree and only 17% disagreed that people from Syria should be allowed to come to North of Ireland.

Patrick Corrigan said:

“It is clear that there is strong support among the North of Ireland public for providing asylum to those feeling war and persecution, whether in Syria or elsewhere. That is a very welcome recognition of our international human rights responsibilities and an indication that most people here have empathy and compassion for refugees. The government must build on this sentiment to create a truly welcoming a North Ireland for all.”

Amnesty is calling for the following steps in the North of Ireland:

*Race equality legislation should be strengthened to bring it into line with the UK Government’s international obligations relating to the promotion of human rights for racial minorities and other groups, and with the recommendations of international human rights monitoring bodies.

*The Department of Justice should initiate an independent review of hate crime legislation to consider the scope for improvement of current laws.

*Detailed data on hate crime and public perceptions regarding hate crime, comparable with other parts of the UK, should be collected and published.

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Asgard 1916 Society are set to host a commemorative event to remember the landing of ‘The Asgard’, a yacht owned by Erskine Childers on 26th April 1914, with 1,000 Mauser rifles and ammunition onboard.

‘The Asgard’ arrived in Ireland on 26th April 1914

The weaponry would in time be used in the Easter Rising two years later.


Subsequent and in response to the landings, which were supervised by the then Irish Volunteers and assisted by Na Fianna Éireann, the British Army killed four unarmed civilians at Bachelor’s Walk in the city. The victims will also be remembered on the day and as part of the commemoration.


Join us at the East Pier in Howth on Saturday the 22nd of July at 2pm, in tribute to those who landed the Asgard and to the victims of Bachelor’s Walk. Wreaths will be laid and guest speakers from the 1916 Societies will address the gathering. A Colour Party in period dress and Republican Flute Band will also be in attendance for what is sure to be a fitting commemoration.


Refreshments and traditional Irish music in O’Connell’s Bar at the Est. Pier Howth after the commemoration, all are welcome.


As allways this is a non-party political event and family friendly.


With many thanks to: Asgard 1916 Society Howth, Dublin.

Lecture organised by: Seán Heuston 1916 Society, this Wwdnesday 7.30pm, in the Teachers Club, Dublin.

Loughgall Ambush

This Wednesday 7.30 in the Teachers club , Dublin. A talk and Q&A on the Loughgall ambush.

Tommy McKearney will be the special guest.

With many thanks to: Pól Ó Scanaill

Sunday’s Independent Easter Commemoration Howth.

Asgard & Seán Heuston Society members lay wreath on behalf of the 1916 Societies on the grave of Óglach Jack Moore, IRA and Nelly Moore, Cumann Na mBan (Howth Branch), – at Howth.

Families of those from the Howth, Sutton and Baldoyle area who played their part in the struggle from Irish freedom gather in Howth for a wreath-laying ceremony at the graveside of Óglach Pearse McLoughlin.

Marie Drummond and Nello Waldron, daughters of Óglach Jack Moore, IRA and Nelly Moore, Cumann Na mBan (Howth Branch), also present are Pádraig Drummond, Riobeard Drummond, Nathan Drummond.

Pearse McLoughlin was a strong dedicated and disciplined Republican his entire life, having served 12 years in England as an IRA Volunteer during the 1940 and 50’s for his cause. Pearce’s family were involved in the struggle for Irish freedom from day one and were involved in the Kilcoole gunrunning of 1914.

Pearse McLoughlin was the first to reveal the role played by Howth fishermen in the Kilcoole gun-running. He wrote: “Eoin MacNeill – a prominent member of the Irish Volunteers – lived in Howth at that time and the task of collecting the arms from the yacht Chota was assigned to MacNeill to organise. MacNeill approached the owner of a local fishing boat – Peter McLoughlin – and requested his co-operation. Enthusiastic co-operation was assured by Peter, who owned a 35-foot fishing boat called the Nugget. This vessel was the first Howth fishing boat to be fitted with an engine.

“On the night the Chota was due at a pre-arranged position outside the Kish Bank, the Nugget sailed from Howth crewed by three brothers of Peter, James who was skipper, Nicholas, and William, and Michael Moore. Also on board were a number of MacNeill’s men to supervise the transfer of weapons. On the voyage to the Kish Bank, a stowaway was discovered. He was a young schoolboy whose name was Edward Moore.

“The arms were safely transferred to the Nugget by the fishermen and landed on Kilcoole Strand before dawn, where they were taken in charge by Cathal Bruagha and Sean T.O’Kelly with a unit of Volunteers. The boat was taken out to sea then and a day’s fishing was done before it returned to Howth.” 

Also, remember on the day were Óglach Jack Moore, Fianna Éireann and later IRA “H” Coy, 2nd Battallion, Dublin Brigade, and his wife Nelly Moore, Cumann Na mBan, Howth Branch.

With many thanks to: Asgard 1916 Society Howth, Dublin.


‘Twas the feast of Saint Patrick
By the dawn of the day;
The hills of Tirconnaill
Stood sombre and grey;
When the first light of morning
Illumined the sky,
Four brave Irish soldiers
Were led forth to die.

Three left their loved homes
In Kerry’s green vales,
And one came from Derry
To fight for the Gael.
But instead of true friends,
They met traitor and foe
And uncoffined were laid
In the woods of Drumboe.

Four Republican soldiers
Were dragged from their cells
Where for months they had suffered
Wild torments like hell’s.
No mercy they asked
From their pitiless foe
And no mercy was shown
by the thugs at Drumboe.

The church bells rang out
In the clear morning air
To summon the faithful
To penance and prayer,
When a crash from the woodlands
Struck terror and woe
‘Twas the death knell of Daly
Shot dead at Drumboe.

Let Tirconaill ne’er boast
Of her honour and fame;
All the waters of Finn Could not wash out her shame;
While the Finn and the Swilly
Continue to flow,
That stain will remain on
The woods of Drumboe.

With many thanks to: Sean Larkin, South Derry.

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Jim Larkin and the 1913 Lockout!.

Jim Larkin.

Dublin 10th Novermber 1915 – A serious new dispute between dockers and employers in now threating to end in renewed strike action in Dublin.

The City of Dublin Company has refused the demands of dockers for wage increases and the response from the Carters is to decline to handle material from the company’s boats.
The Employer’s Federation met to discuss the question yesterday and have recommended that the Carters be locked out.
The employment of up to 3,000 men is at issue in the dispute, with negotiations now being undertaken to seek a resolution.

A new Lockout in Dublin? A loading wharf on the Liffey. All work along the quays has stalled as a result of his new dispute.

The threatened lockout comes as reports from Amercia claim that Jim Larkin, the leading personality of the 1913 Lockout, is ‘down on his luck’. Larkin has ended up in dispute with certain sections of Irish America, leading him to be described in one paper as a ‘base, intolerant, perverted, fuming, raving, ranting hypocrite’.

With many thanks to: Gillean Robertson Miller.
http:// 1916 Easter Rising Historical Society

‘13% of people in North of Ireland want united Ireland in short to medium term’, survey suggests – BBC News

Don’t believe BBC propaganda open your eyes to the truth….

Who did they include in the interveiw?

Was it carried out in a Nationalist/Republican area or a Protestant/Loyalist area etc, etc etc…..





Sign the petition follow the link below:



SOUTH – YES = 83% – NO = 17%

NORTH – YES = 41% – NO = 59%
http:// https://m.facebook.com/dakota29#!/1MillionVoicesForIrishUnity/photos/a.150107775137705.34252.149937488488067/557010384447440/?type=3&source=48

http:// https://m.facebook.com/dakota29#!/1MillionVoicesForIrishUnity/photos/a.150107775137705.34252.149937488488067/557010384447440/?type=3&source=48


For more information click on the following link below:

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