Derry’s Bloody Sunday March January 30 2022 – Most Establishment Media Failed to Report It Accurately

Tomás Ó Flatharta

Derry’s Bloody Sunday March, January 30 2022 – the 50th Anniversary : Diarmuid Breatnach offers this very perceptive analysis :

In the morning, a couple of hundred gathered for politicians including the Taoiseach (Prime Minister of the Irish State) to attend a memorial at the massacre Monument in Derry.
In mid-afternoon, an estimated 20,000 marched in rain and wind, along the original route of the anti-internment march upon which the British Paratroopers had opened fire in 1972, fatally wounding 14 and injuring many others. Speakers at the rally at the end of the march included two of the original organisers and speakers in 1972: Eamon McCann and Bernadette Devlin (now McAlliskey).
Later, a maximum of 400 attended an event in the Derry Guildhall which figured among others artists of various…

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2 thoughts on “Derry’s Bloody Sunday March January 30 2022 – Most Establishment Media Failed to Report It Accurately”

  1. The blindly loyal and the unprincipled will scramble to exonerate the SF leadership from any blame for a) the dissolution of the original organising committee of the annual Bloody Sunday march in 2011 and b) for their boycott of all the annual marches since.

    It is disingenuous to claim that SF did not influence the dissolution of the organising committee and the call to end the annual march.

    The main reason given for that decision at the time was the recognition by the Saville Inquiry that those shot dead had not been firing at the Paratroopers (except one, whom the soldiers ‘planted’ his pockets as he was taken to the hospital) and the apology to the relatives of the murdered. It seems clear that the Saville Inquiry (founded in 1998) was part of the political price exacted by Sinn Féin as part of the Good Friday Agreement to demonstrate to their supporters that they had gained not only the freeing (on licence!) of their prisoners but also something for the wider community. But public censure or even trial of all the senior Army officers, also the ones who pulled the triggers, the Government Ministers and politicians involved in the decisions and the cover-ups of the massacre? NADA. NI HABLAR!

    If the 2017 Committee wished to fold up that was of course their choice but that left a space for those who wished to continue the annual commemoration, calling for justice and even linking it with other struggles for justice. It was no doubt distasteful to SF that a great many of the organisations and individuals attending the annual march were critical of SF and that their numbers had grown. However SF had no right whatsoever to try to impede the new committee (more genuinely independent, indeed), whispering against organisers who wished to continue (including some relatives of victims) and instructing their organisation even in the very city not to participate in the annual march.

    This year, SF politicians and supporters stood with other politicians such as the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of the Irish State, of a neo-liberal (and neo-colonial) coalition government at a minor ceremony in Derry, held early so they could scurry away from the main march a few hours later. Will the party loyal see through their blindness the direction their party leadership is heading? Or will they ignore the direction signs the party leadership has posted along the way?

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