Statement on behalf of internee Tony Taylor Roe 3 Maghaberry

This statement is in reference to the covering up of the mural on the international wall Belfast on Saturday 9th June.
I am personally calling on RNU to desist with their constant attacks on myself my campaign but most importantly my family, as it is having a detrimental effect on them in particularly.
I am also calling on them to now remove their other mural that they refer to in their statement in Ardoyne as they do not speak for me or my family and they haven’t done so for almost 2 years and they know they shouldn’t be doing so , so there is no reason for them to be campaigning in any shape or form on my behalf.
For all my friends and all who have been supporting my campaign I thank you and ask you all to continue to do so and when I get released I will be making a full statement to give clarity about all that has been going on the last two years reference my campaign and the constant attack’s on my family but I don’t intend to get into a war of words whilst I’m stuck behind a British prison wall.

Tony Taylor

With many thanks to: Free Tony Taylor for the origional posting.

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Republican Network For Unity (RNU) – National page

Republican Network for Unity statement from the Ard Comharlie regarding International Wall issue.

Over the past few months there has been a continued surge in attacks upon not only the gaza strip, but on Palestinians as a whole.

Republican Network for Unity would like to express our upmost sympathy with those who have lost their lives in these attacks and to send our support to our Palestinian comrades opposing these autroicites.

Last weekend RNU erected a board in support of the our international comrades fight and used our prime location of the Internation wall on the Falls Road in Belfast to highlight not only our support for their cause, but also a show of solidarity in their time of need.

RNU, have come under scrutiny from others regarding the placement of the boards. The board is currently covering a long standing mural of ours regarding the internment of fellow comrade Tony Taylor, and while it was never RNU’s intention to take away any support or remove the ability to highlight Tony’s internment as we have a prominent carbon copy mural supporting Tony in North Belfast beside our Na Fianna garden (pictured below).

We have erected boards over the mural rather than removing the mural itself, and while it was recommended that we move it over to the other side of the wall it would then also cover the Justice for the Craigavon 2 banner and we will not be brought to deviate over which case is more important, Tony Taylor’s or that of Brendan and JP, both cases are victims of the british state Internment. As hi lighted RNU took the decision to erect a board in support of innocent civilians being gunned down, bombed, jailed, and their homes destroyed in Palestine.

In the words of one of our Republican leaders Ernie O’Malley “if we consulted the wishes of the people, we would never have fired a shot”

In other words RNU will never be able to please everyone in what we do, but in our opinion all similar struggles of oppression deserve to be hi lighted, particularly in such a prominent location as the Internaional Wall.

Republican Network for Unity while continuing to support Irish Political Prisoners, will also continue to show support for our Palastinan comrades and urge the Irish Government to expel the Israeli ambassador from Ireland.

Statement ends, no further comment will be made on this issue.

With many thanks to: RNU leadership for the origional posting.

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