Ruth Patterson: You know Brian, who cares how would be judged, we would have done a great service to Northern Ireland and would be getting rid of these evil, devious, scum like individuals who bombed and murdered their way into government, who walk the corridors of power leaving their blood stained hand prints on everything they touch and who care not how far they go to rid my beloved Northern Ireland of all that is good and proper. Would I shed a tear, NO, would I loose a nights sleep, NO, would I really worry about what anyone else thought, NO. Simple….NS – Tuesday at 13:21


DUP councillor Ruth Patterson was last night charged with sending a grossly offensive message on Facebook. She will appear before magistrates in Belfast on Thursday. Earlier party colleagues had backed her, turning their fire on the police decision to arrest the former Belfast deputy lord mayor.

In a statement, the party accused the PSNI of carrying out a “sensationalist” arrest rather than interview Ms Patterson about her incendiary comments, by appointment. The 57-year-old was questioned by detectives as her supporters planned protests in the city. She was arrested early yesterday in connection to an investigation into “the sending of grossly offensive communications and other serious criminal offences in relation to intimidation and encouraging criminal acts,” police said. The DUP responded: “We fail to understand why the police chose to conduct a sensationalist arrest rather than contact Ruth and ask her to attend an Article 10 voluntary interview. This is a matter we will be raising with the chief constable.” And the party questioned why Sinn Fein assembly member Gerry Kelly, who attempted to stop a police Land Rover in June, was not arrested.

“If there is a legal process to be followed then we will await its outcome: others, who in the past set themselves up as judge, jury and sometimes literal executioners, should do likewise before commenting further,” the statement concluded. SO WHAT !!! A police file relating to Mr Kelly was delivered to the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) yesterday afternoon. Meanwhile, Sinn Fein representives on Belfast City Council are to bring forward a motion calling for Ms Patterson to resign her seat. It came as she received support on social media despite her initial support for an attack on a republican parade in Castlederg.Ms Patterson left Musgrave police station in Belfast at around 10.20pm. She was driven away by family members without making any comment. About 30 protesters, some drapped in the Union flag had gathered to call for her release.

With many thanks to : John Manley (Politicial Reporter), The Irish News.

Author: seachranaidhe1

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  1. Depending on the path she chooses to go home,she already knows what is ahead of her.Should she pass Tony Blair,then the Ulster Volunteer Force from Ireland are waiting for her,and this is her current path.Another path will bring her to Gerry Adams and PIRA both from Ireland,and a supergrass is following you,Catherine.Kenneth Okpeki an ex-student of the London School of Management in the UK


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