Smash Internment

Daibhead Macgowan

After speaking with Christine recently in Hydebank Gaol there are a number of outstanding issues arising from the charges and allegations brought against her. The RUC/PSNI claim to have received intelligence on Christine in relation to her alleged involvement in an incident on the M5 where a device partially exploded; a gun find in the Short Strand, East Belfast and the attack on the RUC/PSNI in Foxes Glen. It also has to be said that the grounds for Christine’s initial arrest for the alleged attempted murder of two RUC/PSNI officers on the Crumlin Road was also intelligence based.

Further to this, during interviews in Antrim, detectives presented their surveillance evidence, including an audio recording, the transcript of which was read out to Christine and her solicitor. Police allege that in this recording the female is Christine Connor and claim that she is discussing the transportation of explosives and the planning of attacks on security personnel in Ireland and England. It has to be asked where and when it had been recorded and as to why it had been recorded. There is no visual, merely an audio and the RUC/PSNI claim to be unable to identify the others present but have bizarrely been able to determine that the female is Christine, without a voice analysis expert and further to this interpreted the conversation as a “terrorist meeting”.

Christine has been informed that the Preparation of Terrorist Acts charges is in relation to incidents on the 15th, 16th and the 28th of May 2013. On the 15th Of May, RUC/PSNI state that there was an aborted operation planned against New Barnsley police station in West Belfast. In the early hours of the 16th of May the RUC/PSNI allege to have received multiple 999 calls from residents in the Ligoneil area of North Belfast, who reported hearing two gun shots and three explosions. On the 28th of May an attack on the RUC/PSNI took place on the Crumlin road in North Belfast which pipe bombs had landed just yards from two RUC/PSNI personnel.

There is no doubting to those that know Christine that as an activist she was very determined and vocal, attributes that subsequently brought her on the radar of the British intelligence services. It has also came to light that there is an investigation under way by the Police Ombudsman as to the way in which Christine was treated in Antrim whilst in Police Custody. Christine has at all times refused to engage with her interrogators and has continued to maintain a dignified silence. She intends to beat these malicious charges .

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