Linda Nash

We are among those whose family members were murdered on Bloody Sunday or who were ourselves victims of attempted murder. We have been angered, distressed and insulted to find that the installation just unveiled at Derry Guildhall includes a contribution from General Michael Jackson.

Jackson is the man who organised and orchestrated the cover-up of the Bloody Sunday killings. It was his so-called “shot-list” which was sent out around the world within hours of the massacre to libel the dead and wounded and exonerate the killers of the Parachute Regiment.

The Jackson cover-up was maintained by the British Government and the British Army for decades. We fought a long campaign to force the British authorities to admit the innocence of the victims of Bloody Sunday, a repudiation of the Widgery Tribunal and the prosecution of those responsible of the murder and attempted murder of the victims of Bloody Sunday. As a result of our campaign the British Government established ‘The Bloody Sunday Inquiry‘. The results of that inquiry met some of the demands of the families.

The evidence to the Inquiry also exposed the Jackson cover-up as a tissue of lies. We find it incredible that Jackson is now presented in Derry Guildhall as an honourable man in what is supposed to be a tribute to the dead and wounded.

We do not know who is responsible for this travesty or who sanctioned it. But we want the reference to Jackson removed without delay.

We also wish to express our concern at the references to the Bloody Sunday Inquiry as “The Saville Inquiry”. This shifts the focus away from the massacre in Rossville Street to the Inquiry into the massacre. The effect is to present British role as benign – as far from the truth as it would be possible to get.

We would like to know who designed this memorial and decided what would be included. Certainly, we were not involved.

Members of the families are also angry that no mention is made of the shadow left by The Bloody Sunday Inquiry on the memory of Gerard Donaghy – found, in contradiction of the overwhelming evidence, to have probably been carrying a nail bomb when shot down. We cannot put the Bloody Sunday killings behind us until ‘all’ the Bloody Sunday dead are vindicated. The Guildhall must acknowledge the fact that the search for the ‘full’ truth of Bloody Sunday continues.

Kate Nash

Linda Nash

Liam Wray

Joe Friel

Damien Donaghy

Micheal Bridge

Jackie O’Reilly

Mona Bradley

Linda Nash

Press Release sent to newspapers

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