Now rebel thugs issue death threats to wives and children.

A REPUBLICAN terror gang has issued death threats against 12 alleged drug dealers and their families. The threats set a new precedent for republican pparamilitaries who consider themselves ‘anti-drugs’.


When it comes to attacking so-called suspected ‘dealers’ dissidents aren’t prepared to just stop there. Instead , they’re now targeting their victims’ familes as well, telling them to pack up and leave the country – immediately. Victims campaigner Raymond McCord, this week told the Sunday World that he had been given a cheap model pay-as-you-go mobile phone – which was wrapped in cling film to protect fingerprints – at a drop point by republican paramilitaries. On the phone, which was otherwise blank, was a text message with a list of 12 names on it. The paramilitaries told Mr McCord that the 12 people were drug dealers who had to leave the country with their families immediately or face being shot. Mr McCord explained : “I have received threats in the past naming alleged drug dealers. However, the most sinister element surrounding these new threats is that these people are not just targeting the people who they claim are involved in drugs, but they are also targeting their families.”


He added : “That includes wives and children who are being forced to serve exile under threat from republican paramilitaries. This is one of the most serious developments in the whole scenario that I’ve come across. “They’re not even giving them 24 hours. According to the group, the 12 people on the list and their families must leave the country immediately.” Upon receiving the names on the mobile phone and the names, Mr McCord told the group that he was obliged to turn the names of those on the phone over to the police. “Because of this I felt duty bound to pass this information to the police and I’ve made those who passed on the names aware that I was going to do so, even though they didn’t want to say which Republican group they represent.” Mr McCord also says he knows some of the people on the list and he is sure they are not involved in drugs dealing. In the past, republican paramilitaries have been ruthless in their vigilante pursuit of people who they regard as drug dealers. In 2012 they murdered Derry man Andrew Allen who’d been put out of Derry by dissident republicans the previous day. He was killed at his rented house in Links View Park, Buncrana, Co Donegal on February 9 last year. A gang of men attempted to break down his front door before shooting Andrew through a widow. In October of last year the Sunday World reported that Andrew’s murder may have been the result of a personal vendetta of a member of republican pparamilitary group Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD) because of a love triangle and not drugs related at all. In 2010 the Real IRA killed 31-year-old Korean Doherty. The Derry man’s bound and bloodied body was found at the side of a remote country road.


They claimed Kieran was a drugs dealer. At the time they said : “We executed him because he was involved with a criminal organisation with links to the drugs trade and was profiteering. He knew the risks involved in what he was doing.” In an interview with the Sunday World after his murder Kieran’s family vehemently denied he had anything to do with the drugs trade.

With many thanks to : Sunday World.

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