STORMONT DUP Minister Nelson ‘ No Balls ‘ McCausland, today stands accused of having no guts. Two weeks ago the Sunday World  reported how he posted a loyaasked skening the name of the Sunday World and the journalists who work there.

Minister for Social Development Nelson McCausl...
Minister for Social Development Nelson McCausland MLA speaking at the panel discussion on the future of housing in Northern Ireland (Photo credit: Northern Ireland Executive)

That came less than 24 hours after the Pubic Prosecution Service announced that charges were dropped against the main LVF drugs dealing suspects in the ‘ Black Friday ‘ murder of our reporter Martin O’Hagan, inset,

Picture of Martin O'Hagan, a journalist murder...
Picture of Martin O’Hagan, a journalist murdered in Northern Ireland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

on September 28, 2001. But rather than back us in our quest for justice for Martin, McCausland chose instead to blacken his name. And McCausland didn’t even have the balls to contact the Sunday World. And it got even worse yesterday – when the UVF hijacked his blog and printed it in full in their poison pen magazine ‘ The Purple Standard ‘, formerly known as ‘ Combat ‘ when the ganster thugs were waging their terror war assisted with members of the security forces in the North of Ireland.

Social Development Minister McCausland should have had more to do with his time. This country is on the cusp of a triple recession – with he and his Ministerial colleagues at Stormont being seen to sit on their hands and doing nothing about more people being plunged into poverty through unemployment. But iinstead, McCausland found time to sit down on a Saturday and post his lengthly blog demon using the deceased Martin O’Hagan, and the people who still work for the Sunday World. This also comes 24 hours after the Irish News critised Mr McCausland in their paper allegedly accusing him of being motivated by sectarianism.


Imagine if a Minister in the Dublin Cabinet of Dail Eireann had done the same about the murder of another investigative journalist, Veronica Guerin. There would have been a public outcry. And rightly so. But then, Stormont Minister McCausland didn’t even have the balls to phone the Sunday World and tell them how he was sullying Martin’s name, and of the other journalists who work for them, on his blog. We discovered yesterday that the ganster gang – none of whom have ever been convicted for the blatant broad daylight murder of Bobby Moffett – had ‘ lifted ‘ and used the blog of ‘ No Balls ‘ to attack the SundayWorld, again, in their poison pen mouth-piece, the so-called ‘ Purple Standard ‘ magazine and again attack the Sunday World and its staff with all of the implied threat that carries. And still, when the Sunday World went looking for Minister McCausland yesterday, they could only get to him through a third party. He knew they wanted to talk with him. But again, he hadn’t the balls to talk to them directly : to lift the phone to speak with Mr Jim McDowall editor of the Sunday Wworld,  who remembers and has reported him as a Belfast City Councillor before he switched party allegiances more times than Rory McIlory has clubs in his bag. But, to be fair to him, through the third party, he denied that he had given permission to the UVF to lift his anti – Sunday World blog. In fact, again through that third party, he said he had not even known about the Purple Standard ‘ lift ‘. And he’s supposed to be a Stormont Government Minister with a legion of highly paid Press Office staff  around him !

As it is, let’s just remind Minister McCausland of a few facts which are the balls in our courts. It is not the first time McCausland has by-balled – literally – the Sunday World. During the summer, when he was confronted by the Deputy Editor of the Sunday World Richard Sullivan during one of the contentious Orange marches passing St. Patrick’s Church in Belfast, he waved Richard away. He told him: ” II’m not talking to the Sunday World.” Minister McCausland was on the streets that day as an ‘ observer ‘ or so we are led to be leave ‘ anyhow ‘. Now, the Sunday World are not saying that this Minister who originally described the Union Flag protests as ‘ legitmate ‘ acts of civil disobedience – protests which have put bussiness to the wall and which have seen so-called loyalist  attack the PSNI on our streets try to murder a female PSNI officer in her line of duty – equated the murder of Martin O’Hagan, a decent family man who exposed crime and corruption no matter where it came from and learned from his past,  with anyone else. But he had absolutely no reason to post his blog in the first place when he should have, morally and professionally, better Ministerial duties to perform. And when he posted that deploreable and mistimed blog, and it was hijacked by the UVF with all its inherent threat to the Sunday World and its staff, he should at least have had the balls to contact them. Now, he should have the balls to RESIGN. Because whatever he is, he can no longer be regarded as an impartial and objective Minister of this State he has shown his true colours. Another thing. When the UVF purloined McCausland’s blog to run in their poison pen rag, they a sked at the end : ” This peice [McCausland rant] poses the question, exactly on which side does the Sunday World stand ?” Thats simple. On the side of law and order. On the side of the decent ordinary people who want the monkeys off their backs. And on the side of everyone in this country who simply want the ganster thugs – be they UVF, IRA, UDA, INLA, REAL IRA – to go away. Once and for all.


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