~PLEASE PRAY 4~ 11yrOld CHRIS was cancer free for years but it has come back & he is starting chemo

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  • EDDIE ♥
  • SARA Brain cancer♥
  • Lou Montini  in lot of pain, needs knee surgery but health fragile♥ 
  •  4yr old AMY F pneumonia♥
  • ELSIE M needs thyroid removed♥
  • ROMEO PALMERO recovery♥
  • DOMINIC diabetic♥
  • MARIANNE recovery from surgery on lymph nodes & God‘s Will re the biopsy♥ 
  • THE CARAAN family♥
  • MARTHA 73yrs old, hand surgery due to cat bite♥
  • THE SIOBHAN family♥
  • RYAN inoperable brain tumor, having seizures♥
  • RUDY has Leukemia and the dr says there is no hope♥
  • RUDY leukemia, drs say there is no hope♥
  • MARGARET H math exams june 11+15♥
  • Cathrine epileptic seizures♥
  • JENNY stress & health issues & her mom & grandmother health issues♥
  • Elizabeth Ashibuogwu 4 healing on her waist & legs♥
  • marlo, dindo, joseph, cristito & margie g.♥
  • contined recovery 4 LEE ANN from blood clot to brain♥
  • SEVERINE that she leave bad habbits behind & follow Christ, 4 her parents health, her 9 month old dgtr SIYONA, & 4yrOld SON STENVAR CANT SEE, understand or speak Lord help his parents get the help he needs so he can live normal life, ROSHAN+NELSON, Juze, Siona, Bena, Francis, Natalin, Edwin, Manuel, Ludina,SrPriya,SrGemma, Daisy, Valina, ,Bubble, ♥JOE & daughter SERENA nightmares♥
  • MK depression after death of mom♥
  • Safe delivery of JORDAN ALLANS child♥
  • ANGELA emotional healing after miscarriage ♥
  • IVAH depression & healing of her family tree ♥♥
  • CAROLYN financial & family matters♥
  • BOB, JEREMY,COLLEEN, CONNIE,JANINE, JOSEPH, STEVIE addictions (that they get help)
  • Children being bullied & the bullies♥
  • LISA healing from 1st mastectomy, & constant sickness. she still needs another mastectomy ♥
  • PAULINE, MARIA, CHE, MICHELE depression♥
  •  MARTINA needs LungTransplant♥
  • FRANK PISANI parkinsons disease♥
  • ROCKYparkinsons+dialysis &ROSE mental illness♥
  • CORCILLO family♥
  • FINN family♥
  • FERNANDES family♥
  • FORMICA family♥
  • GRASSO family♥
  • HANSEN family♥
  • MIKTUS family♥
  • TABBIA family♥
  • TELLINI family♥
  • Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them”
  •  MARIA healing of concusion & other injuries from car accident♥
  • FOSTER CHILDREN to get the care they need♥
  • PREGNANT WOMEN 2 have healthyPregnancy & safe delivery 
  • STUDENTS to do well in their finals exams
  • Tracy neck & head pain
  • Br Francis Kay that he can continue his studies if it is the will of God
  • The young men @ The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate of Zimbambwe 
  • LOUIS VILLASANA 4 succesful entry on May 31 into the Benedictines in the Philippines♥
  • 18 yr old ASHLEE stage 2 cancer on spine, surgery in a couple of weeks then chemo♥
  • CHARITY LESA writing final exams
  • Don liver and kidney cancer started chemo
  • Ryan inoperable brain cancer
  • Thelma Moss still recovering from a broken hip and injured knee on other leg♥
  • PETE bone cancer
  • Dale bile duct cancer
  • Denise brain tumor
  • Elizabeth Ashibuogwu 4 healin on her waist & legs
  • Douglas and Jeanne Robertson health problems
  • Pat chemo 4 breast cancer
  • Mary Sue & Mom rehab after near fatal car accident
  • LIZ guidance♥
  • MARYANNE hospitalized after falling down flight of steps♥

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