Cllr Brush Scrapes the Bottom of the Unionist Barrel


In his recent statement published on Sunday 8th April 2012, Cllr Brush (DUP) has found it necessary to scrape through the bottom of the Unionist barrel within which lies their biggoted, sectarian hatred of the Good Friday Agreement, the peace process and the power sharing Assembly at Stormont in yet another attempt to discredit the Free Gerry McGeough campaign. He misrepresents not only what the campaign is asking for, but also what Éamon ÓCuiv stated. Brush states that “supporting calls for McGeough’s release are sending the wrong message to would-be terrorists”. The campaign message is that the Good Friday Agreement and the associated Weston Park Accord (2001) should be implemented in full without exception and that Gerry McGeough be released immediately. Had these peace agreements been implemented as agreed between the Irish and British Governments in 2001, Gerry McGeough would never have been pursued, sentenced or incarcerated. The British Government acted in bad faith against the democractic wishes of those who voted in favour of peace and those within Unionism ensured that full advantage was taken of a situation which left paragraph 20 of the Weston Park Accord in abeyance. Éamon Ó’Cuiv, referring to full implementation of the Weston Park Accord stated that “We believe it is within the power of the British Authorites to do this. In this way, instead of creating a distrust of politics and destabilising the Peace Process we will strengthen it and show all of our yound people that the way forward is peace and justice and honour”. How can Cllr Brush, if he was to represent the views of Mr Ó’Cuiv and the campaign correctly and with honesty, claim that we encourage dissident Republicans. Mr Ó’Cuiv is among many other high-profile figures calling for Gerry McGoeugh’s release because they can see clearly the injustice of Gerry’s incarceration and how this injustice is damaging the peace process. “No sign of those bleeding hearts for 30 years as far as my situation was concerned” states Cllr Brush. Following his opening remarks, Mr Ó’Cuiv then stated “I would like to commiserate with all those who suffered or were injured during the troubles. To the families of those who died also my commiserations”. Do you Mr Brush have the courage to commiserate with the Nationlist/Republican families who suffered at the hands of your own regiment, the UDR, previously known as the B Specials? Is political revenge and vindictiveness all you have to offer to the peace process? Cllr Brush also whinges about “A serious amount of money has been wasted…what he (Gerry) has done is abuse the system of legal aid”. Cllr Brush, Lord/MLA/Councillor Maurice Morrow and their DUP colleagues relentlessly pursued Gerry McGoeugh until he was brought before a Diplock Court. Gerry has a right to a defence. He has a right to apply for legal aid. He appiled and legal aid was granted. Now they attempt to manipulate the legal aid system to deny Gerry the right to a defence. Had Cllr Brush and his colleagues acted in the spirit of the Good Friday Agreement from which they themselves benefit and in the spirit of reconciliation, not a penny of taxpayers money would have been spent.

POSTED ON BEHALF OF : Helen McClafferty


Author: seachranaidhe1

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