GERRY MCGEOUGH CALLS SINN FEIN LEADERSHIP’S SILENCE ‘A DISGRACE’ A delegation from Sinn Fein met with all the groups in Maghaberry the other day, including independent republican Gerry McGeough. In an ‘extremely robust exchange’ meeting, Gerry strongly criticized the Sinn Fein leadership on their shameful silence reg…arding his situation and accused them of ‘sacrificing him in the interest of their cozy relationship with the DUP’. Gerry further stated ‘ the Sinn Fein leadership’s attitude was in stark contrast to the ordinary membership whose vast and widespread majority members want the party to act on the motion for his immediate release, which was passed at this year’s Ard Fheis’. Gerry also requested that the Sinn Fein leadership ‘demand the immediate arrest and diplock court prosecution of ‘Soldier F’ for the murder of 4 innocent people in Derry on Blood Sunday’. Gerry wants to make it PERFECTLY CLEAR that the ‘SINN FEIN LEADERSHIP IS DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on his behalf, regardless of whatever yarns they are spinning for their own PR purposes’. Gerry would like to thank those Sinn Fein members who have worked tirelessly on his behalf, as well as the AOH in the US and abroad, Radio Free Eireann, Eamon O’Cuiv, the Free Gerry McGeough committee and all those supporters who have openly supported him and his family in this serious miscarriage of justice. Gerry is asking everyone to pull together and speak out about the disgraceful and cowardly silence of the Sinn Fein leadership and to work on his behalf, in unity, for his immediate release.
McGeough Campaign Will Not Play Head-Games It appears there is another undermining campaign, most likely by British intelligence, to cause division within the Free Gerry McGeough camp. Within the past few weeks, all sorts of rumors have been circulating with the intent to cause friction among active members of this c…ampaign. I just want to say that ‘IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN’. Those supporting Gerry, from all different political and even religious affiliations, are working very hard together to ensure his long overdue release from Maghaberry. We will not be deterred. We will not succumb to unsubstantiated rumors, and we will not play your head-games. Those of us, who choose to support Gerry, stand firm in our commitment to justice not only for Gerry and his family but also for all those wrongly convicted by the British government and their Diplock courts.

McGeough’s royal pardon bid delayed

Gerry McGeough INTT0711-139JS
 Gerry McGeough INTT0711-139JS

 SUPPORTERS of a former IRA man jailed for trying to kill a UDR soldier have expressed dismay that his appeal for a royal pardon has been adjourned until December 16. The hearing of Gerry McGeough’s judicial review opened on Thursday, but was adjourned after the judge, Mr Justice Treacy, ruled that the victim, DUP Councillor Samuel Brush should be legally informed of the application.

He directed that Mr Brush should be put on notice of Gerry McGeough’s legal bid to obtain a Royal Prerogative of Mercy. The court should establish if Mr Brush wants to be represented in the case.

McGeough (53) from Brantry, was sentenced to 20 years in prison earlier this year for shooting Mr Brush in June 1981. McGeough was convicted of attempted murder, possession of a firearm and ammunition and IRA membership.

Under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement he is expected to serve only two years of his sentence. His lawyers argue that he should be granted the special mercy warrant to ensure equal treatment with other convicted terrorists who benefited from it. During the full hearing of the case, Mr Justice Treacy was told Mr Brush has not been put on notice of the proceedings.

The case has been adjourned until December 16.

Supporters of Mr McGeough have said that it is now unlikely he will be freed before Christmas. They claim that a decision will be made by mid-January at the earliest.

They called on the authorities to release Mr McGeough and enact legislation to prevent future legal challenges to royal pardons.

Published on Friday 9 December 2011 09:00

Please remember Gerry at Christmas by sending him a Christmas card:
Gerry McGeough C5923
Maghaberry Prison
Roe House
Ballinderry Upper
… Lisburn
Posted on behalf of : Helen McClafferty Main photograph a thankyou to the Tyrone Times.


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