The annual Edentubber martyrs commemoration will be held by Republican Sinn Fèin on Saturday 12th November. Assembling at the border inn 2pm. All Republicans and banners welcome.


The decision by Limerick City Council to reserve parts
of local cemeteries for graves with large memorials and
headstones has been criticised by a spokesman for
Republican Sinn Fein.

Mick the Quill Ryan from Ballynanty in the north side of
The city said that the Council is now encouraging people
with money to erect massive memorials whereas ordinary
families have to abide by the rules.

By designating a special section of the graveyard
for memorials over and above the ordinary
regulation size, the City Council are in effect
enforcing a financial apartheid in death.

For a considerable time the erection of huge
memorials not in keeping with the general tidy
layout of a graveyard was banned and a regulation
headstone size enforced.

Most families agreed with this policy as it was a
logical approach to marking graves and it
provided a uniform layout in the cemetery.

However it is now obvious that those with money
have brought pressure to bear on the members of
Limerick City Council and this new designation has
been introduced.

In my view all it does is allow those with money to
show off by erecting massive memorials and this
approach only creates a sort of class distinction in
death. The Council must re-think this new policy.

Issued on Friday 11th November 2011

Mick The Quill Ryan, Chairman RSF Northside
120 Shanabooley Road, Ballynanty, Limerick

P.O.W. Protest
Last Saturday members of Republican Sinn Fèin attended a P.O.W. protest outside the Westcourt Hotel in Drogheda
organised by Duleek Independent Republicans
. The British Ambassador was attending a conference inside where he would be delivering a keynote speech.  The protest was held to bring it home to the public that normalisation has not returned to the occupied 6 counties and to demand that the implementation of the 2010 Maghaberry Agreement should be carried out immediately. The whole idea of holding this conference with the British Ambassador, representatives of the UDR and RIR present is an attempt to bring across to the wider public that normalisation has returned to the occupied 6 when in reality that is far from the truth. Republicans are being interned by remand, being stopped and searched on a daily basis and find themselves before British courts facing trumped-up charges while alleged Republican’s up-hold British rule in Stormont.



Media Information From
Sean O’Neill, RSF Republican Sinn Fein
38 Quinn’s’ Cottages, Prospect, Limerick

Contact: (061) 418425 mobile 086 3360331



The discovery of a missing three billion euro in the Department
Of Finance will allow the Labour party to re-instate the annual
Christmas bonus to those dependent on social welfare, a local
spokesman for Republican Sinn Fein said today.
Sean O’Neill from Quinn’s Cottages in Prospect, a local RSF
Community activist said that the money must be used to ensure
that the less well off are not further hit in the coming budget.

This is money that the Labour Party Ministers did not know
about so instead of it being used to pay the criminal debts of
the bankers, it should go to those who had payments cut in the
last budget.

In fact it would be gesture to the ordinary people if the annual
Christmas bonus is restored for those on social welfare.
For too long the ordinary people have been paying the price
of the criminal actions of bankers and property speculators
with the politicians bailing out those who caused the huge
crisis in the public finances.

As many families on low or basic incomes from social
welfare benefits are now facing Christmas with fear, it
would be a sensible gesture for the Labour Ministers to
push the case for the restoration of the Christmas bonus
to assist the most vulnerable in society.


Issued on Friday 4th November 2011

Media Information From
Joe Lynch, Chairman, Republican Sinn Fein Southside
16 Beechgrove Avenue, Ballinacurra Weston Limerick

An attempt to prevent true Republicans holding a function for

Na Fianna Eireann in a venue in Naas, County Kildare has been
condemned by the national spokesman for Republican Sinn Fein.
Joe Lynch from Ballinacurra Weston in Limerick said that a
person purporting to be Des Dalton telephoned the venue
and made remarks akin to slander in an attempt to prevent
the function going ahead.

This type of gutter tactics is only to be expected from a man
who leads a crowd who have abandoned all and every basic
principle of Irish Republicanism.

The fact is the faction that this man claims to lead cannot
call themselves Republican because they have sold out
every principle for eleven thousand euro of Free State money.
He has no right to criminalise true Republicans, he has no
right to claim to speak for any organisation within the Irish
Republican movement.

The fact is the vast majority of the organisation expressed
no confidence in his leadership and took a principled
stand to uphold the traditional values of Irish Republicanism,
thus leaving him with a corrupt rump.

This latest act of intimidation failed but we are sick and
tired of these attacks and they should cease forthwith.
To date we have not taken notice of these lies issued by
221 Parnell Street but this latest act is a new low in felon
setting and is a disgraceful charge to lay against men and
women who are adhering to the traditional principles of
Irish Republicanism.

It is now time for Dalton and his cronies to withdraw
and leave the stage to true Republicans who are not
compromised by the Free State.

Issued on Monday 31st October 2011
For more information contact Joe Lynch on 085 1986280


Statement from the leadership of Republican Sinn FèinRepublican Sinn Fèin has been made aware that a statement on page 22 of today’s Irish Sun newspaper is completely bogus and has no connection whatsoever with the Republican Movement. Representatives from the leadership of the Continuity Irish Republican Army have been in contact with the leadership of R.S.F. and have stated that “the article carried in today’s Irish sun newspaper is completely false and is in no way connected to the C.IR.A. We will investigate the matter and individuals found falsely using the name of the C.I.R.A. will be dealt with accordingly.”   We in R.S.F. view this article as media propaganda against Republican unity and we also call upon the editor of this paper to retract this false statement and issue an apology to the family of Óglach Liam Kenny for printing a picture of him in the article. The editor must also apologise to the Republican Movement for printing this bogus article which could only serve to cause friction within the Republican community. R.S.F. send solidarity greetings to all Irish Republicans, Republican organisations and all Irish Republican P.O.W.’s incarcerated throughout the world……Forward to Freedom.Issued Thursday 20/10/2011


 rsflimerick active in the community
co-operation not isolation

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