UFF mural on Newtownards Road, East Belfast
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>>>>>> Flash: Short Strand attacked again
 There was serious rioting for a second night in east Belfast tonight as
 masked unionist paramilitaries renewed their attempts to attack the
 nationalist Short Strand enclave.

 One press photographer was shot as several hundred loyalists associated
 with the paramilitary UVF clashed with the PSNI police and nationalist
 defenders close to the Newtownards Road.

 A second night of violence had been predicted after masked UVF men
 succeeded in setting fire to a number of nationalist homes last night.

 However, a serious situation saw a range of nationalists and republican
 groups join forces band together to successfully defend the isolated
 Short Strand community, amid hand-to-hand fighting in some areas.

 The PSNI have said the UVF, who are supposed to be on a ceasefire, had
 orchestrated the violence, some of the most serious seen in the North
 for years.

 The organisation is believed to be angered at threats to arrest senior
 members over past atrocities, as well as cuts to the so-called ‘peace
 funds’ which are channeled to their front organisations. Significantly,
 bullet marks on PSNI vehicles last night were blamed on the UVF.

 The DUP First Minister Peter Robinson and Sinn Fein‘s deputy First
 Minister Martin McGuinness condemned the riots, the worst seen in the
 city for years.

 Mr McGuinness blamed the violence on a small minority of individuals
 who are determined to destabilise communities.

 “They will not be allowed to drag us back to the past,”he said today.
 “I call on all those involved to take a step back and to remain calm. I
 support the efforts of community leaders on all sides who have been
 working on the ground to restore calm in east Belfast.”

 However, the Short Strand, a a small Catholic community in the
 predominantly Protestant east Belfast area, was again targeted by the
 UVF tonight.

 As loyalists gathered, the PSNI fired plastic bullets at both loyalists
 and nationalists, while Sinn Fein sought to keep nationalist youths as
 far as possible from the front lines.

 A photographer for Press Association was forced to receive hospital
 treatment after he was struck by a bullet in the right leg at around
 midnight at the bottom of the Newtownards Road.

 Earlier, nationalists suffered burn injuries from petrol bombs thrown
 over the line of 50 PSNI landrovers which blocked the interface.

 One nationalist defender remains in a coma tonight with a fractured
 skull after he was struck by a concrete block last night.


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